At the penthouse, Bianca shows Ryan the button she found at the cemetery. "What does this mean to you?" she asks. Ryan puts the button in tissue to examine it as Bianca tells him where she found it and why. Ryan sits down, uneasy because he recognizes the emblem as the Cambias crest. More worried than ever, Bianca wonders if there could be an unknown Cambias running around killing people. Ryan assures Bianca there are no living Cambias family members other than Zach and Miranda. Believing they should take the button to Tad or the police, Ryan is taken aback when Bianca tells him the police aren't doing enough. She wants Ryan to investigate the button on his own! Ryan picks up the button, agreeing to her plan.

At the hospital, Erica confronts JR about Josh's whereabouts. JR tells Erica he is at the casino, but she is too angry to leave immediately. Instead, Erica picks a fight, telling JR he has no right to talk about Josh or to make threats against him, especially after all of the bad things JR has done to people. JR comes back, telling Erica she has no right to call Babe a tramp and telling her she should look at her own track record! Erica slaps him saying, "Babe always cared more for Josh and than you." She walks away.

Arriving at the casino, Erica is annoyed when the bodyguards won't let her in to see Kendall and Zach. Erica calls Kendall, who isn't home. Ryan arrives, wondering what is going on. He fights off the guard and bursts into the apartment! The room is empty and Erica freaks out. "Where are my children?" The guards try to make Ryan and Erica leave but Erica won't listen. Ryan disappears for a second and comes back, telling Erica that Kendall is taking a bubble bath and didn't hear them. Leading Erica from the room, he whispers that Zach did it. He managed to get Kendall away without anyone being the wiser! "This is what we wanted," he says, asking Erica to keep things quiet. In order to keep Kendall safe, everyone has to believe she is inside the apartment still. Ryan leaves and Erica immediately tries to call Kendall again.

At the hospital, a figure in black approaches Zoe's hospital bed. It's JR! The two argue, with JR surprising Zoe, telling her that she needs to back off from telling everyone that he was blackmailing Babe. If she doesn't, Krystal's secret could be blown sky high! "Nobody is going to find anything out unless you blow it!" JR says. He explains that he won't tell anyone about Krystal's baby because Babe wouldn't want that. JR tries to convince Zoe that he is truly sorry for the way he acted toward Babe before she died. Zoe isn't sure what to believe but realizes this JR is different from the one who left her in the cemetery. Bianca arrives as Zoe tries to figure out the visit from JR. "What if I'm wrong about him? What if I'm wrong about everything?" she asks.

At his office, Tad calls the postal service to try to find Hannah Nichols but doesn't have any luck. Aidan comes in, angry that Tad isn't more serious about a phone call he wanted investigated. He believes they are wasting too much time on Hannah. They argue and Jamie separates them! Tad erupts in anger, because things are moving too slowly. Aidan, angry that Tad confronted him, tells him to back off. JR comes in, listening to the argument. Tad breaks down, believing he let Dixie down by letting her die. "You never let her down," JR says from the door. The room gets quiet and Aidan breaks the silence, telling them it is time to get to work. JR wants to help and Tad isn't thrilled with the idea. He believes JR is still too weak. JR disagrees; even though he just got rid of the cane, he can make calls and do some of the phone work. Seeing he won't give up, Tad gives in. "Don't just sit there, get on it," Tad says. JR believes some of his friends from AA may be able to help them track down any V-Tach that may still be out there. Ryan arrives and shows them the button. "Gentlemen, we know who the killer is," he says.

In Vegas, Zach finds a note inside Alexander's empty coffin and believes it can only mean one thing: his father is alive! The caretaker comes forward, apologizing for the empty coffin but telling them it is not the cemetary's fault. He looks through his records and learns that "Alexander Cambias, Jr." authorized the coffin to be exhumed a few months before! Zach sends the caretaker away to find the person who okayed the exhumation and is stunned to learn that that worker died soon after the order was written. Back at the hotel, Kendall can't imagine why Alexander would kill people he didn't know. Zach thinks he knows - it's because of Michael. "Michael betrayed him, dishonored the Cambias name," Zach explains. By faking his death and giving the Cambias fortune to Ryan, Alexander got back at Michael for his behavior. Now, Alexander is coming for Zach for the same reason. By faking his own death, Alexander believes Zach betrayed him. Killing people Zach loves is a way of getting back at him. Kendall picks up the phone to call Jack, but Zach won't let her. "The danger isn't at home," Zach tells Kendall. He believes Alexander has left Pine Valley - and is in Vegas with them! The hotel phone begins to ring. Kendall wants Zach to ignore it but he won't. He answers, to hear his father on the other end of the line! Alexander invites Zach to a warehouse. Kneeling beside the bed, Zach pulls a gun and bullet clip from beneath the mattress and gets ready to go. Kendall comes out telling him she is going, too. She doesn't understand why he won't let her help him. Finally agreeing, Kendall tells him she will stay put for one reason: because she knows he'll come back to her. "Just promise me that you'll come back," she cries. Zach kisses her hand, then her lips and leaves. At the warehouse, Zach breaks in the door. He sees a woman who looks like his mother bathed in white light!

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Tad believes the killer has set a trap for Kendall and Zach; Kendall gets a call from Zach - but is it really him?