Jack arrives home, to find Barbara inside. Surprised, he asks what she is doing there. "You don't know how much I've missed you," she says and kisses him! Erica walks in, stunned to see Jack and Barbara kissing. Slamming the door, Erica asks to see Jack alone. Barbara interrupts. "Center of the galaxy, you haven't changed at all," she says. Erica tries to shut Barbara out and asks for Jack's help with Josh - the boy is gone and Erica hasn't been able to reach him. Barbara continues to interrupt. "Why are you here again?" Jack asks and tells Barbara to go away. She won't leave, annoying Erica, who continues asking Jack for help. He won't budge; there are too many other things going on that he can't drop. But he has as idea. "Why dont you talk to Jeff. I'm sure he could help," Jack says. This angers Erica who slams out of the apartment. Happy to be alone with Jack, Barbara tries to come on to him. But Jack again asks her to leave. Sean comes in. "Yeah. Why don't you just go?" he asks. Barbara doesn't want to leave, but seeing that Sean really doesn't want her around, Barbara says she will get a hotel room or stay with Myrtle. Exasperated, Jack tells her she can stay there, but only if she will stay out of his way! He leaves to change clothes. Alone in the room, Barbara tries to play mommy to Sean, who isn't biting. "The only reason you're here is to tag Uncle Jack," he says and informs her it won't work. He believes Jack and Erica still have a chance! In the hall, Jack receives a call from Josh. Jack tells him he is on the way to the funeral. "You keep in touch," Jack says.

At the casino, Kendall thanks Zach for a perfect Valentine's Day. Tad arrives. "A new day, a new suspect," Tad says. And this time, he believes they are on the right track. He tells Zach about the Hannah theory but Zach immediately dismisses it. Hannah was a sweet girl who wouldn't hurt a fly! Tad disagrees, telling Zach that Hannah has had years to fly off the handle. Zach was with Ethan when he died, she could blame him for her child's death. "Maybe she wants a little payback," Tad says and asks Zach to let him search for Hannah. Zach explains that he and Ethan tried to find her, but couldn't. He describes Hannah and as he does, remembers that she wore a white satin ribbon in her hair! He offers to turn all of his files on Hannah over to Tad, who leaves the apartment. "Did you ever tell Hannah what happened to your mother?" Kendall asks when they are alone. Zach explains that he never told anyone about Amelia until Kendall. He wonders if Alexander, Sr. may have told Hannah and then used the information to turn her against Zach. Another memory comes to him. This time, he remembers Alexander, Sr., saying, "It's all right. You didn't mean to do it." Before he can tell Kendall,an alarm goes off. Someone has broken into the building!

At the Chandler mansion, Krystal and Adam make plans for a joint funeral for Babe and Dixie. Krystal wants the service to be closed casket, which is fine with Adam. He assures her things are fine and leaves to call the florist. Seeing JR alone in the parlor, Krystal hugs him. "Stop! You don't know what I did," he says. Seeing how upset he is, Krystal tries to get him to open up about his feelings. "We can get to the other side of this together," she says. Colby comes in, wearing Babe's dress and angering JR. "Get out of here and get out of that dress!" he exclaims. Adam takes Colby from the room as Krystal comforts JR. Outside in tears, Colby tells Adam that Babe gave her the dress. She wanted to wear it as a tribute to her. Unsure what to do, Colby asks for Adam's help. "I should have never told him about Krystal's secret," Colby cries and then expalins there was never a real secret, she was only trying to mess with JR and Babe. "No wonder everyone hates me. I deserve it!" she exclaims. Adam hugs her. "You make this family infinitely more interesting," he says. Inside, Krystal tries to comfort JR, telling him all that matters is that at the end Babe knew she was loved. "You gave her the future that she always dreamed of," Krystal says. JR can't keep quiet any longer. He tells Krystal he wasn't giving Babe a future - he was divorcing her! And that isn't all. JR goes on to tell Krystal he was blackmailing Babe with Krystal's secret. If Babe didn't give him custody he was going to tell the world that Krystal's baby was Tad's! Krystal shuts the doors. Broken up, JR asks, "Do you still want to call me son?" Angry, Krystal goes on the attack against JR. She can't believe he was forcing Babe to choose between her mother and her child! Outside the room, Adam brings Tad inside and they hear the raised voices. "Tell them, JR. Tell Tad and tell your father everything," Krystal says.

At Jeff's, Erica enlists his help to track down Josh. Jeff kisses her and agrees to help. "You have every right to be concerned," he assures her. Thankful for his support, Erica hugs him. "I don't know what I'd do without you," she says as Jeff kisses her! Erica tells Jeff not to stop. He is the only one who really understands her. "I don't want to be alone anymore," she says and kisses him again. Jeff picks Erica up and carries her to the bedroom!

At Ryan's penthouse, Annie gathers her bags, ready to move out. "It's better this way. For Emma," she says. Ryan agrees, but obviously doesn't believe it because he pulls her into a passionate kiss! Annie pulls back unsure what to do about her feelings. They made love, what happens now, she wonders. Ryan tries to reassure her, saying that what happened wasn't casual for him. "I care about you. A lot," he says. With their feelings so new, Annie isn't sure what to do but she does know she needs to leave. Just in case things don't go right with them, Emma will be in less pain if they aren't living together. A bodyguard arrives with a message - it's from the killer! "You've let me down," the note says. Upset, Ryan realizes that the killer knows he was trying to set a trap. That puts Kendall in even more danger! Annie wonders if there could be a connection between Ryan and the killer. Ryan tells her how Alexander, Sr. left Ryan his fortune. Maybe the killer thinks that because Ryan gave the Cambias fortune to Miranda and Ethan that they are on the same side! Ryan goes to the Fusion offices to question the killer through the listening devices. "I will do the right thing now. Just give me a chance to save Kendall, please," Ryan says.

Next on All My Children:

Krystal tells JR she will win custody of little Adam. Greenlee contacts Jack; Bianca tells Erica she is ashamed of her.