At the Chandler mansion, JR asks Babe for a decision - will she sign over custody of little Adam or risk her mother's future? In shock, Babe tells JR she loves him and wants to work things out. "I'm divorcing you!" JR tells her. Babe can't believe what she is hearing and wonders if JR has hit the bottle again. Smiling, he tells her he is perfectly sober, seeing his wife her kissing Josh - again - opened his eyes! Babe tries to convince him it was a goodbye kiss and JR agrees - she just kissed her life goodbye! Defending her actions, Babe tries to convince JR that Josh understands now that she wants JR and little Adam. JR doesn't listen and brings up New Year's Eve. He tells her he saw everything - on camera! Stunned, Babe gives up trying to explain her actions. He can have the divorce - but he won't get little Adam! JR tells her to sign the document or he'll run her through the mud - she brought Zoe in to the house, she had an affair with Josh. And JR has one more moment caught on tape: his interview with Zoe in jail. It will convince a judge of his right to custody. Brokenhearted, Babe realizes all of JR's moves over the past few weeks have been an act. He never wanted to start over! "I will fight for my son!" she exclaims. JR dares her to try it because if she does Babe will be left with less than nothing. Finished with fighting, JR leaves Babe alone to come to a decision. Without thinking about it, Babe rips the paper into tiny pieces! She follows JR upstairs and throws the scraps of paper in his face. More angry than ever because she isn't caving in, JR tells her he wishes she would have been killed instead of his mother. Dixie's death is Babe's fault! Babe tells JR she is glad she kissed Josh because it finally led to the truth. She slams out of the room. Alone downstairs, Babe cries over JR's betrayal.

Still at the gala, Kendall tries to help Zach pull memories from his mind, but he doesn't want to remember! Zach picks up a vase and tosses it at the wall! Kendall follows suit, picking up plates and cups and smashing them on the floor. "Throw 'em!" she says, making Zach smile. Her next suggestion - burning down his childhood home - makes him smile, too. But he doesn't want to burn the house down. His father hurt his mother, ruined his brother Michael. He can feel the Cambias Curse, bringing him down, too. He wants to leave Kendall in order to keep her safe. Kendall assures him she doesn't believe in the curse and kisses him to seal the deal. She believes in them - only them! Returning home, they make love. When they wake Kendall tells Zach she can't wait to have their baby. Nervous, Zach nixes that idea. With the danger in Pine Valley, it isn't right. Kendall understands his fears, but she wants to move forward with their lives. When this is all over, it will be just the two of them, she promises. They make love again, both ready to move on.

Ryan arrives home from the gala to find Annie asleep on the couch. He covers her with a blanket and she wakes up. Ryan updates Annie, and wonders where Jenkins was when his sister and Simone were killed and Dani was attacked. They talk for a bit and Annie shows him a Valentine's costume she is making for Emma. Ryan offers to help, but is taken aback when Annie tells him she may move to Wildwind. She has come to a decision about Emma! Though she isn't used to sharing Emma, she wants Emma to know Ryan is her father.
"Congratulations, Dad," she says! Ryan pulls Annie into a bear hug. This doesn't change anything - she wants to be friends, but she doesn't want Emma to get the wrong idea. That is why she needs to move. Ryan tells her he agrees, but he doesn't really. He wants to move forward with Annie, to see if they can build a real relationship. Ryan doesn't know that Annie feels the same way: both of them want to move forward with their relationship but neither will say the words!

At Wildwind, Julia asks Jamie what is really on his mind. Reluctantly, he tells her what he and JR saw between Babe and Josh. Jamie doesn't know what he can do to help JR through this and wonders if Babe's actions will send him back over the edge. Julia comforts Jamie: he'll do what he can, when he can and it will be enough for his brother. The two go to bed but realize they aren't alone - Kathy is there! She's seen a monster and wants to join them. Jamie comes up with a story to fight the monster. Tennis racket in hand, Kathy and Jamie return to her room to fight the monsters! Happy, Julia watches them leave. Jamie returns and begins to make love to Julia - but once more, they aren't alone. Kathy has returned because the tennis racket only works when he is in the room! Jamie and Julia finally get to bed, with Kathy asleep between them.

Next on All My Children:

Erica confronts Annie about Emma's paternity; Josh confronts JR about Babe's safety. A needle-wielding stranger approaches Babe!