Ava surprises Aidan, who is drinking OJ from the carton, half-naked because he just woke up. They exchange barbs. Di comes down and Aidan heads back upstairs. She asks Ava what was going on between them. Ava doesn't really give her an answer and Di leaves for work. Jonathan comes in and tells Ava, who is wearing a tiny nightie with no wrap, to cover up! She tells him about her job and suggests they discuss it over breakfast. She heads upstairs to get a robe and Jonathan leaves to make coffee. They meet back up in the parlor and Ava tells him about her plans to move ahead - by getting behind the bar as quickly as possible. Which is where he comes in. He's a bartender at ConFusion and she wants him to teach her to tend bar! Jonathan gives her a few pointers and Ava begins making imaginary drinks - margaritas, martinis and anything else he orders. He goes on to tell her not to drink with the patrons; let them buy her a drink but don't drink it! Telling her to flirt but be aloof, Jonathan gives her a few more pointers. They continue working with Ava catching on quickly. Ava leaves and Di walks in, teasing Jonathan. He explains what has been happening and Di wonders if there is more to the bartending lessons that meets the eye.

Amanda arrives back home, runs into Aidan and tells him he is off the case! Aidan tells her it doesn't matter and he isn't going to drop the case now. He tells her exactly what he knows, scaring her. She tells him she came up with the coin story because JR and Adam are trying to get the money back. Aidan doesn't buy that story, either. "I know exactly what happened," he says - telling her that he knows JR put the whole scheme in action. As he is talking Aidan realizes that Amanda didn't know about the scheme from the outset but tells her that holding back now will get her in deep with the feds. Reminding her about JR's past, Aidan advises her that she'll get hurt if she doesn't cut and run now.

Derek visits Krystal at The Comeback, taking a seat at the bar and ordering a coffee. She tells Colby to go take care of the customers; Colby listens to Krystal and Derek wondering what is going on. She leaves to check on the new customers - some old friends from school who are intent on making fun of her. Colby doesn't take it, telling them to get out or face the consequences! The girls leave. Colby heads back inside in time to say goodbye to Derek. She asks Krystal if anything is going on between them and Krystal tells her about their 4th of July date. Upset because she still wants Krystal to be with Adam, Colby asks her not to go. Krystal changes the subject, asking about the girls outside. Colby fills her in, asking if she was ever that bad. Krystal tells her not to worry but quickly gets distracted by a new arrival. She grabs a bat and heads outside. Krystal tries to beat up Colby's bodyguard with the bat but Colby separates them. Krystal demands answers. Colby makes up a story that the bodyguard is because of Sean but Krystal doesn't buy it. Colby comes clean, telling Krystal that Zach is in control of Chandler Enterprises because of a bad business deal with Slater. She doesn't tell Krystal about the kidnapping. Worried, Krystal offers to take Colby in but the girl turns her down. Krystal tells Colby not to take Adam's problems as her own and tells Colby not to sneak around with Sean now to save Adam's feelings.

Babe and JR are celebrating his birthday with little A. JR blows out a candle on his birthday muffin and asks little A to help him with breakfast. Adam comes by, ashamed that he has forgotten JR's birthday. Babe takes little A inside. Adam apologizes again for forgetting his birthday. JR tells him not to worry about the birthday, they need to concentrate on getting their fortune back. Adam tells him about renting the mansion for the next month; he also believes he is on to something: Zach's involvement in the kidnapping! As Adam talks, JR can't hold back his guilt any longer. He tells Adam to stop acting guilty so they can get on with their investigation. He lets it slip that he was never in any real danger. "I wasn't going to die," he says when Adam still doesn't catch on, "I staged the kidnapping." JR tells Adam that he was behind everything, until Seamus double-crossed him, because JR wanted everything. He apologizes, telling Adam that he regrets his actions more than he can say. JR begs Adam to yell and curse, anything, but Adam just sits quietly without saying a word. Emotionally, JR swears that he will get the family fortune back and that he wants to start over with Adam. "Broken," Adam whispers, unable to understand how JR could go as far as he did. When JR reaches out to him Adam walks away.

Annie and Ryan share a tense morning at the condo. She is focused on Emma's school bag, refusing to talk about Greenlee or their fights of the past few days. Ryan pushes it, telling her they need to talk and deal with what has been going on. They are interrupted by Kendall, who arrives with breakfast! Ryan tries to get her to leave but Kendall won't go and tells them that they are letting Greenlee control too much! Kendall focuses on Annie, asking how she can help them get back to the Ryan and Annie that she loves. Emma runs in with breakfast and Annie leads her away. Ryan follows, kissing them both good-bye. When they are alone, Kendall tells Ryan its time to make his move! He tells her about the meeting with Greenlee and Kendall tells him to grow up. He may have moved on but Greenlee obviously hasn't! Ryan can't figure out why neither woman can let go of their anger with the other. Kendall asks Ryan to be brutally honest, for the first time, about how he feels about Greenlee right now. Ryan tells Kendall that he still have feelings for Greenlee but he doesn't love her. "I feel a lot of guilt, responsibility, anger," he says. Telling him he has made progress Kendall grabs a muffin and leaves.

Kendall heads to Fusion to talk to Annie. She asks if Annie planning to leave the company and Annie says she'll stay. She goes on to tell Kendall she isn't up for another long Greenlee talk! Kendall asks her to come to the office tomorrow - on the 4th of July! - with a smile and ready to work. Annie questions her but Kendall doesn't say anything else.

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Kendall helps the Fusion girls build their team back up.