At the park, Maggie lays a passionate kiss on Bianca, upsetting her. The kiss was a mistake. Maggie was her best friend, her lover, but Bianca's family needs her now. Maggie being around feels like pressure. In tears, Bianca tells Maggie she still loves her but she can't take the pressures that Maggie brings to the table. She needs time alone! Bianca walks away, but stops when Maggie brings up Zoe. It's Zoe's fault they aren't getting back together. Angry that Maggie would even bring Zoe up, Bianca tells her about her New Year's fling. Zoe has nothing to do with their breakup, she has changed and that is all thanks to Maggie! Maggie breaks down when she hears about the fling because that is out of the ordinary. Maybe Bianca really has changed. What is Maggie supposed to do? Bianca tells her that going back to Paris is the only thing she can do. Can they at least call? Bianca isn't up for calls, but an email would be okay. The two hug and Maggie walks away. Alone, Bianca lets her tears fall.

Meanwhile, Erica arrives at Ryan's penthouse, annoyed to find Annie there - alone - with Spike. What does the woman think she is doing? Annie won't get Ryan - or his child! Annie shocks Erica when she tells her she already has Ryan's child! Erica takes Spike, thinking Annie is talking about him, and is even more shocked when Annie tells her Emma is Ryan's biological child. Erica doesn't believe it for a second, but Annie has a good time rubbing the other woman's nose in the news. She has just as much right to Ryan as Kendall! Erica calls Annie a desperate girl, and tells her not to draw up any family trees just yet before slamming out of the penthouse.

JR arrives at Josh's apartment to confront Babe, but finds only Zarf inside with his nemesis. Learning Babe has again ditched her bodyguards and JR doesn't know where she is, Josh and Zarf confront him. How could he leave Babe alone? Zarf calls Babe. Is she okay? Babe assures Zarf she is fine and suggests they meet at the park a little later. Josh confronts JR - what did he do this time to make Babe run? JR leaves rather than answer, but not before giving Josh a message - tick, tock! Time is running out for Babe. Josh asks Zoe where she is going to meet Babe - because he is going instead! Zarf/zoe won't let Josh go, especially after learning of the kiss at the gala. Josh is likely the last person Babe will want to see. As Zarf is leaving, Bianca arrives. Josh tells her about the kiss and JR's reaction. "JR isn't the one who's stupid, Josh. It's you!" she says. Why should JR forgive Babe for repeatedly cheating on him? Josh brings up Maggie, but Bianca cuts him off. Maggie has nothing to do with this! Josh surprises - and shocks - Bianca when he tells her the kiss was a goodbye. Babe was leaving him for JR, but rather than taking her back, JR has dumped her. JR has killed anything between them. Bianca tries to comfort Josh, who doesn't want to listen. He believes JR will hurt Babe. Bianca tells Josh to let it drop; he doesnt have to protect Babe because JR isn't going to hurt her.

Outside Kendall and Zach's casino apartment, a gloved hand opens a door to spy on Babe, who has come to get answers from Kendall - what does she know about JRs plans? Kendall tells Babe about JR's camera scheme. Her marriage was already tanked and Babe just didn't know it! Kendall wonders if JR really gunning for Babe, who assures her he is. But not to worry, he hasn't hit the bottle and doesn't seem murderous at this point! Kendall surprises Babe by asking if she can help. Babe leaves, telling Kendall there is nothing anyone can do. Erica arrives, shocked to see Babe leaving Kendall's. Before Kendall can say a word about Babe's arrival, Erica tells her she is a fool for telling Ryan anything! Kendall tells Erica not to blame her, to blame Josh instead. He's the one who drugged Zach, letting the cat out of the bag. Seeing a motive to get rid of Zach, Erica tries to convince Kendall that Ryan is where her life lies, not Zach! His telling Ryan and Josh anything was only to hurt Kendall! Annie is taking her place, and it's all because of Zach. Upset with Erica, Kendall tells her mother that Zach is her life; they will make a family. Besides, doesn't Erica have enough on her plate - divorcing Jack, Bianca's interest in a male-rockstar-crossdressing-lesbian and Josh's unending interest in Babe? Angry that Kendall isn't listening to her, and a little piqued to learn of Bianca and Josh's problems, Erica slams out of the apartment!

At the police station, Jack continues questioning Jenkins, though things seem to be at a standstill. Zach arrives, and volunteers to go one on one with the nurse! Inside, Zach pulls a picture of Amelia from his wallet. He wants only one thing from Jenkins: his mother back. "Can you give her to me?" he asks. Jenkins tells Zach about the first time he met Amelia - she was doing needlepoint in the garden. Did he love her? Jenkins admits he did love Amelia, and she loved him. Did she also love his father? Jenkins tells Zach she loved him, in her way, but he doesn't believe Alexander, Sr. ever loved Amelia. She was a plaything to him. Zach asks why Jenkins is in Pine Valley now. "For you, of course," Jenkins says. He knows Amelia had plans for he and Michael. First, to get them out of the house and then for both to grow up to be happy adults. Seeing how Michael grew up would have broken her heart; it would have broken her heart, too, to learn of Zach's early death. He came to Pine Valley to make sure Zach would have a better life! Zach tells Jenkins he pushed Amelia, he killed her, but Jenkins disagrees. It wasn't Zach, it was Alexander, Sr!

Outside the interrogation room, Ryan and Tad go over crime scene photos. Ryan asks Tad if Jenkins is capable of the murders but Tad doesn't have an answer. All they know is that the killer is isolated and watching them. Ryan tells Tad he has a plan that he thinks could work to draw the killer out.

At the Chandler mansion, JR and little Adam play together. Once JR is better he promises they will play a lot more. Just the two of them. Over chocolate chip cookies, they bond. JR becomes sad when he realizes the cookies don't have nuts; only Dixie made them that way.

At the park, Babe tells Zarf that JR wished she had died rather than Dixie. She is a fool for ever believing in him! She has to make an impossible choice - her mother or her son. How can she do that? Zarf offers help - money, lawyers, anything she needs. How about a devious little plan? JR is blackmailing Babe, why shouldn't she blackmail him right back? Zarf heads off to find coffee, leaving Babe alone. A homeless person approaches her. "Can I help you?" she asks.

Back at the penthouse, Emma comes downstairs, excited to learn that Ryan is her daddy! How did that happen? Annie tries to explain but Emma doesn't understand. She doesn't care anyway, why don't they just live happily ever after? A knock on the door interrupts them. It's Kendall - and she is there for Spike!

Next on All My Children:

Erica wants to know when Bianca became attracted to a man! Emma tells Kendall that Spike needs to stay with them; Ryan comes up with a plan to draw out the killer.