At the park, Babe tries to give the "homeless" person some money. The stranger pulls a needle from a pocket! Before he or she can do anything, Zoe and the police officer return. The officer advises Babe not to trust anyone in light of the recent killings. The officer leaves and Babe wonders how she can choose between her mother and her son. Krystal would sacrifice herself if Babe could keep little A, but Babe doesn't want that. She can't take JR to court, too many others could be hurt! Realizing Babe is worried about more than her mother and child, Zoe is shocked. JR is threatening Babe with Zoe, isn't he? Reluctantly Babe tells her about the pictures. They both realize the brilliance of JR's plan, but Zoe believes they can use JR's own secrets against him. But JR's secrets are well-known! Smiling, Zoe tells Babe that since JR's secrets are already well-known, they should give him a new secret. One he'll have to keep under wraps! Maybe they should take their own picture of JR! Babe loves the idea, but worries it will be humiliating for her. Zoe assures her it isn't; they are friends. Ready to put their plan in action, Zoe and Babe part company.

At the police station, Zach erupts in anger. Overturning chairs and tables and grabbing Jenkins by the throat! Jack and Derek come in, breaking off Zach's attack. What was he thinking? They send Zach away and prepare to continue questioning the nurse.

At Josh's apartment, Erica barges in with an announcement: the family is going on a cruise and her children better get on board! Josh tells Erica a cruise is a big mistake - they'll kill each other! Bianca pipes up, telling Erica that Kendall won't go; she won't leave Zach. Josh doesn't want to go either, feeling that Babe is still in danger. Learning that Maggie is headed back to Paris, Erica tries to push Bianca into agreement. Bianca sees through the plan: Erica only wants to keep her away from Zoe and Josh away from Babe! Annoyed, Erica wonders why they think of her as a "meddling monster". She is only trying to protect her children! Learning that Zoe is living in Josh's apartment, Erica is stunned! Zoe enters, excited to finally meet The Great Erica Kane. She is such a stylish and dignified woman and has been an inspiration to Zoe. Erica is flattered by Zoe's words. When she begins talking about Erica's books, she is even more flattered. Zoe heads to her room and Erica tells Bianca she may have misjudged the girl. She's going to step back and reassess because Zarf is all man. Bianca is attracted to a man! Bianca gets a little freaked - because she likes Zoe doesn't mean she isn't gay! Erica assures Bianca that she understands Bianca is gay, but there are many people who "go both ways"! Zoe reenters, in full Zoe gear. She is on a mission. Assuring Bianca and Josh she is ready to appear in public and everything is under control, she leaves. Bianca tells Erica she is glad her mother finally met the real Zoe. Erica is taken aback by Zoe's transformation from Zarf. "My children have all lost their minds," Erica says as she leaves. Josh hurries out after her, wanting to find Babe.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam and Krystal join JR, telling him about Charlotte's trust fund. The baby is a millionaire, and she hasn't even been born yet! JR is not thrilled with the news - isn't this a bit sudden? Adam assures JR that nothing will change regarding his own inheritance, but JR remains leery of the plan. Adam and Krystal get frisky on the couch and JR is unnerved by their display of affection. Babe calls him, telling him she wants to meet. JR suggests his office and hangs up. Adam leaves to have the wheelchair put in the car and Krystal tries to mother JR. He has made such improvements and she is proud of him! Once they are alone, Adam and Krystal practice Lamaze exercises. Adam coaches her in the breathing exercises, but Krystal feels silly. She doesn't need this, she didn't use it when Babe was born. The nurse tells her geriatric pregnancies can be tough, and Krystal takes offense. "Are you calling me old?"

At the Fusion offices, Ryan and Tad put their plan in action. Ryan is going to reach out to the killer - just as the killer reached out to him! The killer has been listening all this time, now they can catch him because of his eavesdropping. On the same page, both men go inside and begin arguing over Zach. Ryan checks to make sure the bug is still in place and tells anyone listening he'll do anything to protect Kendall - even removing Zach from the picture. Permanently! If the killer targeted Zach, Ryan would stand back and watch! Tad questions Ryan's motives, but he keeps talking. What if Zach has a "little accident". They could blame the Satin Slayer and get away with murder! Tad tells Ryan he's going to forget the meeting ever took place and pretends to leave the office. At the elevator, Tad crosses his fingers for Ryan, who takes the elevator down. Tad returns inside, where he studies a picture of Simone. A fax arrives from the killer - telling Ryan to meet him at the pump house!

At the penthouse, Kendall barges in telling Annie she wants Spike - but Emma has a different idea! Her brother Spike should stay with their daddy! Annie sends Emma out of the room and Kendall goes on the attack. Emma will never have Spike as a full-time brother, she's taking him home! Annie tries to convince Kendall to leave Spike with her, he'll be safer there. Angry that Annie considers Spike a part of her family, Kendall tells her that Spike is her child. Hers! She leaves. Ryan arrives as Annie is trying to reach him on the phone; Emma hurries in, telling him Spike is gone! "Those damn Kane women were here all day," Annie exclaims. Ryan is angry that Kendall took Spike and leaves to straighten her out!

Back at the casino apartment, Zach remembers his father comforting him after Amelia's death. Kendall arrives with Spike, angering Zach. "You're taking him back to the penthouse - right now!" he says. Kendall tells Zach they are safe. Jenkins is in custody and Spike is staying with them. Zach tells Kendall they don't have any evidence against Jenkins, and tells her they can't put Spike in danger just because she is jealous of Annie! Zach tells her that he pushed every button of Jenkins' he can think of and the man didn't react. Jenkins wants to take care of Zach - because he is Amelia's kid! Zach doesn't believe he is the killer, and that means Kendall is still in danger. Kendall doesn't care. She is keeping Spike! Ryan arrives, demanding Spike - or he'll take Kendall to court!

Meanwhile, Babe is waiting for JR at his office. Before she tells him her decision, Babe wants JR to understand something: she isn't cheating on him and she really wanted to make things work. What's more, she is done letting JR trounce all over her feelings. She's ready. "Let's get divorced!" Babe suggests joint custody for little A, but JR won't negotiate. He will convince a judge that Babe coerced his shares of Chandler enterprises, and coerced him into signing away custody, and he's certain that a judge will believe his story, especially after he shows the pictures of Babe and Zarf! If Babe gives JR what he wants no one will get hurt - not his father, her mother or their son! A knock at the door interrupts them. It's Zoe! She pulls JR into a kiss as Babe snaps their picture!

Next on All My Children:

Amanda and Jamie visit Janet; Tad tells Ryan the killer wants a face-to-face meeting. Babe turns the tables on JR!