Colby spots Celia at Jane’s Addiction and adjusts her order to make it seem like her and Pete had sex all night. Celia shows Colby some flower arrangements for the party but Colby dismiss them as too Sweet 16. Later, Jane tells Celia that Pete isn’t into Colby at all.

Pete grabs a baseball bat when he hears someone enter his home but it is just Opal cooking breakfast. He urges her to find someone or something of her own so he is not her whole world. Later, Colby arrives with more breakfast and gives Opal attitude for clinging to Pete. Opal assures her Pete likes having her around, unlike Colby who he never talks about. Pete reminds Opal about her Tai Chi class and she offers to take the trash out as she leaves, gesturing to Colby. Later, Colby tries to get him to bed but he has a meeting. She leaves but makes sure her sunglasses remain.

At the station Lea promises she was only trying to protect Zach be he won’t trust her again. Jesse is brought in and Zach orders the cuffs be removed. Angie arrives – she didn’t want to hear this from Joe. Jesse tells Angie and Zach he wouldn’t let Uri kill Cassandra and felt he had no choice. Zach would have done the same and won’t turn his back on Jesse. Jesse hopes Angie understands why he did it.

At Talk Tempo Dimitri gets flight plans for him and Brooke to D.C. Later, Brooke is reluctant but agrees.

Pete meets Dr. Anders at Jane’s Addiction and asks him to endorse Hayward’s bio sensor. Anders knows how revolutionary the device is but Joe told David no. Pete asks Anders to talk to Joe and he agrees to try, but thinks Pete should talk to Angie instead.

At Chandler mansion Colby tells Celia that Brooke liked the charity element and suggested the Miranda Center. Celia thinks it would be the perfect night to announce Dixie as the new director. Colby agrees and suggests an auction – a date with Pine Valley’s most eligible bachelor. Later, Pete arrives with Colby’s sunglasses but she is out. He offers himself to Celia for the auction and puts his arm around her. She asks about Colby but he assures her they are just friends. He insists she is the only one he wants as Colby watches.

Zach packs his bag at the hotel as Lea apologizes. Zach tells her that she destroyed a very good man and is glad nothing happened between them. She cries after he leaves.

Back at the station Angie wonders why Jesse keeps doing this to her. The truth always comes out and now he might go to jail.

AMC Recap Part 1: So Broken.

Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

JR injects himself and later gets upset.

Miranda is tormented at the beach.

David wants to help Colby stick it to Pete.

Pete tells Celia he loves her.

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