Kendall visits Lily at the Montgomery home. Kendall has a proposition for her! She tells Lily about the new line and asks her to become the new face for the products! Lily reminds Kendall that she has a job and doesn't want to make Zach mad. Kendall promises it won't. Lily still hesitates, not sure she could be a model at all. She turns Kendall down, telling her that she can't talk to reporters, she can't flirt and she doesn't do well in crowds. Kendall swears to make Lily a special case but Lily still says no. Kendall won't give up and tells Lily to come by Fusion any time to take a few test shots. She leaves, telling Lily it will only be the two of them and a photographer. "We'll make sure you're comfortable," she says but Lily still hesitates. She promises to think about it. Kendall leaves. Picking up the compact, Lily begins examining her face.

Ava is practicing her smile at Wildwind when Jonathan sneaks up on her. She gets angry, especially when he asks if she is trying to look like Lily again. "I don't get it, what does Lily have that I don't have?" she asks. Jonathan wonders why it matters that she look so much like Lily but Ava won't give him an answer. She tries to convince him it's a sister/girl thing but Jonathan doesn't think so. She finally comes clean, telling Jonathan about Kendall's plan to make Lily the new face of Fusion. She thinks she should have been asked because Lily probably won't be able to handle the attention. Jonathan still doesn't get it and wonders if she'll try to impersonate Lily again, making Ava all the more mad. "I don't want them to want Lily. I want them to want me," she exclaims! Jonathan reminds Ava that Lily's beauty isn't skin deep, that she has a unique, fresh feel to her because of her illness. Ava can't comprehend that she couldn't act like Lily given their physical similarities. Jonathan goes on to tell her that she is just as special as Lily but in a different way, surprising her. Ava asks if he will always love Lily, already knowing the answer but still surprised when he says yes. He holds up her hand mirror and shows her all the ways she is different from Lily, especially her eyes. He tells her that her eyes are incredibly expressive and that sets her apart from Lily. He says she'll make a great model because of her own face and her own emotions, not because she looks like her sister. Ava gets nervous and tells him to go to work. He's off today, though, and has nowhere to go. He surprises her by asking her to dinner to show her just how different she is from Lily. Ava turns him down, saying she has to work. Jonathan tells her to meet him at the yacht club at 8pm and walks away.

Jack meets Sean, who is fulfilling his community service requirements by gathering trash, at the yacht club. Erica is across the way with Pam. Barbara shows up and Sean pulls a disappearing act, not wanting to talk to his mother. Jack asks Erica and Pam for a few minutes. Pam corrects Erica, who is looking at Jack like he's a slice of Prime Rib, telling her she can't put her feelings out there. Pam asks about the newspaper picture, which hasn't run yet. Erica promises that the picture will never see the light of day. A reporter arrives, as does Jack, and begins to interview them about their last holiday as a couple. Pam and Barbara listen in. Jack gently touches Erica's face, telling the reporter how easy it is to spend time with Erica. She agrees, telling the world that things are so great Jack probably won't miss her at all! "Are you regretting our decision?" Jack asks and Erica swears she is proud of her decision. Barbara listens, getting more annoyed by the moment. Jack and Erica flirt on camera, both playing footsie with their new plan of pretending to divorce for the cameras while getting back together off-camera. Jack calls a halt to the interview and walks away. Erica excuses herself, too, and immediately runs in to Barbara. They exchange barbs and Erica walks away.

Erica goes upstairs to her room at the club and Jack follows. Moments later they are alone, sans cameras and Pam. Jack begins undressing her, kissing every inch of her skin along the way. They make love. "I can't believe I'm cheating with my own wife," he says afterward. Erica tells him not to worry. She reminds him that all of America wants them together anyway and they'll forgive them. Jack asks about the family and Erica tells him not to worry, that their kids will understand. They make love again. They return separately downstairs to continue their interview. The reporter asks who both are seeing and neither gives an answer. Across the room, Barbara realizes they are pulling a con when she sees Erica playing footsie with Jack under the table!

Zach calls Josh for a meeting at his casino after seeing the morning paper. Josh stops by and Zach offers him a new position within Cambias. Josh leaves as Kendall arrives. She tells Zach about her new plan for Lily, offering her wifely duties in exchange! Zach agrees. Kendall realizes there is a ton of cash on the table and asks what is going on. She whispers a suggestion to Zach, which makes him laugh and they leave the casino.

Meanwhile at the Chandler mansion, Adam rips the paper to shreds and tosses the pieces across the room after reading it. JR walks in, also annoyed because the papers are blaming the entire thing on him. Once more he apologizes to Adam for his part in the scheme and promises to get Adam's stock back. He surprises Adam, telling him he has a lead on Seamus. Adam pretends not to care but JR keeps laying out his plan to make Seamus turn on Zach. JR suggests asking Palmer to help them, angering Adam. "Palmer couldn't get people to buy into his chicken franchises," he says sarcastically. They begin arguing about who did the worst thing. Colby arrives and overhears that JR is responsible for the kidnapping attempt! Colby can't believe what JR did and turns on him. Adam fuels the gap between his children, telling Colby they have to move within a month. Colby recounts the ways Adam has saved JR's bacon in the past and asks how he could have turned on Adam now. JR tells Colby she doesn't understand the entire situation. "I am doing all I can to make this right," he says. JR grabs Colby and drags her out of the room. In the entryway, he tells Colby that apologizing to Adam won't work, that Adam would turn it around on him. Colby tells him to go apologize, not believing it when JR tells her that the only apology Adam will understand comes with money. Adam joins them. He and JR go back in the parlor to talk business. Just then Zach and Kendall arrive with their designer to begin making a few changes to the manse. She and JR go into the entryway and she rubs in the fact that she now owns JR's home. She warns him to stay away from her, from Spike and from Amanda and refuses to talk about the past. JR turns the tables, surprising her when he tells her how much he misses their old friendship. "This is just me being sincere," he says. Kendall is touched but doesn't show it and returns to Zach. As the Chandlers seethe, Kendall starts separating things for Good Will donations! She and the designers go upstairs to finish looking around. Adam sends Colby to keep an eye on her. Zach stays behind with the Chandlers, feeling on top of the world. Josh arrives just then, calling Adam "Dad" and ribbing JR. Josh pours coffee for he and Zach, asking "Dad" if he wants some, too. JR orders Josh out but he won't go. He's Jr's new boss! "The future of Chandler is in his hands now," Zach says.

Lily texts Ava, asking her advice. When Ava arrives, Lily tells her about the new Fusion campaign and asks Ava to help her. "I don't like people looking at me," she says, wanting to turn down the job but not wanting to disappoint Kendall. Ava tells her to turn the job down anyway. As she continues talking Ava comes up with an idea!

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Kendall tells Ryan to stick with Annie; Annie confronts Greenlee. JR swears he will take down Zach.