Annie meets Ryan at the yacht club. Things are still quite stilted between them. He brings up her fairy tale, telling her that they are still magic! Annie gets nervous and begins looking for their waiter. Ryan asks her to cancel her plans and he'll cancel his so they can spend some time alone. Erica sees them arguing. Annie tells Ryan that he needs to back off. "The harder you try the worse I feel," she says and runs out. Erica approaches Ryan, telling him to go after Annie! Ryan tells Erica the time isn't right but that doesn't matter. Erica is all about Annie now and wants to see them together. Ryan realizes Erica is only in favor of Annie because she isn't Greenlee. They begin arguing about Greenlee, with Erica spouting the beauties of love - and Annie! Ryan wonders if her new attitude on love is because of a reconciliation with Jack. Erica gets nervous and walks away, telling Ryan again to go after Annie. Jonathan arrives and Ryan tries to focus their conversation on a new business he is planning to invest in. Jonathan tells him to find someone else because he is only a bartender. Ryan won't take no for an answer and asks Jonathan what he really wants. Jonathan is brutally honest and tells Ryan he has no idea what he wants. Before Ryan can react Jonathan tells Ryan he'll look over the prospectus while he is waiting on his date! Ryan gets nervous when Jonathan tells him he is meeting Ava! Ryan isn't sure at all about Jonathan's interest in Ava and wonders if it is because of how she looks. Jonathan assures him that he sees every difference in the two girls. "I know the difference between them," he says.

Jack meets Greenlee on the roof at Fusion for some father-daughter time. She's putting on a happy face for him, pretending that she is over Ryan. Jack gets an idea of her on-going obsession with Ryan, though, when Greenlee brings up the people who don't want to admit they still love her. Greenlee begins laying out a picnic. As she talks Jack becomes more concerned that Greenlee isn't facing reality. He reminds her of Annie and the kids but Greenlee can only see that he defended her. Jack reminds Greens of the bad side of Ryan. Greenlee doesn't want to listen and even goes so far as to tell Jack that Ryan has set boundaries with her - but she doesn't care! He tells her to leave Ryan alone and let him be with his family but Greenlee objects. Neither notices that Annie has joined them! Greens immediately goes on the defensive, telling Annie that she is late for work! Jack leaves. Alone, they begin working on the new light/dark campaign. When she simply regurgitates Kendall's theme but not ideas, Annie asks for ideas. Greenlee in turn wonders why Annie hasn't come up with any ideas. They begin poking and prodding at one another. "You're all ego, Greenlee, you don't stand a chance," Annie tells the other woman, finally ready to fight for her man! Greenlee goes on the attack, telling Annie that Ryan only likes her because she looks a little bit like Greens. "Ryan needed a stop gap," Greenlee says. Annie reminds her that Ryan didn't chase after her. Greenlee begins fighting dirty and tells Annie that she is using Emma to keep Ryan!

Livia and Derek head to The Comeback for a fun evening. Livia tries to figure out what is going on between her brother and Krystal, making Derek nervous. They order and Krystal goes to fill their order. When they're alone, Livia tells Derek to work harder at wooing Krystal! This makes Derek even more nervous because of his feelings for the other woman. After dinner Livia leaves. Derek tries to get a few things straight with Krystal and tells her that he doesn't want to pressure her but he does want to see her. She likes that idea and agrees to a date the next week. Kyle walks by, wondering if Derek likes Krystal or the food! Krystal is cleaning up outside when Adam arrives!

At the Chandler mansion Josh lays out the new groundrules for JR at the office - he'll be monitored every moment of every day! JR reminds both Zach and Josh of his stock in the company, telling them that they need him too much to put him in a corner. Adam backs up JR. JR reminds Zach that Josh doesn't have a business background but Zach pretends not to care. Meanwhile, Josh reminds Adam that JR doesn't have much of a business background either. Adam brings up Babe, telling Josh that he couldn't even hold Babe so how could he hold Chandler? Kendall walks in, suggesting they turn the mansion into a shelter for abused women and children! Zach suggests they give it to Myrtle for a new boarding house. The doorbell rings and Adam answers it to find Opal outside. She wants to turn the mansion into Opal's Glamorama II! Marian follows Opal in, flashing around real estate cards and offering her services. Kendall pipes up that Palmer wants the mansion, too. Opal and Marian begin arguing over who should have the mansion and Zach suggests they raffle it off as a fundraiser for the Miranda center. Adam is practically hyperventilating and JR is getting more angry by the second. Adam successfully gets rid of Kendall, Josh, Marian and Opal but Zach stays behind. JR prods Zach with Alexander's past. He and Adam stand together, a united front, promising to take Zach down! Zach isn't worried, though. He leaves the mansion. Alone, Adam tells JR that he won't forgive him. JR swears not to let Zach take Adam's home. Adam tells JR he doesn't trust him, but he'll work with him - for now!

Ava and Lily discuss the modeling possibilities with Fusion. Lily decides to turn down the offer and Ava asks her to reconsider. She begins talking about her own dreams and how much she would like the job. Ava lays out her plan: she will impersonate Lily - again! - to prove that she can be the face of Fusion Green. Lily isn't sure about the plan but goes along with it to help her sister. Ava pulls out a lot of cosmetics and tells Lily to take all the makeup off her face and help her become Lily from head to toe. Lily hesitates but Ava talks her into helping, telling her to pretend she is looking in a mirror. She begins to clean all the makeup off of Ava's face, hesitant at first but when she touches Ava and nothing happens she feels better. Made over with only a hint of makeup, Ava is ready to go. She asks Lily to meet her at 8pm at the yacht club! Lily agrees but is still worried about Ava's hair not being like her own. Ava tells her that she has it covered.

Ava, dressed as Lily and with a blonde wig, arrives at Fusion and immediately blows Kendall away. She acts the part of Lily very well and Kendall doesn't catch on. The photographer sets Ava up in front of a white screen and Kendall suggests "Lily" begin counting since numbers are her things. The photographer begins taking pictures and Ava being spouting prime numbers. Kendall realizes there is something wrong and tries to get Ava to change her hair. Without touching her because Lily doesn't like to be touched, Kendall gives Ava pointers. Ryan walks in, annoyed when he learns that Kendall has sent Annie and Greenlee to the roof to work on a project - alone! She tells him to leave the women alone so they can finally work out their problems. Kendall goes back to work with Ava. She is still spouting prime numbers and getting tired. The photographer tells Kendall they aren't getting very far at all. Kendall suggests she begin doing square roots or something. Kendall begins giving her very large numbers, Ava makes a mistake and Kendall questions her. Ava gets mad, telling Kendall to get a grip and just let her model. Just then Annie and Greenlee rush in, arguing and calling one another names. They refuse to work together! Both storm away. "Nice team building," Ryan says.

Erica meets Jack at the yacht club in a disguise. She tells him who they are now so they can avoid the press and they head off to their room. Lily walks in and sees Jonathan. He asks why she is there and she says she is meeting Ava for dinner. This is news to Jonathan who thinks he is meeting Ava for dinner. Lily goes to the bar and waits for Ava. Jonathan follows. He tells her that his dinner plans fell through and invites Lily to join him until Ava arrives. Lily agrees.

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JR asks Jamie for help. Ryan tells Kendall to back off of Annie and Greenlee. Annie locks herself and Greenlee in an elevator so they can finish their feud!