At the casino apartment, Erica leaves Kendall a message, asking her to contact her as soon as possible. She tells Kendall that she must find Josh! Down the hall, Erica hears Jeff's voice and peeks around a corner to see him donning a doctor's coat! A guard lets Jeff into the sub-basement elevator as Erica looks on. When the doors close, Erica tries to convince the guard to let her through. The guard denies her access, telling Erica that he would have been notified of her appointment. "You do know who I am, don't you?" Erica asks, but the guard doesn't care.

In the sub-basement, Babe wakes up, nervous once again. Jeff arrives, telling her she is making great progress. Worried about Josh because he is always there, Babe asks Jeff to give him some time off. They both tell her he has a bed in another room. Jeff tells her not to worry, to rest and Babe drifts back to sleep. Smiling, Josh tells Jeff it's finally happened - Babe is over JR! Josh tells Jeff that when Babe comes out of this, they will team up against JR. "I'll make sure she's all right," Josh says. Jeff changes the subject, telling Josh that Erica is on a rampage looking for him. Josh is worried that Erica could ruin everything if she finds out why he is there. Babe may not be able to take the stress of learning that she is believed to be dead. Babe wakes up, asking Josh if he will stay. Erica peeks in the doorway!

In the Vegas warehouse, Zach questions the Amelia lookalike but she doesn't answer him. While he is distracted, Alexander shoots a syringe into his neck and Zach collapses! "Bravo, my dear," Alexander says to the imposter and tells her to take off the mask. The woman is upset when she realizes that Zach was actually hurt. She thought this was only a joke! Unfeeling, Alexander shoots the woman! Across town in the hotel, Kendall is having visions of Zach, hurt and alone. Realizing it is only her imagination running wild, Kendall begins to pace the room. She considers calling Zach but decides against it just in case he is in danger. "Please be all right," she says to the empty room. Crossing the room, she picks up Zach's jacket and sniffs the collar, then curls up on the bed with it. She finds a note inside and begins to read. It's from Zach. He wrote it before he left, just in case he didn't make it back. Crying, Kendall picks up the phone and calls Ryan - like Zach told her to in the letter. She tells him Alexander is alive and Zach is in trouble. Ryan tells her to stay at the hotel and Kendall gives him the address. She doesn't want to stay, but finally agrees not to leave until Ryan and the others can get there. The phone rings. It's Zach! Kendall asks a lot of questions but Zach doesn't really answer - instead he just tells her where he is and tells her he needs her. Zach tells her to come alone and when she suggests waiting for Ryan, Zach repeats his message almost word for word. As Kendall stares at the phone, Alexander talks into a voice-changing machine, pretending to be Zach! Kendall tries to leave the room, but the guards won't let her out. She heads for the balcony and climbs down the trellis. She arrives at the warehouse to see Zach crumpled on the floor. Alexander is there! "Stand up," he says and points a dart gun at Zach - he will kill Zach unless Kendall does as he says!

In Zoe's hospital room, Bianca assures her that Ryan will find out who the button belonged to. She is troubled after hearing a song on the radio - it has made her think of old times with Maggie. Crying, Bianca hugs Zoe tightly and then leaves.

A few minutes later, Bianca arrives at police headquarters to ask Jack and Derek about the button. She also wants to know if any DNA was recovered from Zoe's jacket. Realizing they still don't know about the button, Bianca tells them about the crest and explains that she gave it to Ryan. Jack and Derek can't believe she would take evidence to Ryan instead of them. Binks describes the button and both men wonder if the bird on the button could be the bird Dani remembered seeing after her attack! An officer brings Jack a message - it's from the killer! Jack sends the officer to get a description of the messenger, but unfortunately no one saw him clearly enough. An officer comes in, telling them about a disturbance at Kendall's new apartment! Jack, Derek and Bianca hurry from the station. They get to the apartment and find Jenkins, dead. It appears that he has been pushed from a balcony - just like Zach's mother! Jack is worried about the note. It said the killer left a parting gift now that he has what he wants and Jack wonders if Jenkins is the "gift". Derek suggests bringing Kenny in for his own protection, believing that the killer is now targeting prior suspects.
"Anyone could be next," Jack exclaims. He tries calling Kendall and then Zach but can't get through to either of them. The three return to the police station where the DNA test results are in - the DNA from the attack on Zoe comes back to a relative of Zach's!

On a private plane, Tad argues with JR over whether or not he should go to Vegas. Ryan, Jamie and Aidan leave the decision up to Tad when JR insists he can take care of himself. Ryan tells the guys that the button was made on a special order 10 years before. It has to be from Alexander but Ryan is still confused as to why he would be terrorizing Zach. Since he met Alexander in the desert and Zach was questioning him about Vegas, Ryan believes they need to get to Vegas quickly. Jack calls Tad, telling him about the new note from the killer. Concerned, Tad hangs up and tells Ryan and the others about it. Tad believes Zach and Kendall have walked into a trap! As the plane takes flight, JR pulls a picture of Babe from his wallet, remembering the good times with her. As JR remembers Babe, Jamie watches Tad, vowing to make things right for his father. The killer took his mother and Jamie is going to enjoy taking his life in return! Ryan calls Annie to check on her and she assures him everything is fine there. He hangs up, wondering why Alexander killed his sister and vowing to keep Alexander away from Kendall. Across the plane, Aidan vows the same thing. Tad can't get Dixie off his mind. "He'll pay for taking your life, Dixie," he tells her. Derek calls Tad and tells him about the button. Tad tries to play dumb but Derek doesn't buy it. He tells Tad about the DNA match. "Start talking," Derek says. Tad pretends the phone is losing service and hangs up. He tells the others they don't have much time - the police are right behind them! They arrive in Vegas and head to the hotel but the guards won't let them into Kendall and Zach's room. Ryan and Tad pretend to leave and then bust into the room - but Kendall is gone!

Next on All My Children:

Erica learns Josh's secret. Kendall works with Alexander to save Zach's life.