At the Chandler mansion, Bianca ignores Adam and Krystal, focusing her anger on JR. When she lets it slip that JR was blackmailing Babe before she died, however, Adam gets interested in his son's actions. JR tries to cover by telling Bianca the blackmail was a figment of Zoe's imagination. He asks Binks to leave and Krystal agrees with him, but Bianca has more to say. It isn't just his actions against Babe that have her angry. JR also left Zoe, beaten, in the cemetery! Krystal and Adam are surprised that he would leave her there, and JR tells Bianca that Zoe was drunk. Adam backs JR up, telling Bianca that Zoe probably brought on the attack herself! Krystal begins to side with Bianca - Zoe should not have been left in a beaten heap and she shouldn't be joked about! Getting more angry by the minute, JR tells Bianca he isn't in the mood for a lecture. Bianca rolls her eyes and leaves. JR gets ready to leave for the hospital and an AA meeting, but Adam has more questions for him. Adam wants to know why he was blackmailing Babe - and why that had Krystal so upset! JR says it was just the picture, but Adam thinks there is more. JR won't tell him, though, saying it doesn't matter. Krystal quietly stands in the background waiting for it to blow over. When Adam continues his question, JR leaves the house angrily. Alone, Adam asks Krystal to tell him the truth - what were she and JR really fighting about? Krystal tells him it was all about the tacky, mean spirited photo. Trusting Krystal, Adam hugs her, glad they are still living the honesty policy. Krystal, though, is increasingly worried that Adam will learn her secret!

In Zoe's hospital room, Derek and Jack continue questioning her about the attack. Zoe doesn't remember anything about the attacker and Derek wonders if Bianca was right. Could this attack not be related to the Satin Slayings? If so, Derek believes he can be better used elsewhere. Zoe stops both men from leaving as a memory comes back. The killer spit on her! Jack pounces on the information, ready to begin running DNA tests but Derek doesn't care. He is only interested in the Satin Slayer. Julia comes in with water and pain medication. Alone in the room, she apologizes to Zoe for the treatment at Wildwind. Zoe tells her not to worry about it, she's just uncomfortable in her own skin. Julia offers to get her in touch with a therapist but Zoe isn't interested. As Julia finishes up with Zoe, she encourages her to face the world as her real self. In the corridor outside Jack confronts Derek about his treatment of Zoe. The two argue over Zoe's story, which Derek doesn't believe. Bianca arrives and Jack tells her they will look into the possible DNA information. She goes inside and Derek tells Jack he still isn't convinced of Zoe's story. "With all due respect, I am ordering you to run that DNA test - and I mean right now!" Jack exclaims. Back inside, Julia and Bianca give tips to Zoe on how to be a woman - like not going certain places alone. "If you're going to live your life as a woman, it's going to be different," Bianca instructs. The attack, all the rules of being a real woman have Zoe very confused. Julia leaves Bianca and Zoe alone and Zoe has another flash of memory. She ripped a button off the attacker's coat! Bianca leaves to look for the evidence! Derek arrives to take Zoe's clothing for testing. He doesn't say anything, but it is obvious he isn't happy about his job!

At the hospital, Tad confronts Jeff about his treatment of Erica, wondering why his brother isn't more understanding. Jeff blows him off, saying Josh is fine. This angers Tad, who is trying to get his brother to focus on Erica. Tad takes a second and realizes Jeff knows exactly where Josh is! "Tell me where he is!" Tad exclaims, but Jeff won't. Josh's whereabouts don't need to be known. Erica comes in, and hears Jeff tell Tad to "tell her anything". "Anything but the truth?" Erica asks. Annoyed, she wants to know why she wasn't invited to their meeting. Tad quickly exits on the guise of looking for Josh. Erica goes on the attack. "I will not be left out while the big boys wrestle," she says, telling him she wants to know what he knows about Josh. Seeing he has to tell her something, Jeff says he heard from Josh, but that he doesn't know exactly where he is. Erica believes Jeff knows more than he is saying. If he loves her, Erica says, he will tell her where their son is! Annoyed, Jeff comes back at Erica, saying he won't allow her to use his feelings for her to give her information! Erica keeps pushing the matter and threatens to stay away from him if he doesn't tell her. "Yeah, that will happen," he says sarcastically. Jeff calls her bluff and Erica storms off. In the hallway, Erica runs into JR. She mentions that at least she doesn't have to worry about Josh and JR getting into it since Josh is missing. This brings JR up short. Josh isn't missing, JR can get to him any time he wants!

In the sub-basement, Josh tells Babe he just got off the phone with Krystal and she'll come by later. Babe questions Josh because it isn't like Krystal to stay away. Josh glosses over her questions, focusing instead on how she is feeling. "Am I going to die?" she asks. Josh sits beside her, reassuring her that she'll be fine. Babe can't stop worrying, though. She worries about JR's possible actions, about little Adam. She is worried that she'll never get her life back! "Does JR care if I die?" she asks, and Josh doesn't know how to answer. So he doesn't, and Babe misunderstands. She thinks JR doesn't care if she lives or dies! "Did he even come here?" she asks. Josh tells her JR showed up when she was first brought in but that he never came into her room. Sitting beside her again, Josh tells Babe that JR hasn't been back to visit since that first day!

At the Vegas cemetery, the bodyguards pull Zach off of the grave. Kendall freaks out, wondering what he was doing digging in the ground with his hands. "Dig him up," is all Zach says. The bodyguards begin digging as Zach calls the cemetery director. Kendall can't believe what he is doing, but Zach convinces her that there are answers in the grave. The director arrives, and can't believe they are digging up a grave without permission. Zach gets a little threatening and orders him to bring in heavy equipment to finish the job. When the man agrees, Zach gives one last instruction - no one is to ever know he was here! Still worried about Zach, Kendall tries to convince him that nothing will be found in the coffin except Alexander's body. After all, when he died, Alexander thought Zach was dead, too! Why would he leave a message for his dead son? Zach doesn't answer, telling Kendall a couple of childhood stories instead: his father had Zach's dog killed; his father had Hannah taken away from him. "What he really enjoyed was doing things right in front of your eyes," Zach explains. When Zach told his father he was leaving Alexander only laughed, telling him he would always know where Zach was and what he was doing, and that is why Zach is certain there are answers in the coffin. As Zach watches the crews dig up his father's grave, Kendall tries to ease his mind. But Zach doesn't just think his father left instructions to hurt him - he thinks his father may still be alive! Workers pull the coffin from the ground and open it to find it filled with rocks!

At the cemetery, Bianca talks to Babe's grave about Zoe's visit. "Did you see what happened to her?" she asks, and tells "Babe" about the coat button. Bianca tries to reenact what may have happened and wanders around the area. She finds the button, near the bench where Zoe was found. Binks immediately recognizes the crest on the button - it's a Cambias crest!

Next on All My Children:

Erica slaps JR; Bianca wonders if there is an unknown Cambias committing murder. Zach gets a call from the great beyond!