Brooke sits down with Dimitri Marick at Jane's for coffee. Dimitri's excited to hear her plans for the new online media division. She needs someone trustworthy to build and head-up the division while keeping a close eye on JR.

JR hides steroids in his pocket and asks Cara for advice about HGH and steroids to speed up his recovery when she arrives at the Chandler's. It would be a death wish for him but she explains the side-effects and risks. AJ joins the two of them for dinner which is interrupted by Brooke and Dimitri. Brooke relays she's asked Dimitri to help with Chandler media. JR's slighted about the announcement but brushes it off. Later, as Brooke and Dimitri discuss him joining Chandler Enterprises, JR gives himself a steroid shot upstairs.

At Bramwell, Pete tries to find out why Celia returned the clothes. She tells him to stop calling. Heather interrupts her later to learn more about AJ Chandler. Celia thinks he's really nice but Heather could see that in his eyes. She doesn't want to be one of those girls to put the move on someone else's guy and worries about Miranda. Celia gets quiet but when Heather asks, says it didn't work out for them. Celia's sad that Pete has moved on already.

Jesse and Lea argue about the arrest while Zach gets fingerprinted. Lea warns it's out of Jesse hands before leaving booking. Jesse apologizes to Zach. Zach's more concerned that Jesse find Cassandra and requests the favor of protection on Kendall and the boys. Lea returns and confesses she was hoping she was wrong about Zach as he's handcuffed. Later, Zach returns free on bail but remanded to Lea's custody. Both promise to help Jesse continue the search for Cassandra. Outside, Jesse argues on the phone with Uri about Zach's arrest. Uri's disappointed Zach's not behind bars.

Pete's surprised to find Colby in bed wearing his shirt when he goes to his room. She flirts non-stop wondering how often he thought about this when they were younger. He admits only in his wildest dreams and takes advantage of this dream coming true. They have sex a few times into the night.

Lea shows Zach to his hotel room and squeezes by to an adjoining room as he wonders about the sleeping arrangements. He's appreciative she had his back today and allowed him to call her Lea. He repeats her name a few times after she leaves.

Jesse calls Uri's number again from his car and gets a disconnected message. He cries, screaming, "Where is she?"

Uri's body guard enters a darkened house and leaves Cassandra unconscious on the floor.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Lea inquires about Zach's relationship with Kendall.

Opal has a vision.

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