At the Chandler mansion, Josh tries to get inside, but Krystal won't allow it. Josh tells Krystal that Babe is in trouble and he wants to help; when he hears JR is at the office, Josh runs off. Krystal immediately calls Babe, who assures her everything is fine. When Adam comes in, Krystal is still angry with Josh. Babe is through with him. Why can't he just leave her alone? Adam doesn't buy it and tells Krystal about the evidence that JR has been collecting against Babe. The news angers Krystal. Who does JR think he is? Adam tries to explain to Krystal that JR was only hurt and wanted to make sure Babe was back on the straight and narrow. He's sorry he kept things from her, but he needed to give his son support. That ends, now, though. He'll never keep another secret from her. Can she forgive him? Krystal rubs her pregnant belly, thinking about her own secrets. "It's not as if I haven't kept some deep, dark secrets from you, too," she says. What secret? She can tell him anything! Krystal struggles for a moment before telling him that she kept Babe and Josh's affair a secret - she knew long before she told him. Adam doesn't care, she told him when he asked. Does she think they can do this - live together without secrets or lies?

At the police department, Jack and Derek discuss the case. They should keep Jenkins as long as they can, just in case; Derek assures Jack he is also keeping an eye on Kenny Adler and Zarf and leaves. Erica approaches Jack. She is more worried about Bianca and Kendall than ever - and not just because of the murders! Jack tells Erica he's a little too busy for her personal problems, what with the Satin Slayer on the loose and all. Erica stops him cold when she tells him about Emma's paternity. Jack listens and then assures Erica that things will work out. The police are keeping an eye on things and the girls - and Josh - will be fine. He is more worried about Sean. Hearing about Sean and Barbara makes Erica worry. Could Barbara be infringing on her space? A phone call interrupts them and Jack asks her to meet him later at their apartment to discuss things more. Later, at Jack's apartment, Erica is surprised to find Barbara inside!

At the mental hospital, Jamie and Amanda wait to see Janet. They realize it's a long shot, but Janet may be able to help them profile the killer! Janet can't believe who she is seeing, and Amanda is obviously uncomfortable in her mother's presence. Jamie tells Janet they need her help, and Amanda fills her in on the murders. Worried, Janet asks if Amanda is in danger. She isn't, but Babe is. Janet recalls Babe being a good mother to little A and tells Amanda she is the best daughter she could have asked for - can Amanda forgive her? Amanda ignores the question, asking one of her own instead. Can Janet help them profile the Satin Slayer? Janet tells them she isn't that person anymore and she doesn't want to return to that place. Crying, Janet finally agrees to help. The killer could be like her - off medication or something. She didn't want to kill anyone, she only wanted the best for Amanda. Jamie interrupts: this killer wants to kill. He hates Zach! Janet asks how they know the killer is motivated by hate; he or she could be motivated by love, twisted though it may be. When she was killing, Janet tells them she didn't understand that people could be hurt or killed by her actions. The Satin Slayer could be the same way. He may not realize he is killing people in his quest. Janet begins talking about Ethan and her regret over killing Zach's child. It's a lightbulb moment - could Ethan's mother blame Zach for Ethan's death?

Inside JR's office, he reacts angrily to Zoe's kiss. Zoe holds him back from Babe saying, "I still have enough testosterone to take you!" JR escapes Zoe's grasp as Babe's picture is sent to her lawyer. JR becomes even more angry when Babe throws his own lies in his face. Zoe completes their plan, telling JR she will tell the tabloids that JR has been begging she and Babe into a three-some if he takes his picture public! Babe tells JR she won't use the picture if he agrees to settle things quietly. Josh bursts in, ruining any chance Babe might have had to convince JR not to use the pictures. Josh asks what JR is holding over Babe's head, but Babe won't tell him. Neither will Zoe and JR keeps twisting the knife. "Tick-tock, Babe," he repeats. Zoe tells Josh to leave and they do, reluctantly, together. Alone once more, Babe tells JR she will return the Chandler shares and share custody with him. No way! JR won't share anything with her. "You take down my mother, I will take you down just as hard!" Babe exclaims. JR calls her bluff - he can handle anything she throws at him. Babe gives him one last chance and JR doesn't take it. Seeing she won't get through to him, Babe leaves. Alone once more, JR flashes back to Dixie's dying request. It's time to go home! At the mansion, JR interrupts Adam and Krystal who have agreed on the No Secrets Policy. "That should work well," JR says sarcastically. Adam tells him the rules: anything JR says to his father will be told to Krystal; anything Babe says to Krystal will be shared with Adam. They don't want any more personal information about JR's marriage, either. Can he live with that much honesty? JR asks Krystal if he and Adam can speak alone. Before Dixie died, she told JR something and it's time Adam knew!

At the casino apartment, Ryan and Kendall argue over custody of Spike. Kendall wants to keep her son with her - and away from Annie. Ryan only wants to keep the boy safe. Can't Kendall see she and Zach are both targets? Spike will be safer with him! Kendall disagrees - the casino is a fortress. No one can get to her, Zach or Spike there! When Ryan asks for his help, Zach backs Kendall up, saying this is her decision and he'll stand by her. Kendall brings up Emma - this is retaliation isn't it? Tad arrives, interrupting the argument. The killer wants a face to face meeting with Ryan! Zach can't believe what the two men did, but he likes the plan. Seeing the faxed note, Kendall realizes Jenkins can't be the killer. They are still in danger! Ryan, Tad and Zach prepare to leave to meet the killer and Kendall stops them. They can't go, this is what the police are for! Zach grabs a gun as Ryan tells Kendall they'll finish their discussion when he returns. Zach takes Kendall in his arms, assuring her he'll be right back before leaving with the others. Josh arrives a few minutes later, angry over JR and Babe. Kendall doesn't really care and tells Josh so! Zach, Ryan and even Tad are in huge danger - that's more important than him misplacing Babe! Josh storms out. A guard knocks on the door with a note for Kendall. It was left at the front door! Kendall opens the note which reads, "Leave him or you die"!

At the pump house, Tad and Zach wait in darkened areas while Ryan enters the main room. Ryan paces about, waiting for the killer to arrive. He looks outside but sees nothing, and settles in to wait.

Outside JR's office, Josh and Zoe are waiting for Babe. She doesn't wait for them, but heads for the parking garage alone. Josh and Zoe catch up and Josh continues his questioning. He wants to help her, can't she see that? Zoe interrupts. The best way to help is to back off! Babe tells Josh the last thing she needs is his help; his being around is making things worse for her. Just leave her alone! Finally seeing she is serious, Josh leaves, telling Babe she can call on him for anything. Zoe hugs her, making Babe feel a little better. Zoe leaves and Babe's bodyguard takes her to the car. The guard, Max, disappears and Babe gets out of the car. Max has collapsed! Frightened, Babe backs away and a mysterious figure grabs her! Babe screams and tries to fight, but the stranger is too powerful. He pulls a needle from a pocket, along with a white satin ribbon and plunges it into her neck!

Next on All My Children:

Zoe and the police officer arrive but aren't in time to save Babe from her attacker; Tad tells JR that Babe has been attacked. Doctors work frantically to save Babe's life.