Kendall surprises all the Fusion girls, who aren't happy about working on the 4th of July, in a Statue of Liberty getup. They all arrive plus Colby, Ava and Amanda and get to work. Babe and Annie begin talking about their kids. Colby asks if she can leave. Kendall sets them all straight - they are all needed and they will all stay. "There's been way too much fighting," Kendall says, "it's time to heal." Her idea for the day is to build their team back up - no phones, no leaving and no drama! She sends Colby and Ava up to the roof to set up the lunch buffet. Kendall turns on a motivational video. Greenlee suggests they all overthrow Greenlee and Annie comes to Kendall's defense. The mood quickly deteriorates, with the rest of the girls teaming up on Greenlee while Kendall tries to get the video going.

On the roof, Colby is getting things ready and Ava is complaining. She doesn't want to set up! Babe and Amanda show up and Ava puts on her worker-hat, pretending she is leading the way. Amanda thinks about making an exit but Babe keeps her there by offering some of Krystal's barbecue. Colby pulls Amanda aside and they talk about the kidnapping for a second. Amanda gets nervous, grabs a soda and heads back inside. Babe tells Ava to tone her attitude down. She does and begins questioning Babe about modeling for Fusion. Babe leaves. Colby makes a joke of her modeling, telling Ava to work the grill! Ava baits Colby about her money and her family. Colby fights back, telling Ava exactly what her life was like with Liza. Her story doesn't affect Ava, who has her own demons - her mother kicked her out at 17! Colby begins to understand Ava a little bit more.

Back inside, Greenlee and Kendall are still arguing. Babe tells them both to chill. Kendall plays the baby card, reminding them that she will be going on maternity leave soon and she needs to know that the company won't fold without her. Babe steps up, saying she'll stay. Di and Amanda agree, as does Annie. Greenlee holds back. Kendall practically dares her to leave, saying she can go and they'll move on without her. Greenlee agrees to stay. The ladies begin clearing a large space where they can work out their problems. They pull out mats and begin to do some light yoga. Babe thinks about little A, Amanda thinks about the money and how it could change hers and Janet's lives, Di thinks about her younger days. Kendall thinks about the new baby, who begins to kick. Annie focuses on Emma and Ryan but Greenlee isn't far from her mind. Meanwhile Greenlee thinks about loving Ryan. Yoga is over but none of the ladies are less stressed. They all revolt and Kendall turns off the DVD and begin their own exercises. Babe falls back and the girls catch her. Amanda's next but is afraid to trust them. She finally does and Di and Babe catch her. Kendall's next but none of them want her to fall because of the baby. They gather close and Kendall falls a little Annie is next. She falls back - and Greenlee steps away! At the last second, Babe and Di catch her. Kendall divides the girls into two-woman groups, putting Annie and Greenlee together. With one member blindfolded, the other leads them by giving directions. Greenlee refuses to listen to Annie and walks straight into a wall. They begin fighting! Kendall tries to separate them while Amanda eggs them on! Kendall manages to get them apart and Greenlee tries to lay blame with Annie. Amanda, Babe and Di begin drinking from a flask. They women return to their mats to talk about their childhood fantasies. Greenlee doesn't like the idea. Di goes first and talks about a boy from her past. Babe is next and talks about watching for the lottery numbers on the news with Krystal. Amanda goes next, talking about wanting a magic pill that would have fixed Janet. Kendall talks about Erica and wanting a normal family life. Greenlee is next. She always wanted a sister, and a father. Annie is last. She doesn't want to tell them her fantasies and pretends to have had a perfect past. This makes Greenlee mad and she asks why Annie is there all day. Annie walks away from the group. Di starts to follow but Kendall stops her and goes instead. The ladies turn on Greenlee, asking why she insists on being horrible to Annie.

Annie and Kendall wind up on the roof. Colby and Ava make themselves scarce. Kendall tells Annie she doesn't have to talk about her past; Annie insists that she didn't have any drama as a child. The other girls, minus Greenlee, come upstairs. Amanda pulls the flask from her pocket and Annie takes a drink! They begin to talk and laugh and Kendall realizes that their team building day isn't going so well. Talking about the new baby, Kendall tells them that leaving Fusion behind for a little bit so she can focus on her children is why she started this day. Ava steps up on the steps to the roof, telling them about their new model - her! Greenlee is behind her, smirking. Greenlee interrupts Ava and puts her in her place. "You're exactly what Fusion is not looking for - wrong eyes, wrong hair, wrong skin, wrong lips," she says. Kendall interrupts Greenlee with a new idea - Lily is the perfect Fusion Green girl! Ava objects, telling them that she is the perfect image of Lily. Greenlee calls her a hoochie-mama and leaves. Annie follows her away. Di tries to comfort Ava but she walks away.

Back inside, Annie goes off on Greenlee, telling her that she overreacted. Kendall and the others come in, telling them both to calm down. Babe suggests a duel to the death - with Fusion products! Kendall likes the idea! Greenlee turns Annie into a Pollyanna looking woman, while Annie has turned Greenlee into a hoochie-version of herself. Neither likes how the other has made them over. The makeovers, though, give Babe and Amanda a new idea for the next Fusion campaign - a day to night package. The girls love it and suggests that Annie and Greenlee work on the project together. Both refuse. The girls don't give in, telling Greens and Annie that they will work on the next campaign while Babe, Kendall and Di work on Green. They still aren't happy but agree to the idea. All the women go up to the roof to watch the fireworks begin.

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Jonathan asks Ava out! Adam turns on JR. Kendall asks Lily about going to work for Fusion.