At Chandler mansion, Colby is ecstatic about their success but Opal isn’t as happy. She wouldn’t even be doing this if Celia didn’t creep her out. Later, Colby asks JR if he found out who sabotaged his reel. She’s ready to get Brooke out, but she doesn’t think that's her style. JR guesses David did it. Colby agrees it’s a David move.

Celia and Pete go to his place to get the skunk smell off and the date back on track. They kiss but are interrupted by Opal. As soon as Opal sees Celia, she is struck by her scary vision. Opal can see the skunk brought them closer. She leaves and Pete and Celia make out.

JR finds Cara in the square and assures her the secret is safe. "As long as I keep quiet about the steroids, right?" she replies. JR later sees David and accuses him of corrupting his file. David suggests JR should have stayed in his coma – people liked him better then.

Lea and Zach talk outside Jane’s. He doesn’t like what she did to Jesse but he can’t change what's happening between them. He kisses her. He wants to be with her and thinks she wants the same.

Zach wakes up alone in his bed. He remembers advice Myrtle gave him about living his own life. Lea knocks on the door and they go for a walk. She was up all night thinking about the kiss. She didn’t want it to end.

Joe looks for Dr. Anders at the hospital, but Dixie hasn’t seen him. Later, Dixie asks Cara if JR has ever had an outburst with her. Cara lies and says no. Dixie is upset that everyone always blames JR. She knows he can be a good man. Later, Cara discovers that Oliver’s bill has been paid by JR. Oliver asks David to visit and David tells Cara that spending this time with Oliver has made him realize what Cara took from him. He isn’t sure he’ll ever truly forgive her.

Dixie orders lunch at a restaurant and spots Dr. Anders at the bar. He admits he isn’t okay but he doesn’t want to be friends. Today is the anniversary of something bad from his past. He accuses Dixie and her colleagues of being liars for saying that things get easier the more time passes. After he leaves Dixie asks the bartender how much he had to drink. He only ordered one and never sipped it, only stared at it for hours. Outside, Anders looks at the picture of the mystery woman again.

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Pine Valley spoilers for the All My Children Season One Finale:

David thinks Jesse should accept the fact that he’s a loser and one day Angie will realize she can do better.

Cara wants to take Oliver and leave Pine Valley.

The summer isn’t turning out how Miranda planned.

AJ doesn’t want to have anything to do with JR or the Chandler way.

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