In the parking garage of Chandler Enterprises, Zoe stops walking. She heard something, did her police guard? More yelling reaches them, and the two head downstairs. Meanwhile, in the upper level, the Satin Slayer places gardenias on Babe's chest, and ties a satin ribbon around her wrist. Zoe and the officer arrive and the officer gives chase, but loses the attacker! They call an ambulance and Zoe begs Babe to stay with her. Babe talks to Zoe. "Save my son," she says.

At the mental hospital, Jamie and Amanda wonder why Janet thinks Ethan's mother could be part of the plot. Jamie doesn't think anyone has even looked in to Ethan's mother because Alexander, Sr. spirited the woman away. Still, it's worth a shot. They should look into Hannah, Ethan's mother. Was Janet a help to them? Amanda tells her she was a big help. The two gather their things and get ready to leave. "I've always loved you," Janet tells Amanda. Babe is part of Amanda's family, and Janet is happy to help her, too. Before they can leave, Julia calls Jamie from the hospital, telling him about the attack on Babe. Janet tells Amanda she will pray for her friend; Amanda tells her mother she'll be back. "That's one prayer answered!"

At the police station, Josh confronts Jack - no one sets Erica off like he does! Derek comes out, telling them there has been another attack - it's Babe! The officers mobilize and Jack calls Tad at the pumphouse. Babe has been attacked! Tad, Ryan and Zach hurry away - their going to the pumphouse was a diversion! A few minutes later inside the parking garage, Derek and Jack question the police officer who accounts for Zoe's whereabouts. She was with him the whole time! He didn't get a look at the killer. Ryan and Aidan arrive at the parking garage; Derek tells them Babe is alive - for now! The authorities are more worried than ever. This time the killer didn't just kill a Fusion girl, he killed a bodyguard - a cop! - as well.

At the Chandler mansion, JR tells Adam to sit down - he has something to say! JR struggles with how to tell Adam the truth about Krystal's pregnancy, but can't just come out and say the words. "Just hit her hard and fast," Adam tells him, thinking JR is just mixed up about Babe. But things aren't that simple! It won't be just he and Babe that are hurt! Before he can say anything more, Krystal comes in in tears. Babe's been attacked! JR doesn't believe her and stays behind, believing it's a trick. Krystal pulls Adam from the room. They have to hurry to the hospital! Tad arrives a few minutes later, asking what's going on with JR. Why is he at home rather than at the hospital with his wife? She's fighting for her life! This is for real? Not a joke? Tad assures him it's true. They have to hurry!

At the casino apartment, Kendall is interrupted by Bianca, who is angry about Erica's surprise visit. Wait, what is Spike doing there? He should be with Ryan, where he is safe! Kendall walks away from Bianca, telling her she doesn't know what she is talking about. Spike is just as safe at the casino as he would be at Ryan's penthouse! Bianca won't let things drop. Kendall pushed Erica toward Bianca to get their mother out of her own hair, didn't she? And now Erica is having a field day with the fact that Bianca's friend is a woman hidden in a man's body. Why can't people see that her friendship with Zoe is just that? Not even Maggie believed her! Before Kendall can answer, Zach arrives, telling them about the attack on Babe.

At Sean's apartment, Erica is surprised by Barbara's appearance. Just how long is she going to be in Pine Valley, playing good-mother? Why doesn't she just take on someone her own size - like Erica? Barbara brings up their past rivalry over Jack and Trevor, bringing up Erica's hackles. Sean listens from outside the room and interrupts the women before they can really get going. He hugs Erica, much to Barbara's dismay. Lilly comes in to give them the news - there's been another attack, but she doesn't know who was hurt. Sean and Erica hurry out. Left alone, Barbara tries to talk to Lilly about Jack and Erica's marriage. Lilly is obviously nervous around Barbara, but the woman won't leave her alone. Instead, she enlists Lilly's help to find ways to help Jack "relax"!

Outside the hospital room, Zoe watches the doctors work on Babe. Josh arrives and tries to force his way inside but Jeff Martin pushes him out. Krystal and Adam arrive, asking for an update and watch the doctors work from outside the room. Krystal begins to flash back to happier times. At the hospital desk, Zoe tells Josh about JR's plan. JR told her she should have died instead of Dixie! He's also got some kind of blackmail over her, but Zoe isn't sure what it is. Moments later, JR and Tad arrive. Josh tries to confront JR, but Tad interrupts them. Adam tells JR that Babe is alive but critical and pulls him away. Bianca, Kendall and Zach arrive. Learning Zoe was there soon after the attack, Tad pulls Zoe away to ask question her. Josh goes on the attack, this time against Zach. He could have saved the women - all he had to do was leave town! "If I thought it would have made a difference I would have left," Zach says. But Josh doesn't believe it. Zach should be in that hospital room, not Babe! Zach leaves the waiting area and Josh tells Kendall she has to leave her husband. Erica arrives, thankful Kendall and Bianca are safe. Erica immediately tries to convince Kendall to leave the country - she and Bianca will come with her! Kendall interrupts. She isn't going anywhere. She's staying with Zach! Bianca tells Josh about Babe's heart problems, causing Josh even more stress. Seeing him, Adam confronts Josh. He has no reason to be there! "I would enjoy nothing more than grinding you to nothing," Adam says as Josh walks away. Jamie and Amanda arrive and JR tells his brother he thought it was a trick; Julia comes over to comfort Jamie. Zoe talks to Amanda, who is sure Babe will make it through. The two bond over their friendship with Babe.

Jeff comes out to update the crowd. They can't seem to stabilize Babe, he leaves for the cardiology lab and Josh follows. Jack arrives, along with Ryan and Aidan and Ryan immediately confronts Kendall. What has she done with Spike? Kendall assures him Spike is safe - he's guarded by a nanny and has tons of security at the casino. It isn't enough - it wasn't just Babe that was hurt. Her bodyguard was attacked as well! The news stuns Kendall. Across the room, Jack asks Zoe what Babe talked about before the paramedics took her away, but Zoe can't remember anything except Babe wanting little Adam to be protected. Josh and Jeff come back in, arguing over whether or not Josh can be in the operating room. They need to implant a pacemaker to safe Babe's life, and Jeff doesn't want Josh to be there. Erica assure Josh that Jeff will take care of Babe. The orderlies roll Babe out and Krystal kisser her, telling Babe to stay strong for little Adam. As they wheel Babe way, Josh follows. Everyone else in the waiting room settles in to wait for news. From outside the operating room, they hear Josh yelling. "You didn't have to stop! You didn't have to stop!" Jeff pushes him from the room and Josh unleashes his anger on JR. "Are you happy now? Babe is dead!"

Next on All My Children:

Krystal breaks down over Babe's death; Erica tries to comfort Josh. Ryan begs Kendall to protect Spike - by letting Ryan take him home!