At Wildwind, Jonathan is excited to learn that Emma is his niece and thinks it is wonderful that Annie and Ryan are getting together. The thought makes Annie nervous and she tries to explain that they aren't together. She does admit that she is falling for Ryan, but she doesn't think Ryan feels the same. Emma interrupts them and Jonathan asks her to call him 'Uncle Jonathan'. Downstairs, the rest of the Wildwind residents prepare for Dixie and Babe's funerals. Janet arrives, surprising Amanda, who immediately calls the hospital thinking she has broken out. Dell, Di and Aidan react angrily to her appearance as a man named Oliver joins Janet. She explains that she is on a day pass, approved by her doctors. She wants to attend the funerals to support Amanda! Dell can't believe what he is hearing, but Oliver tells them Janet is telling the truth. He is there to watch over her, but she has been released for the day. Dell tells her to leave, but Jonathan interrupts. "Welcome back, Janet," he says. Sitting with Janet, Jonathan explains to her that the people in Pine Valley will need time to come to terms with her being better. Janet leaves, not wanting to upset anyone any more than they already are. Amanda promises Janet that she will come to visit. As Janet leaves to return to the hospital, the rest of the crowd leaves for the cemetery.

Bianca surprises Erica at her room at the Valley Inn. She thought Erica would be ready to go to the funeral. Erica tries to turn her away, but Bianca comes right in. Seeing Jeff's jacket, Bianca is stunned. "That isn't Uncle Jack's is it? You can come out, Jeff!" Jeff comes out and trying to distract Bianca from him, Erica asks why she would want to attend the funerals. After all, Babe kidnapped Miranda and tried to pass her off as her own daughter! This only makes Bianca more angry, and she tells Erica to stay away from the funeral. She doesn't want to be anywhere near her mother when she sees Jack! "They say as you get older you become more like your mother," she says. "I don't want to be anything like you!" Bianca slams the door as she leaves.

At the casino, Zach bursts through the door to find three guards pointing guns at the intruder. It's Jenkins! Zach can't believe he would break in, and Jenkins surprises him by saying he is leaving Pine Valley. The police have cleared him of the murders. Jenkins gives Zach a handkerchief that Amelia made. "Take care of yourself, Alex," he says. Zach invites him inside. He surprises Jenkins by taking responsibility for his mother's death. Jenkins says he knows Zach didn't mean to hurt Amelia and leaves. Kendall tries to comfort Zach, but Erica arrives, interrupting them. "You're going to that funeral over my dead body!" she exclaims. Kendall informs Erica that she will pay her respects and is surprised when Zach backs up Erica. He kisses Kendall, and leaves for the funerals - alone! Learning that Bianca found Erica with Jeff that morning, Kendall asks her mother to leave. She wants no part of Erica! Erica goes to the door, but pauses to tell Kendall she will soon realize that Erica was right about everything: Bianca and Zoe, Josh and Babe and even Kendall's marriage to Zach!

At the Chandler mansion, Adam tries to calm Krystal, but she continues daring JR to tell them the truth about his blackmailing efforts. JR tells Adam and Tad about the impending divorce and his plans for custody, leaving the men speechless. Not satisfied, Krystal pushes JR by saying, "Tell them, JR. I want them to know what a cruel, vile creature you are!" Adam tries to calm Krystal but he can't. She tells JR that Babe's will leaves custody of little Adam to her and she will keep JR away from his son! JR steps forward, telling Krystal that none of that matters - the blackmail, his threats. None of it matters any more at all! Adam leads Krystal from the room. Outside, she tells Adam that the Slayer took Babe's life, but JR took her happiness. She can't forgive or forget that! Adam reminds Krystal that he had his own agenda against Babe at one time. He asks Krystal to learn from his mistakes and not use little Adam as a weapon against JR. Back in the parlor, Tad tries to comfort JR but he is inconsolable. "You should hate me. My father should hate me. Krystal should hate me," he tells Tad. Tad sits with JR for a while and tells him that he will stand beside him at the funeral. JR tells Tad to go ahead - there are a few things he needs to take care of first. JR goes outside, asking Krystal's forgiveness. He will never tell Adam her secret. Before she can answer, Colby joins them, apologizing to JR for wearing Babe's dress earlier. "Let's go," JR says.

At the cemetery, Ryan shows Jack the most recent note from the killer, wondering why the killer has chosen to communicate with him. Jack doesn't have any answers. He surprises Ryan with his next words. "I've heard from Greenlee!" She contacted Jack after hearing about the killings. Hearing from Greenlee has made Jack realize all he has to lose and he swears to help protect Kendall. Tad and Derek arrive as flower delivery men bring in gardenias and white ribbons! Derek takes the flowers away as the guests begin arriving. Amanda stands over Babe's coffin with Jonathan and Aidan. Bianca hugs Tad and then moves to comfort Krystal. Palmer and Opal make a beeline for Dixie's casket. Myrtle and Dr. Joe Martin arrive and speak with Zach. When Zoe arrives, the gathered crowd turns to watch. Erica arrives with Jeff, causing Jack to look twice. Zach remains near the entrance, almost as if he is standing guard. Adam opens the floor for others to talk about Babe and Dixie. Bianca steps up, telling them that she had forgiven Babe for taking Miranda and that she wished Babe could know. Tad remembers the first time he met Dixie at Myrtle's store. After being so strong, Tad breaks down a little. "I could see my future," he says, crying. "I could see our future." Jamie comes up, to lead Tad back to his seat. Di steps up, saying "I'm going to miss her every day of my life!" In tears, Krystal throws herself on top of Babe's casket. Adam and Colby quickly lead her back to her seat. Zoe stands up and begins to sing, "You Lift Me Up". She continues to sing as the rest of Pine Valley file by the caskets. Finally stepping forward, JR reaches out to touch Babe's casket and begins to cry.

In a room somewhere, Babe is lying in a hospital bed - and she opens her eyes!

Next on All My Children:

Zoe confronts JR; Kendall and Josh are in Babe's hospital room, waiting for her to wake up!