JR and Adam worry about raising the rest of the ransom money by morning. JR tells him they still have a shot and Adam tells him he needs to come clean first! JR isn't sure what Adam is getting at and he quickly fills him in - JR needs to be prepared for the board meeting with Zach. He needs to practice his mea culpa act before meeting with them the next day. JR isn't sure that will work but they both begin preparing themselves for the board meeting. Adam picks up a box and hands it to JR, it's the watch he bought when he made his first million dollars. It is inscribed with "To my son, my world". Adam tells JR that he is the only legacy Adam wants! The board arrives a few minutes later and JR and Adam tell them that Zach has made a move for the company. "Starting tomorrow, Cambias might be in control of the company," JR says. Adam steps in, taking the blame for Zach's move on the company. Telling the board that he entered into a deal with Zach to get rid of JR, Adam asks them to stand by JR now. "He has the strength of character to lead Chandler Enterprises," Adam says as JR steps up and tells the board that together they will rid Chandler of Zach! The board doesn't like it. When they leave JR apologizes to Adam for ever doubting him. He tells him that he loves him and has only wanted to make Adam proud. JR leaves the room, vowing not to let Zach win!

Amanda meets with Zach, telling him that if he works with her he can get all of the ransom money back! Zach offers Amanda a drink but she turns it down. Amanda tells Zach what she suspects about the kidnapping, the ransom and the repayment. Smiling, Zach tells Amanda that he wasn't involved with the kidnapping; she tells him that he probably turned one of the other kidnappers. She tells him that she would rather have Zach as a business partner than JR! She asks for 10% of the ransom. "Whatever it takes, I'm in," Zach says! Amanda gets excited until Zach offers her acting lessons instead of money! He didn't buy her act for a minute and tells her to go back to JR. Kendall returns home and overhears Zach tell Amanda that he is taking over Chandler and JR is getting ready to retire. Amanda storms out. Kendall asks Zach about the Chandler takeover. He tells her that it is something he has been planning since she was in the hospital. "I took away everything - money, power and control of anything Chandler," Zach says, telling her that JR is through hurting people! Kendall likes the plan, mostly because of the money involved. As Zach rubs her feet they talk about what they'll do with the mansion, the company and the money. Zach warns Kendall that taking over the company will take a lot of his time but Kendall doesn't care, especially when Zach tells her that no matter how much time it takes, she, Spike and the baby will be his first priority! They make love.

Amanda walks in to ConFusion, mad about Zach, and takes her anger out on Del. Del wonders what is wrong with her, which only makes her more mad. He walks away to order her drink. Aidan walks by and cheers her up when he says he has a lead on Seamus! Aidan gives her a plane charter but the charter doesn't have a destination but he promises to find it. Amanda tells him she has to know tonight! Her demands make Aidan wonder what she is really up to but Amanda will only tell him that Seamus taking the coin has stolen her dreams. JR arrives as they are talking, distracting Amanda. Aidan sees him and begins to wonder about the connection. Amanda asks Aidan to make Seamus his priority and heads to the bar to begin working. Aidan watches her with JR. Amanda hands over the departure ticket and JR leaves. Amanda follows, ignoring Del who tells her he needs help! Aidan follows them both.

After her test Babe heads to The Comeback. She believes she has passed. She, Jamie and Krystal celebrate with a new drink that Krystal recently created. Krystal pulls a mortar board and cap from behind the bar. Jamie and Babe head outside, meeting Colby and her new bodyguard as they leave. Colby continues inside and tells Krystal she is in the market for a job! Chuckling because Colby is so excited to make her own money Krystal gives her a job bussing tables. Ava screams from the kitchen and storms out to them covered in ketchup! Someone left the caps loose! Colby gets mad, wondering why Krystal hired Ava. Krystal can't keep them apart and they both begin screaming at one another. Krystal steps between them and tells them both to apologize! Ava walks away and Colby follows. She tosses water on Ava who returns the favor by squirting her with the fountain! Soon there is water everywhere and Krystal is right back in the middle of the fight! She finally breaks it up and takes the girls to a private table to play go-between. Finally, Ava apologizes but Colby doesn't believe it. Krystal pulls Colby away and tells her that Ava needs a break. She isn't going to fire the other girl! They return to Ava and Krystal accepts the apology on Colby's behalf. Both girls decide to stay on at The Comeback! Krystal warns them to stop the fighting and points them to the supply closet to begin cleaning up. Ava warns Colby off and Colby does the same.

On the porch Jamie and Babe enjoy the glory of her GED victory. Jamie hands her a huge wrapped box. It's a dictionary, or so she thinks! Babe opens the book and finds a small jewelry box inside with her very own class ring! He had it engraved with "Babe's Academy" and a baby rattle. She tries it on, loving the gift. She asks Jamie if he'll be her study buddy through college, too! Babe doesn't know what she'll study but she wants to give college a try. Jamie can't believe how far she is willing to go and is very proud of her. Krystal comes out, excited to learn about Babe's college plans. She sees the sparks between Jamie and Babe and begins to wonder.

Annie watches Greenlee get chummy with Ryan at the yacht club for a moment. Ryan realizes they aren't alone and is surprised to see here there. Annie storms by him not wanting to talk! Ryan follows her. Annie vents that Greenlee is too close too often and she doesn't like it! Greenlee steps in and Annie tells Ryan exactly what Greenlee said that morning. Greens interrupts and Annie storms off. Ryan follows, ignoring Greenlee and telling Rachel to take Spike home. Annie runs to the beach angry with Ryan. "Greenlee is still in love with you," she says, upset because Ryan is eating up all of Greens' attention! Ryan tries to explain his actions but his explanation - that he kissed Greenlee because he felt sorry for her - doesn't fly with Annie. "She is here because she wants you," Annie says when Ryan continues trying to convince Annie that Greenlee only reacting because she wants a child like Spike. The more they talk the more upset Annie gets, fearing that Ryan will leave her and leave Emma! Ryan gets quiet for several moments. He tells Annie that he is completely devoted to her and their kids - not Greenlee! Annie begins to cry; she wants to believe Ryan but she can't trust Greenlee! "I never thought I would doubt you but I do," she says and turns away. Annie turns back to Ryan telling him that what hurts the most is the way he looks at Greenlee. Ryan vows his love, telling Annie that he stopped loving Greenlee a long time ago. When Annie can't accept that, Ryan asks her what he can do to convince her of his love. She can't give him ultimatums but tells him that she won't share him any longer! Crying, Annie walks away and leaves Ryan on the beach!

Greenlee heads to ConFusion where she meets with Josh. She invites him to join her for a special evening and they take off. In a private corner, Greenlee toasts to Annie - her savior! Asking him to dance, Greenlee tells him that things aren't nearly over between her and Ryan! She is convinced that Ryan is still in love with her. Josh tells her not to be so sure but Greenlee is convinced. "That marriage is as good as over," she says, confident that she will win.

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Jack plays Erica's game. Greenlee confronts Ryan about her feelings - and his! Zach believes he is in control!