In the sub-basement, Erica is surprised to see Babe - alive! "You're supposed to be dead!" she exclaims. Jeff takes Erica away, but Babe is so out of it from the drugs that she doesn't realize the implications of what Erica said. Josh tells Babe not to worry about Erica, she needs to concentrate on getting better. Babe asks for Krystal and little Adam, but Josh tells her she still isn't strong enough for visitors. Nurse Wendy comes in and Josh gives her instructions to keep Babe calm and quiet and leaves to find Erica. Alone Babe tells Wendy she wants to use the phone. Wendy won't allow that, and Babe turns her head and sees a rental sign on one of the machines monitoring her! Wendy tries to skirt the issue, telling Babe there was a recall on the newer equipment and they rented older equipment to make sure she wouldn't be hurt. In another room, Erica turns on Jeff. "I just went to that girl's funeral!" she exclaims. Erica wonders if Jeff is helping Josh get Babe away from JR and Jeff tells Erica she is out of line. When Erica quiets down, Jeff tells her that Jack was involved, too, which only makes her more angry. She is shocked to learn that Kendall knows exactly what is going on. Josh arrives, telling Erica to relax but she is on a roll. "You have betrayed your sister! I am so ashamed that you're my son!" she says. Angry, Josh asks if she would prefer that they left Babe to die. Jack arrives and Erica turns her anger on him. Angry, Jack tells Erica that she will stay quiet about what she has seen - or else! He explains that Kendall and Zach are in Las Vegas, that there are new leads and he is going to Vegas now, too. Josh threatens Erica that he will never speak to her again if she breathes a word of Babe's non-death! Jack tells Erica not to worry, that he will bring Kendall back. "If anything happens to my daughter I will never forgive either one of you," Erica says and leaves the room. Wendy catches Josh outside Babe's room to tell him about her requests. Inside, he tells Babe Krystal can come by in a few days if she follows his orders.

At the Vegas hotel, Ryan and Tad confront the guards who tell them the last time they saw Kendall, she was inside! The guard tells them about the phone call and Kendall wanting to leave but assures Ryan that they didn't let her go. At the balcony, Aidan realizes she may have left that way after the call. The hotel manager arrives and Tad asks if they have surveillance video for the premises. Aidan plays the part of a gangster, telling the manager that if he doesn't help, he would hate to see what Zach will do to him. The manager takes Ryan and Tad to see the video, which shows Kendall leaving and getting into a cab. Ryan calls the company to find out where the cab dropped her off.

At the warehouse, Alexander tells Kendall if she doesn't go along with his plan, he will kill Zach. "It's your choice, Kendall," he says. Alexander cocks the pistol and Kendall agrees to do what he wants. She leans down to tell Zach's unconscious form that she loves him. "Always, only you," she whispers. She kisses him. Zach dreams that he wakes up, alone, in the warehouse with an image of Amelia talking to him. She tells him that he didn't hurt her. "All you ever did was love me," she says. A bright, white light blinds Zach for a moment and Alexander's voice says, "You won't win," as Amelia disappears. Zach dreams that gardenias are falling over his body as Tad, Ryan and the crew arrive. Ryan tells him about the phone call and Zach tries to stand. "He's got her," he exclaims. Searching the warehouse, Aidan finds the Amelia lookalike, dead, behind a box! Zach tells them what he knows, which isn't much and the men turn on him. They wonder how long he has known Alexander was the killer, and ask why he was trying to play hero alone! Aidan finds a note from Alexander, telling them that Kendall chose to save Zach instead of her own life! Tad sends JR and Jamie to the hotel to find out about recent real estate purchases. There, Jamie finds several property purchases, but JR has a better idea. They need to find out about sub-corporations that have made purchases because that is what he and Adam would do if they wanted to keep things quiet! Meanwhile, Zach and Ryan head for the Vegas hospital. They find the nurse who worked on Alexander. "You're going to tell me how he faked his death," Zach says! When the nurse tries to play dumb, Zach tells her that Alexander is on a killing spree and she needs to come clean - now! "If you don't start talking, the next one dead is going to be you," Zach says. Tad and Aidan trace Kendall's cell phone to an alley and find a prostitute using it. She tells them the phone was tossed from a car a few blocks away.

In a duplicate of the Cambias mansion, Alexander shows Kendall around. Unsure what to do, Kendall wonders how she can escape. Alexander offers her a drink but she turns it down. He tells her he was proud that she started Fusion and went up against Erica's firm Enchantment. Kendall brings up Michael, telling Alexander that everything he did was to impress his father. "Compared to you, he was a prize," she says. Alexander tells her there has always been a purpose to his actions, and that Michael was weak. When he found Ryan he found the perfect way to discipline Michael and now it is time to discipline Zach. He changes the subject, tell Kendall that he has been watching Spike and Miranda and he thinks she is doing a great job with her son. Kendall freaks, wondering just how close Alexander has gotten. He offers the drink to Kendall again and she turns it down. "I'm not asking," he says and tells her to drink. Instead, Kendall throws the glass against the wall! Alexander talks about Zach and the more he talks, the angrier he gets. He believes that Zach betrayed him by faking his death. "My son needs to be disciplined," he says. But Kendall is angry, too. How could Alexander think that killing innocent people would teach Zach a lesson? "You're the one who needs to be taught a lesson!" she says. Alexander tells her that he won't stop until Zach is broken. Kendall grabs a vase, ready to knock Alexander out!

Next on All My Children:

Erica drops a bomb on JR; Babe learns the truth about where she is. Kendall dares Alexander to kill her!