At her apartment, Bianca sees Zoe returning and is torn between relief and anger. She doesn't understand why Zoe left the hospital without a bodyguard and without telling anyone where she was going. Calm, Zoe tells Bianca she is fine and is sorry that she was frightened. "I just want you to be safe," Bianca says, explaining that no one in her family seems safe any more. She explains that Zach took Kendall but Jack seems worried. Finding out Zoe was gone and alone made her even more worried. Zoe tries to comfort Binks, assuring her that things will be fine with her family. Together they make cookies and Bianca questions Zoe about Zarf. Is he a part of Zoe, like Zoe was part of Zarf, she wonders. Zoe isn't sure; she is trying to read the line between Zarf/Zoe but hasn't figured everything out yet. She goes on to say that she does want to rid herself of a few of Zarf's ideas - like being with Binks! Zoe understands that she was overwhelming to Bianca and apologizes. Bianca understands that, though. She did the same with her friend Frankie! With new insight into each other, Zoe and Bianca agree to start over. Zoe tells Binks she has found a gender-reassignment doctor in Baltimore and the news shakes Bianca up. What about staying in Pine Valley, she wonders. "You're going to need someone you can count on," Bianca says. Feeling close to Bianca, Zoe tells her she will stay in Pine Valley.

At Jack's home, he asks Barbara if she will stay to care for Sean and Lily while he goes to Vegas to find Kendall. Barbara surprises him by telling him she will, and reveals that she called Reggie to let him know she was around, too! Assuring Jack that she can handle the kids, she wishes him good luck. Erica arrives with one more surprise - she is going to Vegas with him! Jack tells Erica to stay away and Barbara backs him up. Telling Barbara to back off, Jack focuses on Erica. "This guy's not playing by any rules," he exclaims as Barbara listens in. Erica won't back down, and Barbara comes out. Hoping to put another barrier between them, Barbara lets it slip that Erica is sleeping with Jeff! Jack leaves and Erica follows him out, telling him not to believe Barbara's lies. "We both know you're sleeping with Jeff," he says sadly. Erica tries to explain, but can't, and Jack walks quickly away. Realizing what she has done, Erica goes back inside. Angry, she smacks Barbara - hard! - across the face. Catty, Barbara tells Erica that she knows Jack and suggests that she is his lover. Erica tells the other woman to leave her home, but Barbara isn't leaving. Thinking that she is using Sean and Lily to get to Jack, Erica confronts Barbara. "You were always the pathetic, desperate consolation prize," Erica says and leaves. Sean comes in and Barbara offers to check his homework. Sean doesn't know how to react to her offer. He tells her to leave - he doesn't need her pretending to be his mother! Barbara tells him Jack asked her to stay so she is staying. "But he doesn't want you," Sean says and tells her to move on. Barbara tells Sean she isn't just there for Jack; she is also there to try to be a better mother. Sean doesn't buy it. "Don't ever try to play me," he says and leaves the room.

Across town, Erica finds Jeff waiting for her in her office. Angry with him, with Barbara and with Jack, Erica vents her anger on Jeff. She tells him she can't forgive his keeping secrets and putting her children in danger. She tells Jeff that he can't protect Kendall or Bianca from a killer and he can't protect Josh from Babe - and she can't forgive the actions he took that put them all in danger!

At the Vegas warehouse, someone kicks the teddy bear toward Ryan. The person nudges him awake with the barrel of a gun! It's the police! They think Ryan is the one who killed the Amelia lookalike. Undeterred, Ryan tells them that Alexander is a serial killer and explains that another victim could be in danger! The police don't believe him because according to their records, Alexander is dead. Ryan tries to fight his way free as Tad arrives. The police pull their guns on Tad, who tries to calm them down. He explains that neither of them is the killer and reaches for his cell phone. Taking the phone from his pocket, Tad asks the lead officer to call Jack, but he won't. Instead, the cops lead both men away. In jail, Tad can't believe that Ryan tried to attack the officers. Tad tells him he should have stayed calm and come back to the hotel instead of following Zach on his own. Ryan explains he couldn't leave Zach to face Alexander alone any more than he could face his own father or Tad could face Ray Gardner alone. Ryan yells at the cops to let him have his phone call but no one comes.

At the replica Cambias mansion, Kendall reluctantly takes the ribbon and gardenia from Alexander. She thinks she finally has Alexander figured out - he wanted all of the victims to be Amelia! She believes that he blames Zach for her death. Kendall plays analyst, telling him that by killing the other women he was trying to spend a little more time with Amelia! "I want to understand," Kendall says. Alexander puts a small pistol in his pocket as Kendall talks to him. She kisses him, telling Alexander that she can bring Amelia back! Wondering where she is going with her new act, Alexander plays along. "Sweet girl," he says and grabs her arms, twisting them behind her back. Angry, Alexander says he doesn't want Amelia back - he only wants to use Kendall to torture Zach a little more! He throws Kendall against a bench and she lets her anger show again. Laughing at him, Kendall tells him he is a pathetic loser. "You murder women because you are completely inadequate!" she says. Michael was just as pathetic as he, Kendall says, but Zach was different. Zach was everything that Alexander wanted to be but couldn't. Kendall dares Alexander to pull the trigger, and he does! Driving, Zach hears Kendall's voice and then the lullaby again. He arrives at the duplicate of the mansion and goes in with his gun drawn! "Welcome home," Alexander says behind him. "Take me to my wife before I blow your head off!" Zach says. Instead of taking him to Kendall, Alexander plays with Zach's mind, telling him he killed Amelia. Zach lowers his gun and walks toward Alexander until the gun is against his chest. Alexander steps back, telling Zach he doesn't want him dead, Alexander points to "Zach's" urn. He wants an apology! Seeing that Zach won't apologize, Alexander leads him to the terrace and Kendall. She is dressed as Amelia and tied to the balcony. "I won't kill Kendall," Alexander says, "You will!"

Next on All My Children:

Babe demands answers from Josh. Jack refuses to help Tad and Ryan. Alexander makes new demands on Zach.