In the sub-basement, Babe wakes up and realizes Josh has been lying to her all along. She wants to know where she is - now! Josh realizes that she won't settle for less than the truth and tells her she is in a safe room in Zach's casino. Babe thinks they left a decoy in the hospital, like the police did with Dani and can't understand why Krystal is still staying away. Josh tries to convince her that Krystal is staying away for her safety, but Babe doesn't believe him. Remembering Erica's words, Babe puts two and two together and realizes that Pine Valley thinks she really is dead! Finally, Josh comes clean with the whole truth: they faked her death to save her life. Everyone, including Krystal, think she is dead. "Her grieving is keeping the killer away from you, it's keeping you safe," he explains. Babe can't believe what Josh has done. His actions may have saved her life but could be harming Krystal and Little A! Josh tries to convince her that remaining "dead" is the best chance she has of staying alive. Babe asks, "Are you doing all of this just to steal me away from JR?" Josh doesn't answer. Instead he explains how they managed to fake her death, upsetting Babe even more. She can't believe they buried her, that they let her loved ones see her "dead" body. Josh tells her that JR never asked to see her body - and if he had they would have let him in on the plan! Babe grabs Josh's cell phone and dials her home. Adam answers! Before Babe can say anything, Josh takes the phone and asks for Krystal. Angry, Adam hangs up on him. Josh leaves and alone, Babe remembers all of the terrible things JR said to her and imagines what he might have done if he had come in to the room where she "died". "You're nothing but a memory," he tells her in her dream.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam and Colby are packing Babe's things. Krystal comes in, angry with them both. Adam intervenes, telling Krystal that they were just trying to help her. "It's just too soon," Krystal says in tears. She apologizes to Colby and Adam, knowing they were trying to help, but explains that she isn't ready to let go of Babe yet. Taking her hands, Adam says he will do anything she wants. Krystal offers a few of Babe's things to Colby. She is touched by the offer, but doesn't want Babe's things - next to Babe, Colby feels like a frump. Making Krystal smile, Colby says the only thing she ever wanted that Babe had was a close relationship with her mom! Adam leaves and Winifred catches him outside the room. Little A keeps asking for Babe and she doesn't know what to tell him! Adam isn't sure what to do either and calls JR. Adam asks what he should tell Little A about Babe. JR tells him not to say anything yet; it is JR's responsibility and he will take care of it when he returns. A few minutes later, Adam returns to Babe's room and hears Krystal tell Colby she should go have fun. She asks Adam to leave as well and walks around Babe's room. Pulling a sweater from a box, Krystal cries for Babe. A few minutes later, Josh arrives, offering a miracle. He tells her Babe had to go somewhere else and Krystal believes he is only trying to comfort her with thoughts of Heaven. "Babe is still alive!" he says but Krystal can't comprehend what he is saying. When Josh tells her they faked the death, that Babe is at the casino, Krystal faints! Adam comes in as Josh is bent over her body.

At the Vegas hotel, Aidan, Jamie and JR wonder what is keeping Tad - he should be back by now! Two men in waiters uniforms arrive and JR lets them in. Instead of food, they have guns! Before they can pull the weapons out, Aidan and Jamie attack and knock them out! Aidan believes the goons were sent by Alexander. He shoots at one man, intentionally missing, and tells him that if he doesn't talk he will be dead. The hitmen try to bluff, but it's three against two and they are tied up! Jamie asks for Alexander's email address, realizing that tracing their online activities is likely how the hit men found them. One of the good squad hand over the address, confident that they won't be able to trace it. While Aidan and JR tie the men up and hide them in a closet, Jamie goes to work tracing the email. After a few minutes, he traces the account to a site that has the layout of the Cambias mansion - or at least a replica that is only 20 miles away!

Jack arrives at the Vegas jail, annoyed that Tad and Ryan got themselves arrested. They explain that Alexander is alive and has Kendall. Jack tells them that Jenkins has been killed, making Ryan and Tad more anxious to get out. Ryan tells Jack about the musical bear and asks Jack to get them out of jail. "No," Jack says, but he does manage to get the detective in charge to talk with Ryan and Tad outside of the jail cell. The detective puts out an APB on Alexander but says he is still going to hold Ryan and Tad for trespassing! Jack starts an argument with the detective and realizing no one is paying attention to them, Ryan and Tad take off! In an office, Ryan hums the lullaby into a computer program that identifies songs. The words to the Red Rock lullaby come on screen and Ryan wonders that it means.

At the replica mansion, Alexander activates the device tied to Kendall. It holds a needle filled with V-Tach and if Zach takes another step, it will inject Kendall. Alexander has one more trick up his sleeve. Because he holds the switch controlling the device, if Zach manages to kill him, the device will go off! No matter what happens, he tells Zach, Kendall is dead! Seeing Kendall tied up brings back another memory for Zach: his parents arguing and Alexander pushing Amelia off of the balcony! Zach can't believe what Alexander did, how much of a monster he really is. "You took away everything beautiful in my life," Zach says, holding up a picture of Amelia. Alexander defends his actions, saying Amelia was a bad influence on Zach and Michael. He believes she got what she deserved. He goes on to say if Zach would have fallen in line as a child and young adult, no one else would have had to die. Seeing the tears running down her face, Zach offers his life for Kendall's, but Alexander won't let her go until Zach apologizes to him! "Do as I say or Kendall dies," he says. When Zach starts to apologize, Kendall interrupts him. She doesn't believe he has anything to apologize for. Alexander demands the picture of Amelia and throws it over the balcony railing. Then, he tells Zach to beg for Kendall's life - on his knees! Zach bends to his knees and begins his apology again. "I deeply apologize for causing you pain. You are always right. You win," he says. Kendall defends Zach, telling Alexander that no matter what happens, Zach will always be her husband. She will never leave him, she exclaims with tears running down her face! "Never in my life have I been more proud of him than I am right now." Zach surprises Alexander then by telling him to let Kendall go - and keep him instead! As Alexander begins to let go of the button on the detonator, Zach lunges forward, fighting him for it!

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Alexander and Zach fight as Kendall's life hangs in the balance!