Still in her hospital room, Jack and Erica get dressed. He unlocks the door and Pam walks in, ordering them apart! "This will kill the New Divorce," Pam says, telling them that they are ruining the show! Jack and Erica tell her that they are back together and don't care about the show but Pam doesn't want to hear it. She tells them they need to keep building the suspense of their relationship before they can go forward. Erica begins to see the dollar signs associated with the continued show but Jack doesn't like the idea. He's tired of being apart from her! Telling Jack that she is obligated to her fans, Erica tries to convince him that Pam is right and they should take their reconciliation slowly! Jack doesn't like the idea and believes Pam only wants to protect her job. Erica begs him to play along and if he does she will go on-record that she is the one who caved in and went for the reconciliation. Pam leaves, telling them she will get their separate door exits ready. Alone, Erica wonders if they are doing the right thing but tells Jack that a little bit longer will help them work out the last of their issues, too. Jack finally agrees but demands script approval! They kiss passionately. Jack leaves to go home. Erica arrives home right behind him. They can't keep their hands off one another! Pam arrives with bad news, tabloid has gotten a picture of them kissing! Erica tells Pam not to worry, that she will take care of the story!

Zach is walking the casino when the pit boss approaches with a request from Adam - to raise the bet limit so he can win back his fortune! Zach goads Adam about gambling. Adam dares Zach to change the stakes. He offers Adam money but doesn't change the stakes; Adam asks Zach to be his opponent at the table and Zach agrees. They begin to play, with Zach winner the first few hands. Adam finally wins a hand and starts feeling good. Adam offers to take a board seat to help Zach get things at Chandler running properly once more. Zach turns him down and they return to the cards. Adam wins about half a million and decides to pull out of the game. He blames Zach for the kidnapping, suggesting Zach was behind the whole thing! Zach doesn't answer. Adam asks Zach for a little more time before the Chandlers are kicked out of their home. Zach agrees to give them some space.

JR sends little A upstairs for his bath when Tad arrives at the mansion. Worried because he just heard about the kidnapping, Tad asks why JR didn't tell him what was going on. JR tells him that Adam gave up everything to get JR back - and now he's lost it all! JR also tells Tad about Adam's other deal with Zach, stunning Tad again. JR is angry, mostly at his own actions. As he listens Tad realizes there is more to what happened to JR than a kidnapping. Tad asks who the suspects are and JR throws out a few sources; Tad doesn't buy any of them. He brings up Seamus Wong. The more Tad questions the more insecure JR gets. "Tell me you didn't fake your own kidnapping," Tad says. JR doesn't answer and Tad realizes that JR must have been in on it! Tad asks if Amanda was involved, too, and JR begins professing his innocence. Tad doesn't buy it. He warns JR that the guilt will eat him alive and JR becomes cavalier. "Don't you want the money back?" Tad asks, warning JR that Zach will remain one step ahead of him and Adam. JR tells him not to sweat it, that he and Adam will take care of Zach. Tad tells JR he has to come clean because if Adam finds out from anyone else it will kill him! Tad leaves, wishing JR a happy early birthday.

Annie returns to Fusion, followed by Greenlee. Sensing the tension between them, Kendall wonders what exactly happened while they were both gone. Annie walks out. Kendall invites Greenlee out for dinner. They go to the yacht club with Kendall trying to find out what happened but Greenlee won't talk at first. She finally comes clean, telling Kendall that Ryan has shut her out of his life completely. "As far as he is concerned I no longer exist," she says angrily. Greenlee changes the subject to work and begins brainstorming some ideas for the new line, but the subject of Annie isn't over. When Kendall assures Greenlee that Annie is on board with the company Greenlee suggests they get rid of her! Telling Kendall that Annie doesn't fit she suggests that they replace the other woman. "It's bad enough she has Ryan does she have to stick her nose in my company, too?" Greenlee asks. Kendall defends Annie and tells Greenlee that she can't get on board with forcing Annie out! Greenlee gets whiney, questioning Ryan's commitment to Annie and reminding Kendall that Ryan kissed her! Kendall is surprised to hear that, even more so when Greenlee tells her that Ryan kissed her just before telling her to get out of his life! She tells Kendall that she hasn't decided what to do about Ryan. Josh walks in and Kendall asks him to join them for dinner. Seeing him gives Kendall an idea - Josh and Greens could make a great couple! They play along with her, pretending not to be acquainted. Josh begins telling Greenlee about his good points and recently-single-status. Josh talks about Babe, Greenlee talks about Ryan and they realize they have a lot in common - started with unrequited love! Kendall realizes there could be more to Josh and Greens than meets the eye.

Annie heads home. Ryan is relieved to see her but before he can say anything Annie makes it clear that she doesn't want to talk about things. Emma hears their raised voices and interrupts them. They comfort her, saying there is nothing wrong. Before she goes back to bed, Emma orders her parents to kiss goodnight. They share a brief kiss and Ryan takes Emma to bed. Annie runs her fingers through sand in a bowl and waits for Ryan to return. When he comes back Ryan tells Annie about his meeting with Greens but Annie isn't sure that Greenlee will follow the new guidelines. She is also afraid that despite what Ryan says, Greenlee is still there between them. Annie finally asks the question that has been bothering her since Greenlee showed up - if the other woman had gotten to him before they married would he have chosen her or Annie? Ryan swears that she is the only woman for him but Annie is still unsure and begins to cry. They continue going around but they don't get anywhere. Ryan swears that Greenlee is in the past. Annie leaves to go to bed and asks Ryan to sleep on the couch for the night.

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Kendall asks Ryan how he really feels about Greenlee. JR comes clean about the kidnapping plot.