At the casino apartment, Kendall wakes from a bad dream and Zach is there to comfort her. He has a plan for the day, something to remind them of what they are fighting for. Intrigued, Kendall asks for a hint, but Zach won't give an inch. A little while later, Zach and Kendall arrive at his surprise - he's rented a bowling alley! Kendall isn't sure about the plan because bowling isn't really her thing. Zach turns on a disco ball and music and hands over a brand new pair of bowling shoes. "You bowl me over," Zach says, working on something as Kendall tries to bowl. Every time she swings her arm, he says something else. Finally he shows Kendall what he has been working on. It's a score card without a score. Instead, it reads, "Always, Only You". The two kiss. After finishing the game - and winning - Kendall asks where her prize is. Zach asks if being with him is prize enough, but Kendall doesn't buy it. She knows him too well! Smiling, Zach pulls something from his pocket and holds his hand out. It's empty, but Kendall doesn't see it that way. She believes his empty hand is actually an open hand. It's a reflection of opening his heart to her, his acceptance of her and his reminder that they will have a life together. What about his other hand, Zach asks, the hand that is still closed? He opens his hand to reveal a diamond necklace! Moments later, a bodyguard delivers an envelope for Kendall. It's a cute valentine's card from Spike, with a picture of Spike enclosed. The thought that Ryan cared enough to send it touches Kendall's heart. Zach leads Kendall in a dance and kisses her passionately.

At Ryan's penthouse, Annie snaps his picture with Emma and Spike. They share a happy Valentine's morning together. Annie and Emma begin making sugar cookies and Ryan licks icing from Annie's finger. The sparks between the two are burning high! Annie shows Ryan the valentines she and Emma made for the people at Wildwind, and explains she is visiting there later to see if she wants to move in. Emma suggests Ryan live there, too, but Annie tells her that won't work. "Then Daddy can sleep over a lot!" Emma exclaims.

At the park, Bianca plays with Miranda. She pulls a card from her bag, it's from Maggie. Bianca isn't sure how she feels about the card. Zoe comes by, surprising her. The police officer isn't there and Zoe explains that the police have cleared her as a suspect! She should feel happy but she can't because of the loss of Babe. Losing her has made Zoe question who she really is. She wonders what parts of Zoe are real and what parts are only holdovers from Zarf? Miranda comes over, wondering why Zoe gave back the doll. Zoe explains that the real gift was Miranda's willingness to share. The little girl runs off to play again. Zoe tells Bianca she may have to leave Pine Valley to find herself. The thought makes her very nervous, but Zoe knows she must go, eventually. She's come to another decision: Zoe is going to find a doctor that can help her decide if sexual reassignment surgery is the right next step. Maybe, though, she will find a doctor near Pine Valley.

At the Chandler mansion, JR dreams of Babe. Krystal wakes him up and hugs him tight. "I've got you. I'm here," she says. Krystal tells JR how much it meant to Babe that he had forgiven her, making JR feel worse than he did. She asks him if she can begin calling JR her own son, and the words make JR crazy. He knows that Babe didn't feel love when she died and that knowledge is killing him. Adam comes in with little A, wishing them a happy valentine's day. JR takes little A away for breakfast. Alone, Adam presents Krystal with a gift. It's a beautiful charm bracelet with Babe and Charlotte's names engraved. Colby comes in with an idea: they should make Valentine's cards. Little Adam comes in, sees the card supplies and begins making a card. "It's for my mom," he says, making Krystal sad. JR watches them from outside the room. He can't make himself go in. Alone once more, JR fantasizes that Babe is still alive and waiting for him near the fireplace. Stuart comes in the room, telling him he doesn't have to be alone. Stuart believes JR needs to talk about Babe, but he can't. "The things I said to her, the way I treated her. . ." JR can't go on. He is beginning to realize that how Babe felt about Josh doesn't matter. Nothing matters, except the two of them. Stuart sits with JR, comforting him. Outside, Adam holds Krystal close.

At Wildwind, Jonathan finds Amanda in the barn and covers her with a blanket. He tells Amanda he won't leave her alone, just like she didn't leave him alone with Erin died. "I'm not about to let you push me away," he says. Amanda lays her head on his shoulder. Inside, Julia pushes Jamie from the main room. She finishes up a few decorations and then asks him in. The room has been transformed into a Valentine's Wonderland for Kathy and the rest of the Wildwind crew. With all they have lost recently, it will be a nice break. Jamie is trying to deal with Babe's death and with Dixie's, but he isn't sure how to do that. "Do you think you were wrong?" Julia asks, when Jamie brings up his feelings about Babe and JR. Jamie says yes, he wanted to protect JR from being hurt, but you can't insulate people from being hurt. Kathy comes in with Amanda and Jonathan. Annie, Emma, Ryan and Spike arrive a few minutes later. It's time for a party! Ryan invites Annie to come and explore the property with him. In the stables, Ryan kisses her passionately and Annie returns the kiss. They frantically begin to undress one another! They make love and realize nothing will be the same between them again. Back inside the main house, Jonathan and Amanda help Kathy create a Valentine costume. Tad arrives to see Jamie. "I came here to find my son and found two new sweethearts instead," he says. Julie helps the girls make cards. "Can we send them to heaven?" Kathy asks. Everyone begins making valentines for lost loved ones. Di, Dell and Tad make cards for Dixie, Aidan makes a card for his family, Amanda creates a card for Babe. They attach the valentines to ballons, go outside and release them. Jamie brings Kathy to Tad, who picks the little girl up while she watches the balloons rise into the sky.

Next on All My Children:

Krystal finds out that JR was blackmailing Babe because of her secret; Erica walks in on Jack and Barbara kissing. Annie tells Ryan she is moving out!