At the cemetery, JR tries to find comfort in saying he is sorry. "Please, know how sorry I am," he tells Babe's coffin, crying. He cries over Dixie's coffin as well. Colby embraces him, but JR can't be comforted. Julia invites everyone to Wildwind. Tad holds Krystal's hand for a moment before Adam leads her away. Bianca goes to JR, who tells her to forgive Maggie. Zoe approaches, angry and not listening when Bianca tells her to be quiet. "You put Babe in that coffin as sure as the killer did!" Zoe says. She confronts JR about the blackmail and his threats against Babe. "Enough. Stop!" Bianca hollers. She can't believe Zoe is bringing up the past when they should just be saying goodbye to Dixie and Babe. Bianca tells JR she is sorry and he leaves. Tad grabs his arm, asking where he is going. "Not to the bar, isn't that all that matters?" he says as he storms off. As Bianca cries, Zoe comes over to apologize. She realizes she shouldn't have said what she did to JR. Bianca shows Zoe a picture of Babe, before their friendship fell apart. "We all need pieces of our past to hold on to," Zoe says as Bianca decides to put the picture inside the coffin. Zoe convinces her to keep the picture, for Babe's sake. Jack arrives, asking Bianca to take extra care. Alone again, Binks invites Zoe to Wildwind with her, but Zoe isn't sure she will be welcomed. "Everyone who loves Babe should be together now," Bianca says and the two leave. Meanwhile, Opal asks Joe and Tad for help with Palmer. She's worried about him and doesn't know what to do. "I can't fix what broke when Dixie died," Opal tells Tad. In another part of the cemetery, Zach talks to Ethan's grave, vowing not to stop until he finds the killer.

At Wildwind Di, Dell and Aidan prepare for guests. Aidan puts his arms around Di, asking how she is. "I've had better days," she says. Amanda and Jonathan are setting out food and she asks if he still expects to see Erin. Every day, he tells her. Tad arrives and Di snags his attention. She hugs him as Kathy comes in the room, excited to see him. Tad plays with the little girl, swinging her around the room. Julia tries to take Kathy away, sure that Tad would rather talk with Di or someone. Kathy surprises both of them by saying, "Emma has her new daddy, and Tad is my new daddy!" Julia apologizes to Tad, who tells her not to worry about it. He is honored that Kathy thinks of him as a father figure. Bianca and Zoe arrive, and Amanda steps forward to welcome them both. Dell can't believe Zoe is there and offers her a shot of whiskey. Instead, Zoe asks for a margarita and Amanda gives her a drink. Amanda confronts Dell who doesn't think that he did anything wrong. Emma and Kathy are curious about Zoe, but welcoming. Jamie thanks Zoe and Bianca for coming, and Zoe tells Bianca she needs to leave. It is too difficult being there. Tad pulls Aidan into the hall to see if there is any progress in the search for Hannah. So far, Aidan hasn't been able to find any trace of the woman.

Upstairs at Wildwind, Emma takes Ryan on a tour of her new home and then, eager to rejoin Kathy downstairs, leaves he and Annie alone. Ryan fills Annie in on the funeral and holds her close. Jonathan walks in, and tries to leave without interrupting them. Too late! Ryan sees him before he can leave. Annie makes a quick exit so the brothers can talk. Jonathan tries to convince Ryan to take a chance with Annie, but Ryan doesn't want to move too fast. Jonathan leaves him alone and Ryan gazes at a picture of he, Annie and the kids. He quickly leaves Wildwind. A few minutes later, Annie finds Jonathan and leads him into her room. She's a little angry with him, believing he betrayed her trust by talking with Ryan. "I'm out of it. I'm backing off," Jonathan tells her, still convinced that he did the right thing. Jonathan believes she and Ryan are perfect for one another! Leaving Annie to think about that, Jonathan leaves the room.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam wraps Krystal in a blanket and puts her to bed. "I'd do anything to give her back to you," he says, holding her tight. As Krystal rests, Colby walks in with tea and tells her to eat. Krystal is cradling a pillow against her body, like a child. "I'll never be able to hold my daughter again," she cries. Colby offers to be a stand-in for Babe. "Maybe you could hold me and pretend you have her back," she says. Krystal tells Colby she doesn't have to be anyone but herself and hugs her tightly. Adam walks in, smiling at the two of them. Alone in the room, Adam tells Krystal how proud he is of her. She raised Babe alone and she did a great job. "I want Charlotte to be you," Krystal says. "And she will be." Outside on the terrace, Colby is crying. Sean arrives and hugs her close. He tells her about his father, and the fact that he still misses him. They sit quietly, gazing at the moon.

At the hospital, Babe is breathing heavily as she comes out of sedation. Josh is there, holding her hand. "You're safe. Don't worry," he says. Kendall walks in as Babe tells him she thought she was dead. Babe is incoherent, telling Kendall and Josh to be careful. "We're both safe, Babe. You screamed and you got help. You're okay," Kendall tells her. Babe asks about Krystal and little Adam and Josh assures her they are fine. Zach arrives as Kendall and Josh wonder how long they can keep the fact that she is presumed dead from Babe. Kendall is also worried how Krystal will react to the news that Babe survived but Josh tells her not to worry. "Krystal is part of the problem!" he says. He believes they must keep the news from Krystal, especially, since she always pushed Babe to reconcile with JR. He believes JR is as big a danger to Babe as the Satin Slayer. Zach interrupts them; they are doing what they need to do to keep Babe safe. Kendall whispers to Babe that she'll be fine, then she and Zach leave. "Let me know if you need anything," Zach says to Josh. Kendall hugs her brother and follows her husband from the room. Josh sits beside Babe's bed to keep watch. "You saved me," Babe says before passing out again. A nurse comes in to check on Babe, who asks again where she is.

At the casino, Kendall tries to make Zach relax but he can't sit still. She massages his shoulders but even that can't calm him. In a hurry, Zach leaves Kendall alone in the apartment. JR arrives, wanting to know why she didn't go to the funerals. Kendall tells him she is sorry, but she would rather live than be killed! Wanting JR to leave before Zach returns, Kendall asks him to leave.

Across town at Ryan's penthouse, Zach is on a mission. He believes Ryan may hold the key to the killer. "I need to know what happened when my father died," Zach says.

At the cemetery, a black gloved hand traces the letters of Ethan's name on his tombstone!
Alone at Babe's grave, Zoe is saying a private goodbye. A figure dressed in black approaches and begins to beat her!

Next on All My Children:

Zach believes Ryan holds the key to the murders; Zoe sees her attacker. Josh promises to keep Babe safe.