AJ silently watches Miranda singing in his room then asks her to go suit shopping with him. Downstairs, Cara and JR read about Jesse’s arrest in the paper. The both agree when it comes to their kids people will do the unthinkable.

Dr. Anders tells Cassandra in her hospital room that she has to wait for the abortion. Colby threatens to use her Chandler name and later Dr. Anders returns with paperwork. Cassandra signs. Later, Colby cries. JR finds her and she tells him what happened to Cassandra. She makes him promise to keep quiet and he agrees. She is upset she didn’t visit JR when he was in the hospital. She admits it’s strange having him back, acting like a nice guy. He wonders if she thinks he’s acting, but she thinks it’s for real.

Dr. Anders tells David in the hallway that Angie doesn’t know about the abortion. Later, Cara asks David how Cassandra is feeling. He compares it to the abortion Cara had five years ago. She is upset – Cara cared about David and never denied that. He’s glad to hear the feelings weren’t just his. JR arrives and breaks up the tense situation.

At the station Zach and Angie meet with the head of Jesse’s legal team. She knows he was only protecting their family and saved Cassandra’s life. Jesse thinks she should be with Cassandra but she refuses to leave the hearing. After the hearing Jesse and Zach learn there was a special deal worked out thanks to Lea. All the charges will be dropped, but only if he resigns as chief of police.

AJ and Miranda listen to music in the square. AJ wishes he could have seen all the classic rock greats live. She asks him what else he wishes for. He wants to go back in time a few months before things got crazy between them. She wishes for a brownie from Jane’s.

Heather hangs a poster about the bachelor auction at Jane’s. Pete is embarrassed and wants to speak to Celia about the specifics. Celia reluctantly agrees but AJ and Miranda soon interrupt. Heather then returns and Celia takes over the posters. Pete follows with a boost from Heather and asks for one dance at the gala. Celia agrees. Inside, AJ grabs coffee while Miranda learns from Heather that AJ invited her to the gala as his date. Zach arrives and Miranda encourages Heather and AJ to shop without her. Alone, Zach asks if everything is OK and Miranda pretends it is.

David finds Angie as soon as she returns to the hospital and tells her about the abortion. She finds Cassandra and holds her.

Jesse cleans out his desk at the station and leaves his badge.

AMC Recap Part 2: I Should Be Grateful.

Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

Pete meets Billy Clyde.

Evelyn thinks Colby is cruel, but Celia thinks they are cool now.

David tells Jesse about Cassandra.

Cassandra doubts Angie’s support.

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