JR approaches AJ’s teammate Kyle at Jane’s Addiction and threatens to expose him if he doesn’t hand over the extra juice.

At the station Lea and Zach find a maker’s mark on the Koslov pendant.

At the hospital, Anders tells Angie and Jesse that Cassandra tested negative for all STDs but she’s pregnant. Angie worries about the effects of the drugs on the baby. Inside Cassandra begs for something to take the edge off. Angie assures her she and Jesse are there for her, but Jesse is gone. In the hall, Jesse calls Uri and demands a meeting.

Outside school Miranda apologizes to AJ. She asks him to stay away from her but he promises never to turn his back on her. She’s his life.

At Chandler mansion JR stashes Kyle’s backpack as Cara arrives to gush about her trip with Oliver. She grabs him for a hug and is impressed with his progress. She agrees to a date. Miranda and AJ arrive and explain away his black eye as a baseball injury. Later, AJ and Miranda play video games in his room and get into a tension-filled tickle fight.

Zach and Lea pretend to be married and welcome jeweler Constantine to their hotel room. Zach picks out a brooch before they request a custom piece, much like the Koslov pendant. Constantine admits he has made three pendants for the Koslovs – one for Uri, one for the father and one for the brother Vladimir. He has no idea where they are and is too busy for new clients.

Dixie joins Anders at Jane’s Addiction. She did research on him and is assured Cassandra is getting the best care. She asked why he left Denver and he says he is interested in new challenges. He wonders why all the questions, but she just wants to get to know him. He tells her she is the most attractive therapist he has ever met before leaving.

Jesse punches Uri in an alley. Uri threatens to kill everyone in his family before he comes after him.

Back in the hospital David comforts Angie. She thanks him for being there, again. Later, Zach and Lea show Cassandra a picture and she recognizes Uri as the leader. Vladimir did everything he said. When Jesse returns he gives Angie an excuse for his whereabouts. She needs him strong right now for all of them.

Cara can’t believe how well JR is walking in the square. She's proud of him.

At the mansion JR wants the truth about AJ’s injury and promises to talk to Hunter’s dad. Later, AJ and Miranda hug and almost kiss. She rushes off while he takes a call from Heather.

Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

David goes on Talk Tempo.

Cassandra gets tough news.

AMC Recap Part 2: Reminders Of My Dark Past.

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