At the hospital, Krystal breaks down when Jeff tells her Babe is gone. She asks Adam and then JR to fix this, to bring Babe back, but neither can do anything. Adam asks for a sedative but Jeff won't give her anything because of the pregnancy. Tad comes over to help Adam with Krystal. "I understand what it means to have your heart ripped out," he tells her. Krystal turns to Adam who holds her close. JR watches them, obviously torn up over Babe's death and struggling over what to do about Krystal's secret. Julia comes to take Krystal away. Jamie goes to JR, asking him to say something - anything! Does he want to see Babe? Jamie asks when JR turns away. JR's wanting to leave angers Josh, who sees it as another betrayal of Babe. Erica tries to calm Josh, asking him to go home with her, Bianca and Kendall. This only makes him more angry as he doesn't believe any of them are upset over Babe's death. "I am done with this whole damn town," he yells and leaves the room. Erica follows him. Across the room, Ryan confronts Kendall about her safety. He believes she is the only target left for the killer. "Ryan, stop trying to scare me, please!" she says. Ryan doesn't give up, he tells Kendall she can stand by Zach but if she does, she better leave Spike with him!

In a private hospital room, Tad and Adam continue trying to comfort Krystal. She is inconsolable, and Tad prepares to leave. Adam apologizes to him before he leaves. He believes he was too hard on Tad about Dixie's death, and he wonders how he can support Krystal now. "Just be with her," Tad tells him and leaves the room. Adam returns to her bedside. "I need to see my little girl," Krystal says. Adam walks with her to the room where Babe's body is. "Babe," she moans when she sees her daughter. She talks to Babe as if she is still there. With tears running down her face, Krystal tells Babe that she is the best thing Krystal ever did. Adam watches from across the room as Krystal takes Babe's hand and holds it close to her belly. "You'll always be sisters," she says. "My sweet Baby-Doll, sleep." Krystal kisses Babe goodbye and holds her close while she cries.

In the waiting room, Amanda is in tears. Julia offers to take her home and the two leave. Zoe is alone in the room, even though there are many people still waiting. Bianca comes back in, sees her alone and sits down. Upset, she tells Zoe that she never forgave Babe, and now it's too late. "It's never too late," Zoe assures her. Zoe tells Binks about the first time she met Babe. It was in a fitting room and she remembers that Babe was enchanting to her. Zoe explains that Babe loved Fusion and her friends and she gave Zoe hope for the future. Now Zoe isn't sure what will happen. Bianca offers to give Zoe a ride home, but she turns Bianca down. Her very own police officer is waiting to make sure she gets home safely.

At the casino apartment, Kendall breaks down. She knows she has to give Spike to Ryan for his own safety, and she isn't sure if she can do that. "It's too dangerous for Spike to be with me. I know," she tells him. Kendall pulls the killer's note from behind her pillow and shows it to Ryan. She tells Ryan to take Spike away, to protect him. Ryan tries to convince Kendall she needs protection, too. He believes she should leave Zach, but Kendall won't leave her husband when he needs her most! Kendall gets Spike ready to go as Ryan watches over them. As she hands the baby over to Ryan, Spike and Kendall both begin to cry. Before he can leave, Kendall asks Ryan to make her a promise: if she isn't around, tell Spike about her. Ryan promises. Kendall hands him her belt and asks Ryan to put it in Spike's crib. She closes the door and begins to cry.

At Wildwind, Amanda stuns Di and Dell with the news that Babe has been killed. "We always said we would see each other tomorrow," Amanda says, crying. She is just realizing that Babe won't there tomorrow or the next day. Jonathan comes in to comfort her. Di brings Amanda a blanket and Julia offers tea while Jonathan holds her close. Not wanting to be alone, Amanda asks Jonathan if they can stay downstairs for a while. Di and Dell offer to stay with her too. "You're not alone. We're your family," Di says.

At Josh's apartment he is furiously packing his things when Erica enters. She wants him to stay, and tries to convince him she understands his love for Babe. "I am so sorry for the pain you are going through right now," she says. Josh backs away from Erica. Babe is the only person in Pine Valley that he could have belonged to, the only person that didn't make him feel alone he tells her. Erica asks him to give his family another chance. "You're not alone," she says. Erica reaches out to Josh one more time, pulling him into a hug. He tries to hold back his tears but can't. Finally in control again, Josh kisses Erica and picks up his bags. He stops at the door, wanting to tell her something but he can't say anything. Quickly, Josh walks away.

At the Chandler mansion, JR tells Jamie he won't hit the bottle and he wants to be alone but Jamie won't leave him. Instead, Jamie asks what happened after the gala and JR tells him about confronting Babe and how she turned the tables on him. He tells Jamie that Babe wanted to handle things civilly, but he was too angry and he wanted to hurt her too much to listen to her. Remorseful over the things he said, JR tells Jamie the secret he was holding over her head doesn't matter anymore. JR picks up a container of scotch and hurls it across the room. "He took everything!" JR yells. Picking up a picture of Babe and little A, he tells Jamie that he never wanted Babe to die. Adam and Krystal arrive and Krystal and JR hug, each looking lost. Adam hugs JR, too, and asks how he is. "Hanging in," JR tells him. Jamie tells Krystal how sorry he is. Krystal picks up one of little Adam's toys, and decides to stop in to see him before going to bed. Before leaving the room she tells JR how happy Babe was that they were working their way back to one another. Julia calls Jamie, asking him if there is anything she can do, but there is nothing. Seeing JR staring out the window, Jamie goes to him. "Is this real," JR asks, not believing Babe could really be dead. "I'm sorry, JR, it's real," Jamie tells him. Jamie reaches out to JR, but can't console him.

Back at the hospital, Jack and Derek talk about the suspects. Zoe was alibied by the police officer, Jenkins was in custody and Kenny Adler was at a lawyer's conference. Aidan asks if the officer saw anything, but Derek tells him neither the officer or Zoe could provide a description of the attacker. Tad passes along Jamie's theory from Janet - that Hannah, Ethan's mother, could be a suspect. Tad believes they should ask Zach about Hannah, but no one can find him. They continue discussing the matter and decide to try to track down Hannah.

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Zach surprises Kendall with a romantic Valentine's getaway - to a bowling alley! Ryan and Annie give in to their feelings for one another.