A nervous Opal gets ready for the gala at Pete’s. He assures her she will own the red carpet.

Celia tries on her gown for Evelyn at Bramwell but it’s all wrong. She realizes Colby must have had a hand in the alterations.

Colby gives orders at Chandler Mansion. Cara arrives looking for Pete and Colby directs her to the computer. Colby misses the old JR who would never allow Brooke to own him. Upstairs, JR injects himself. Later, Colby gossips with Cara while JR steals a few pages from her prescription pad. Afterward, Cara thanks JR for bringing her family here but questions her decision to lie to David about their son.

Dimitri catches Brooke making a backup reel at Chandler Media. She wants to trust JR but this is too important.

David approaches Miranda and AJ in the square they discuss the gala. Miranda hopes the party will erase all the bad memories. AJ swears to David that JR has changed.

At the hospital, Dr. Anders looks at a picture of a blonde. Dixie approaches and Anders tells her Cassandra is physically ready to be released. Emotionally, Dixie doesn’t think so. Dixie accuses Anders of fearing his emotions. He snaps. He did once and is afraid if he does again he might not come back. She encourages him to talk. He leaves.

At Jane’s Addiction Jane gets desserts ready for the gala. Miranda admits to Zach she is nervous considering what happened at the last party. Lea watches as they hug.

Opal is ready to wow the viewers at Chandler Media. David makes a sizeable donation to the Miranda Center. Dimitri is sorry he won’t be able to come but David wouldn’t miss it. He spars with JR at the mansion on his way out. JR snaps and grabs David. "There he is, the old JR in the flesh," David says. Brooke comes in and David warns her to lock up all the guns. Upstairs, Miranda and AJ get ready and share a moment before Heather arrives. Miranda leaves, upset, and AJ stares after her.

Outside Jane’s, Celia accuses Colby of changing her measurements over jealousy about Pete. Pete approaches and Celia puts it off as pressure from the gala. Colby understands since the pressure is all on her. Later, David mentions JR’s reel and Colby admits he needs it to prove his worth.

JR hands Brooke his reel at Chandler. He’s sure it proves he's back. Meanwhile, Evelyn brings Celia her fixed dress. Celia has another vision of the man, his shoe, and blood on the carpet. Dixie walks in and holds her.

Zach enters a dark apartment and Lea pulls a gun on him.

AMC Recap Part 2: Free Booze.

Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

Lea handcuffs Zach.

AJ issues a warning to Hunter.

Celia hits the red carpet.

Colby and David make an entrance.

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