At her office, Erica calls JR. She tells him he has information about Babe but before she can tell him anything more, Josh comes in and hangs up the phone. "Babe's family deserves to know the truth," she says, but Josh doesn't buy her explanation. He believes that Erica is only worried about Kendall. Can't she see that telling the world Babe is still alive will only put Kendall in more danger? Josh plays on Erica's sympathies. When Babe first died, she said she would do anything to help him. Will she help him now by keeping his and Babe's secret, Josh wonders? He tells Erica that he is trying to be part of their family. If that is true, Erica cannot understand how he can protect Babe at Kendall's expense. Josh tries to convince her that Kendall is safer and in less danger out of Pine Valley with Zach. Erica still doesn't get it. She wonders how Josh can focus on Babe instead of helping Jack and the others find Kendall. After all, the killings are as much Zach's fault as the killers, she believes! Bianca arrives, surprised and excited to see her brother. "When did you come back to Pine Valley?" she asks. Josh explains that he couldn't stay away. Sensing the undercurrents between them, Bianca tries to figure out what Erica and Josh are hiding but Erica covers for him. Josh thanks her and leaves. Alone, Erica starts in on Bianca. Everyone is keeping secrets from her: Jack and Jeff, and even Bianca aren't telling her everything! Bianca tries to comfort her mother with all of the things she does have - her children, her friends...and the rest will work itself out! Binks tells Erica to go home, to get some sleep. But Erica says she can't rest until Kendall comes home!

In the Vegas hotel, JR wonders what Erica's call was really about. Why won't she leave his family alone? Jamie tells him to forget it as Tad arrives, telling them about the cell phone. He tells them Aidan has gone to one of Zach's old casinos to look around. Jamie fills him in on the recent purchases they have managed to find. One looks promising. There was one piece of property purchased the same week that Zach's father died, and the purchasing company is called "New Birth" in Latin. There isn't enough information to make sure that Alexander purchased it, though. Feeling defeated, JR wonders if there is anything they can do for Dixie and Babe. Will they ever be able to make Alexander pay? "If I could just have one more chance. . ." he says. Guilt is eating him alive. JR can't understand why he did what he did, why he is always the first to react badly to the people around him. If he had just listened to Babe, he wonders, would things have been different? Tad tries to make JR understand that it wasn't all his fault. Crying, JR thinks about just hugging Babe one more time. Aidan returns but he didn't find anything at the other casino. Tad worries that time is running out - for Ryan, Zach and Kendall!

In the sub-basement, Babe tries to convince a new nurse to let her sit up in a wheelchair but the nurse won't allow it. Babe finds it strange that the same doctor is paged all day long, and she thinks the food is too good to be hospital fare but the nurse has an explanation for everything. The longer she stays in the room, the more questions Babe has. Eating a little of the food, Babe tells the nurse that she is tired and wants to sleep. As soon as the nurse leaves, Babe gets up to explore. She is weak, but manages to get to the door. Peeking outside, Babe sees the tape deck that calls for the doctors! She tries to make her way across the room but is too weak and falls to the floor in a heap! Josh finds her on the floor and carries her back into the hospital room. Babe wants to know where she is. "Why won't you tell me?" she asks as Josh takes her vitals. Babe drifts in and out, asking where she is. Josh assures her she is safe - she will always be safe with him!

At the Vegas hospital, Alexander's nurse finally gives in and talks to Zach and Ryan. She explains that she and another doctor helped Alexander fake his death. In return she gets a cash-filled envelope every year. The doctor who helped him died a few years ago and she doesn't know what he was paid. The nurse says that Alexander was filled with shame and just wanted to start over. She tries to leave but Ryan and Zach won't let her. Instead, Ryan gives her a card with his attorney's number and they advise her not to go home. Alexander has already killed two of his "helpers" and she could be next! "I promise you'll be safe," Ryan tells her, hoping she will call the lawyer. If she doesn't, he is certain she will be killed. Zach worries about what Alexander will do to Kendall and before Ryan can stop him or follow leaves to talk with some of his former "associates". Back at the warehouse, Zach talks to Alexander. "All right, Father, I'm here," he says as footsteps approach. It's Ryan! Zach tries to get him to leave but he won't. "I can help you," Ryan explains. Alexander likes him, he can make the man release Kendall. Zach doesn't buy it. He doesn't believe Alexander cares a fig about Ryan - and tells him to leave before he messes things up! A car arrives, tosses out a stuffed animal and drives away before Zach and Ryan can reach it. Zach remembers giving the musical bear to Amelia on her birthday. He remembers singing the Red Rock lullaby with her and believes he knows where Alexander has taken Kendall! When Ryan tries to figure out where Zach is going, Zach knocks him out and leaves alone!

At the duplicate of the Cambias mansion, Kendall lifts a vase but before she can hit Alexander with it, he catches her! Twisting her arms painfully, Alexander takes the vase and then pulls a gun! "If you're going to kill me, I'm going down fighting," she says. She realizes that Alexander only wants to break her spirit and Zach's and vows that he never will. "Zach is strong and selfless and caring - all the things you're not!" she exclaims, confident that Alexander won't win. She is taken aback when Alexander tells her that he watched her on the roof with Ryan; in fact, he has been watching all of Pine Valley for years! He believes he and Kendall have a lot in common - and if Kendall will divorce Zach and return to Ryan, he will spare her life and Zach's, too! He believes Ryan is the man for her! "If you took him back, he'd be the happiest man on earth," Alexander says. Kendall doesn't believe that and when she doesn't immediately cave to his wishes, Alexander becomes angry. Kendall is crying, freaking out a little at his words. She belongs with Zach, why can't he understand that? Seeing her weakness, Alexander presses home his point - she is trying to keep Annie away from Ryan, not for Spike, but because she still loves him! Crying, Kendall admits that she does still love Ryan, but that doesn't mean she can leave Zach. Alexander keeps twisting her words and she finally gives in. "Okay," Kendall whispers. "I'll do it." Alexander leaves to bring the car around. He is going to let her go! Instead of going to the car, though, Alexander takes her to his gardenia garden. He believes that everything she said in the house was a lie! Alexander offers her a white satin ribbon and a gardenia. "Tie this around your neck," he instructs her.

Next on All My Children:

Kendall tries to convince Alexander of her loyalty - with a kiss! Ryan believes Alexander will kill Kendall - and make Zach watch!