Greenlee arrives at Fusion with a ground-breaking idea: cosmetics and skin care for babies. She presents the idea to Di and Babe and then orders Di to get any research they have on the subject. Babe wonders why Greenlee is bringing up the idea now, which annoys Greenlee and she tells Babe to get back to work! Greens gets a call an Annie arrives and leaves for a "big" meeting. Di and Babe tell Annie in on the baby sunscreen idea. As they get the information, Di finds Babe's GED test book and they begin talking about her test. She still doesn't have the results. Annie realizes that Greenlee came up with the baby idea and even though she is upset about it, she begins to work on the idea. Babe hands her the research. Annie bobbles it and winds up pouring coffee all over the papers. Upset, she tells the girls that she should just leave the company! They tell her to stay, that they need her. Annie isn't convinced, worried about Ryan and her job. They girls sit down to dish about Greenlee. They tell her that she has to be strong and tough around Greens. Babe them about her past with JR and compares that with the Greenlee situation. Annie decides to deal with Greenlee on her own, without waiting for Ryan to decide what he is going to do. Annie takes a phone message for Greenlee. Babe and Di tell her to take a break and clear her head.

Ryan and Greenlee meet at ConFusion. She thinks he is going to tell her it's time to leave Annie! When Ryan tries to direct the conversation, Greenlee pulls out presents for Spike and goes on about the baby. Ryan interrupts her and things turn serious. "We can't be together anymore," Ryan says! Greenlee laughs at him, telling him that they can't break up because they aren't a couple! Ryan sets her straight, telling her that they aren't going to be friends, they aren't going to hang out or even talk. He tells her to focus on her other friendships - like Kendall. Greenlee can't believe it. She tells him she can't not have him in her life but Ryan doesn't back down. Greenlee gets angry, thinking that Ryan is going to try to take her life away - again! Greenlee leaves the table, asking Ryan how she is a threat to his family. She overreacts, asking him if she can talk to him on the phone when he calls Annie at work or if she has to leave the office when he visits. She tells him she has seen the way he looks at her, telling him that his feelings for her haven't changed over the years. "You still want me," she says! Ryan tells her that he doesn't want her - he wants Annie! Greenlee asks him to give Annie time to get acclimated to her but he tells her that isn't it. "We're done," he says. Greenlee isn't ready to accept that. Greenlee asks him to give her another chance, reminding him that Kendall is willing to take a chance on her again. Ryan turns her down, telling her that he prefers Annie and just wants Greens to leave them alone. Trying to hold back tears, Greenlee tells him that she will leave him, Annie and their family alone. She runs from the club. Zach picks up Spike's toy boat and sighs. He sends Annie a text message and they meet a few moments later. Sitting down, Annie realizes there are two cups of coffee already on the table and one has lipstick on the cup. She realizes Ryan was Greens' "big meeting". Before he can say anything, Annie leaves!

Erica is primping, watching Jack outside her hospital room. He talks to a nurse who tells him there is no reason for Erica to be there! Jack heads inside with a solemn look on his face, telling Erica that he will always remember her! He makes up a story about the nurse he was talking to and Erica's "condition". Acting very serious, Jack tells her that he called Milla when Erica didn't show up at his house. Erica gets angry and Jack continues, telling her that he and Milla will tell her children how wonderful she was! "I will look around the home that we created and know I can never fill the abyss," he says and tells her that he can't visit her in the hospital or watch her be sick any longer. Erica finally begins to catch on. Jack kisses her and begins to leave. Erica sits up and tells him not to leave! She tells him she had a case of exhaustion and she won't play his games. Jack demands answers - does she want him or not? Erica admits that she wants him still but that the ball is in his court! "I love you and I want you," she tells him and asks him if he is still going to leave her. Jack reminds her that she took the first step to divorce! Slowly Jack approaches her but he doesn't say anything. Instead he turns and walks to the door. Jack stops, locks the door and turns to her. He tells her she isn't broken or tamed. "You won," he says, telling her that he still loves her too! They kiss! The nurse stops by and seeing them together takes a picture on her cell phone! She walks away. Inside, Jack steps back from Erica long enough to draw the blinds so they can have privacy. They make love!

JR takes Amanda to the yacht club, both arguing about Seamus. They are meeting the pilot who took Seamus overseas; JR tells Amanda to let him do the talking! He sees the pilot and orders Amanda to start crying! Amanda puts on a show for the pilot. She and JR question him about his business practices, eventually asking him where he has been recently. The pilot catches on and asks what their real deal is. Amanda says it's about her lost love! They ask him about any solo flights he has taken but the pilot doesn't give much information. JR interrupts them constantly and Amanda sends him away. She plays all of her feminine whiles on the pilot, trying to get him to give up Seamus. Instead, he gives her his business card and tells her to call him for a date. JR asks him directly about Zach and the pilot leaves. JR follows. Aidan arrives, demanding answers from Amanda. He tells her that getting involved with JR will only lead to trouble. When Amanda tells him to leave her alone, Aidan tells her what he knows - that Seamus has come into a lot of money recently. Aidan walks away. "It's not his money," Amanda says!

Zach meets with Adam at the Chandler mansion. When Adam asks for more time, Zach refuses. Instead he pulls out some swatches, telling Adam that it's time to redecorate! Angry, Adam tells Zach to have pity. They sit down over coffee and Adam offers Zach more - if he will extend the payback deadline by a few months Adam will double the return! Zach turns him down, telling Adam that he has no use for JR. Adam defends JR's actions against Kendall and tells Zach that his son is now a different person. Zach doesn't believe him. Colby arrives home, a little freaked out because people are making tapes of their home and cars. Zach tells her why and Colby vents on him. She tells him that he is a monster for calling in the loan. Zach interrupts, telling Colby it is a simple business deal. JR returns as Colby is trying to collect her personal things. He tells her to go back upstairs. He whispers to Adam that he has a lead but he needs to follow it alone. Zach pipes up that authorities very rarely find ransoms and tells JR to just accept his new, poor, station in life! Moments later, time is up - and the Chandler mansion now belongs to Zach!

Greenlee heads to the beach. Sitting alone by the shore she has a little pity party. "I bit it big time," she says, crying and wondering what her next move should be. She sees Ryan as her whole life still and isn't ready to give him up!

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Kendall sets up Josh and Greenlee; Adam suggests a poker match to get the Chandler fortune back from Zach! Tad thinks JR may have masterminded the kidnapping plot.