In Vegas, Zach and a disguised Kendall arrive at the hotel and check in as Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Suarez. With a funny Jersey accent, Kendall acts the part of a gangster's wife! Zach arrives in his gangster getup, making Dexter, the hotel manager, uncomfortable. The two are having fun with their act, asking for extra rooms. When Dexter finally complies, they and their entourage of bodyguards take off for their rooms. Alone in their private suite, Kendall is excited. She feels in control, like she is the stalker instead of the stalked. But Zach can't relax. "I'm looking for answers and I don't even know the questions," he says. They head to the hospital where Alexander, Sr. died. Kendall poses as Alexander's granddaughter and speaks with the nurse who cared for him. The nurse remembers him! "He was a man accustomed to getting what he wanted," she says. As Kendall talks to the nurse, Zach flashes back to the decision he and Josh made to let Babe "die" with the help of Jeff and Joe Martin and Jack Montgomery. The memories make Zach more uncomfortable and he is glad when the interview with the nurse is over. At the Vegas cemetery, Kendall and Zach stand over Alexander's grave. Zach stares at the tombstone as Kendall talks to him. He hears Ryan's voice in his head and reaches into the rocks surrounding the stone. Zach crawls into the middle and starts to dig with his hands!

At the cemetery, Bianca finds Zoe beaten and bruised. She orders her bodyguard to call the police. Worried about her friend, Bianca doesn't notice the button slip from Zoe's hand! Help arrives to take Zoe to the hospital where Bianca uses the desk phone to call the cops. Jeff brings Zoe out on the way to x-ray but she is too weak to talk. Wondering how someone could attack her, Bianca is shocked when Julia suggests it could be a hate crime. Derek arrives and begins questioning Bianca. He is surprised to learn they think it could be hate related. Since she was found near Babe and Dixie's graves, he assumes the attack is related to the serial killings. If it turns out to be a random attack, he'll hand off the case. Bianca is stunned that Derek is more concerned about the Satin Slayings than with a possible hate crime against Zoe. A few minutes later inside Zoe's private room, Bianca tells her to relax. They are keeping the attack under wraps so the papers won't hear of it. Derek and Jack come in, asking if Zoe saw or heard anything. She doesn't remember much but... "JR was there!" After the attack she remembers JR came but then he left her there!

At the Chandler mansion, Krystal finds JR staring at the liquor cart and dares him to come clean - or take drink! "Get lit and spill your dirty little secret," she taunts. He surprises her by not defending himself! JR tries to get through to Krystal, telling her that he won't give up her secret because she and little A are the only connection he has left to Babe. He needs her! "Promise me you'll never stop talking about her," he says. JR believes it would be like losing Babe all over again if Krystal and Adam break up, and he can't bear that. Krystal softens a little toward him. Sitting beside the fireplace, JR finally comes clean, telling Krystal how much he loved Babe and how much he regrets the actions he took just before she died. "I would give my life to take that back!" he says. With tears in his eyes, JR wonders if Babe could forgive him this time around. "I think she could," Krystal says and is surprised when JR asks if she can forgive him, too. Krystal hugs him. "I forgive you," she says as Adam comes in the room. Excited to see things calm between his wife and son, Adam doesn't ask any other questions about their recent fights. Together, the three talk about their favorite Babe memories until they are interrupted by Bianca. "You heartless S.O.B.!" she exclaims to JR.

In the sub-basement, Babe wakes up thinking she is in the hospital thanks to Josh's redecorating efforts. Babe knows something is wrong, but can't put her finger on it and Josh won't tell her the truth. He tells her Max, her bodyguard, made it through, too. But why, Babe wonders, is Josh her doctor? He gave up medicine! Josh tells her he reclaimed the stethoscope and is a doctor once again - because of her! Babe asks about Krystal and little A and Josh assures her they are fine. Babe becomes agitated, worried about JR telling Krystal's secret. Josh reassures Babe that JR won't go through with any threats he made but Babe isn't so sure. If things were fine, she says, wouldn't her mom be with her? Josh lies, telling Babe her mother has been sitting with her and just left. When Babe asks for a phone to call Krystal, Josh says she can't. "You almost died," he says, explaining that she needs to rest, not tire herself with phone calls and visitors. "Let me take care of you," he tells her. He volunteers to call Krystal himself and Babe asks that he tell Krystal she loves her. The nurse arrives to relieve Josh. Outside, he turns on a tape deck that makes the room sound like a real hospital.

Next on All My Children:

Zach orders his father's grave opened. Babe confronts Josh about her health. JR almost lets Krystal's secret slip.