Naked in bed with David, Colby grabs her phone and interviews him. What does he have to say for himself getting caught in bed with a Chandler? He’s happy to be here. He jokes that JR might try to kill him and pretend he forgot. Later, David wants to make sure she knows this is just sex.

From the hospital, Pete calls Colby about Cassandra.

Back in David’s room, Colby quickly gathers her things. David warns her Cassandra is in bad shape.

Joe visits the new owner of Cortlandt Manor and is surprised it’s Billy Clyde. Billy Clyde wants to atone for his sins and makes an anonymous donation to the Miranda Center.

Opal gossips with Jane at Jane’s Addiction about what a snake David is. Brooke listens while Opal moves on to gossiping about what a hunk Zach is and asks her to come by the office later.

At Chandler Media, Brooke asks Opal to do color commentary on the red carpet the night of the gala. If it goes well it could be a regular thing. Ecstatic, Opal hugs Brooke and Dimitri and runs off to shop for her dress.

Opal runs up to Pete in the square and gushes about her new gig. He tells her about his status as the most eligible bachelor and she thinks that’s fabulous if it keeps him from Colby.

Cassandra jerks when Colby touches her at the hospital but Colby keeps chatting. They are the kind of friends who are there for each other no matter what. Cassandra asks for some makeup Colby brought. Outside, Joe presents Dixie the check. She presses for details and figures out it was Billy Clyde. Meanwhile, Cassandra frantically wipes her face after her makeover. She screams but Colby refuses to leave. She holds Cassandra as she tells her about the repeated rapes. Cassandra wants an abortion. Colby backs her and assures her that Angie wants her to make the best choice for her life. Cassandra asks her to keep it a secret. Later, David finds Angie in the break room and is furious when he finds out Jesse left her in the dark. Angie is grateful she has David to lean on. So is he. Later, David comforts Colby too.

Dimitri and Brooke stop by Jane’s Addiction before leaving town. While she is in the bathroom Dimitri answers her phone when Adam calls. Adam hangs up and later Brooke tries to call him back. Outside, Dixie hands Billy Clyde a letter, thanking him for helping AJ when he needed it. Maybe his spirituality isn’t an act and she hopes it continues to guide him. He seems touched and thanks her.

AMC Recap Part 1: Major Klutz Moment.

Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

News of Jesse’s arrest spreads.

Pete gets grief for being the most eligible bachelor.

David tells Angie about Cassandra’s decision.

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