At the penthouse, Zach asks Ryan what he remembers of Alexander Sr. Reluctant to say anything because he is still convinced Zach holds the key to the killings, Ryan doesn't answer at first. After some coaxing, Ryan says Alexander, Sr., didn't even seem sick until he began writing the check. He was upset about Zach's death and Michael's rape of Bianca. Zach doesn't think Ryan is remembering things correctly - Alexander didn't care about either of his sons. He believes his father was only upset that both had apparently blackened the family name. Ryan tells Zach that Michael smiled at Zach's coffin at the funeral - that is why Alexander Sr. hated him! Zach doesn't buy it and asks again what they spoke about before Alexander Sr. died. Ryan tells him that Alexander Sr. gave him the pocket watch and turned over control of Cambias Industries, that's it. "Don't you find that funny?" Zach asks, that a man on his death bed doesn't ask about his wife or his family? Who else was at the hospital, he asks. Ryan remembers the nurses name and Zach pounces on the information. It's a good place to start! Spike begins to cry and Zach goes to take care of him. Talking to the little boy, Zach makes a decision: Spike will never wonder if he is loved or cared for the way Zach and Michael wondered. Ryan comes in with a bottle and tells Zach about his "talks" with the killer and tells Zach he will follow any instructions the killer passes along if it will save Kendall's life! "Do what you have to do," Zach says and leaves the penthouse. Alone, Ryan plays with Spike as a message from the killer comes in on the fax. "Nice try. Too Late," it reads.

At the casino apartment, JR confronts Kendall, who is there with Josh. Telling Josh he is the reason for Babe's death, JR wonders why he is there at all. JR asks why Josh never backed off, why he kept messing with Babe after she asked him to leave her alone. "If you really respected her I would never have caught you in that lip-lock in the shed!" he says, telling Josh he is the reason Babe was left alone and vulnerable. Kendall backs up Josh, telling JR he is acting like a Chandler. Babe's nurse calls Josh, who tries to leave but JR won't let him out of the apartment! Josh quickly gets around JR, who follows him to the elevator, opening the doors before Josh can get away. "Where do you think you're going?" he asks. Jack arrives, telling JR he needs to leave because the police have cleared the floor. Angry that Josh is allowed to stay but he isn't, JR finally walks away. Inside the apartment, Kendall and Jack talk about Babe and worry they won't be able to keep her location in the sub-basement a secret. Worried about Zach, Kendall asks if Jack believes he is responsible. Jack assures her he doesn't, in fact he believes Zach is working harder than anyone else to find the killer. Zach arrives, telling Kendall to pack her bags - they're getting out of Pine Valley, together. Confused, Kendall wants to know why and where they are going. "Vegas," Zach tells her. "There are answers in the desert." Jack agrees with Zach, Kendall will be just as safe on the road, especially if the killer believes she is still at the casino. Agreeing with the plan, Kendall and Zach pack to leave.

At Erica's Valley Inn room, she tries to enlist Tad's help to find Josh. Jeff tells Erica to calm down, saying Josh will come back when he is ready but Erica won't back down. Tad tells her that he is a little busy with the serial killer investigation to look for Josh, but Erica won't take no for an answer. "He's lost his reason for living," Erica says, but Tad declines to help her. He explains that Josh wouldn't go anywhere with him, even if he could find him. Jeff backs up Tad, saying Josh needs time to himself. Jeff's phone interrupts them - it's Josh! He needs help; quickly, Jeff leaves the Inn, telling Erica to trust Josh. "When he wants to get in touch with us, he will." Alone, Erica tries one more time to make Tad help her. "What if Josh has written me off?" Erica asks, thinking he may blame her. Tad reaches out to Erica, telling her that she isn't to blame for Babe's death. If she really wants him to, Tad will put out some feelers to find Josh!

In the sub-basement, Babe asks where she is. Not recognized the nurse under sedation, Babe mistakes her for the attacker and then for JR. She is hysterical and unable to calm down, making her heart beat erratically. "JR" asks her to choose between Krystal and little Adam - again! Josh arrives as Babe begins to calm down. Her heart is returning to normal and Josh is considering putting her back in a coma again. He gives instructions to the nurse to set up the room as Babe's own private hospital so she won't wonder where she is the next time she wakes. Jeff arrives and they talk over treatment options. "I can't lose her," Josh says. After checking Babe over, Jeff assures Josh she is doing as well as can be expected. Josh calls Jeff "Dad" for the first time, thanking him for helping with Babe. Josh knows how much Jeff is risking by helping to fake Babe's death. Hugging Josh, Jeff leaves the room.

At the cemetery, Zoe recognizes her attacker. "It's you!" She says. "You killed those women!" But that doesn't stop the attacker who keeps beating her. Zoe fights back, but is unable to overcome the attacker. The figure begins choking Zoe, leaving her for dead behind a bush. JR arrives at the cemetery, talking to Dixie's grave. "You're not supposed to be here," he says and apologizes to her for taking so long to allow her into his life again. Behind the bench where he is sitting, Zoe reaches out to him for help. Startled, JR flips over the body. Zoe asks for help, but JR won't help her. Calling her a freak, JR asks what she expected as Zoe cries. "Are you happy now?" JR asks. "You destroyed my family, give me one good reason I should let you destroy anyone else's." JR walks away, leaving Zoe beaten on the ground. Her hand opens, revealing a button from the attacker's clothing!

Next on All My Children:

Bianca finds Zoe at the park; Krystal dares JR to tell Adam the truth. Babe wakes up and asks Josh where she is.