Outside the gala, JR and Jamie watch as Babe and Josh kiss! Unable to stand another betrayal, JR begins to walk away. Jamie tells his brother he wants to help, but JR won't let him. Inside the enclosed porch, Josh tells Babe he knows this is goodbye - forever! Babe pauses at the door. She thanks him for loving and understanding her; she will never forget what he did. Josh stands quietly, watching her leave.

Meanwhile inside the gala Zach, Aidan and Ryan burst through the terrace door as the stranger approaches Kendall! Tad calls the police as the stranger says, "You're not her?" Angry, Zach asks how the stranger knew Amelia, but the man doesn't answer. They take him inside and continue shooting questions at the man, who can't answer. Derek and Jack arrive as JR comes in to the room. What are they doing with Jenkins? JR introduces them to Raymond Jenkins, his nurse! Zach remembers Jenkins from when he was a boy. The man wanted to run away with Amelia. Finally able to speak, Jenkins tells Zach he didn't hurt his mother - and he wouldn't hurt Zach, either. "I did not kill anyone!" Jenkins says. Babe arrives; JR tells her someone has been living a lie. Does she know who? Without waiting for an answer he tells her Jenkins is a suspect in the murders. As Josh enters, JR asks Jamie to take him home. Derek and Jack begin asking more questions and
Jenkins explains that he waited for Amelia that day but she never came to him. Derek and Jack take Jenkins away against Zach's wishes. He wants to question the man! Kenny steps up beside Kendall, wondering if he is finally off the hook. Befuddled by Jenkins and Kenny's question, Kendall stays quiet. The partygoers begin leaving but Ryan waits. Kendall takes her annoyance out on him, telling him to leave and take care of their son. Kendall finds Zach alone on the terrace. Seeing Jenkins has brought back memories from his childhood - arguing and fighting. It wasn't Jenkins voice he heard, though, it was his father!

Babe, JR and Jamie arrive at the Chandler manse. Babe is upset that Jenkins had access to the entire house. JR asks Jamie to leave, telling him he is in control. He won't grab a bottle or go after Babe. Alone in the room, JR flashes back to Babe kissing Josh, and a plan begins to take shape. JR tells Babe he won't tell Adam or Tad about Krystal's baby. The news would break Adam's heart and destroy his marriage. Tad has his hands full looking for Kate. It will be better all around if he just keeps quiet. There is only one way he'll tell Adam and Tad the truth, and it's entirely up to Babe! Confused, Babe isn't sure how to react. JR begins writing down instructions: either Babe signs away custody of little Adam or JR blows the whistle on Krystal's secret!

Tad arrives at the police station, demanding to be let in on the interrogation of Jenkins. He'll stay quiet, he promises Jack, but he knows the Cambias family history and he'll know if Jenkins is lying. Jack gives in and Tad joins in the questioning. Jenkins purports his innocence, telling them he met Zach once as a child, and remembers him as a sweet boy. He admits to being Amelia's lover. Derek leaves the interrogation room to speak with Ryan. As they listen to the questioning, Tad suggests coffee and a sandwich for Jenkins and quickly begins questioning him - again - about his relationship with the Cambias family. Outside, Derek tells Ryan he hopes they have the right man this time.

Aidan, Amanda, Di, Dell and Jonathan arrive back at Wildwind, certain that Jenkins is the culprit. Aidan tries to be the voice of reason, but they won't listen. More upset than ever, Di leaves the room. Julia comes in and Aidan explains nothing that has been done to the other women can be traced back to Jenkins. Jamie arrives and Jonathan explodes. If nothing can be traced to Jenkins, how will they bring him to justice? Jamie and Aidan are alone in their belief that Jenkins could be innocent - the man looked upset at the party, not murderous. Di returns and asks them about David Hayward. There is nothing new on the doctor. Unable to come up with answers, the group disperses, leaving Jamie and Julia alone. Rather that telling her about what he and JR saw, Jamie kisses Julia passionately!

At Bianca's, she invites Zoe over to apologize. Will Zoe stay, so they can get to know one another better? Bianca feels like she knows a lot about Zoe, knowing she is a woman in a man's body, but feels she doesn't know anything about the woman herself. Zoe opens up. She is just an ordinary girl from Indiana. Zarf is simply a persona that is wearing thin. Zoe feels she has lost track of herself along the Zarf trip - like the fake English accent she can't shake and isn't sure what parts of herself are really real. Binks asks if Zoe will start taking the estrogen. Zoe tells Bianca she bought the estrogen on the street, not from a doctor and Bianca can't believe it. That's dangerous! Zoe tries to explain she is afraid of taking that final step; all she can think about is New Year's Eve when she tried to pull off a rock-star-in-drag joke. What will people think? How can she keep this to herself? Bianca tells Zoe about the New Year's Eve when she came out to Erica. It was a hard step, but in the long run it was the right move. Josh bursts in to the room, angry and asking for Scotch. He tells them about Jenkins. Zoe makes a quick exit, realizing Josh and Bianca need a few minutes alone. Seeing that Zoe has gone, Josh tells Bianca he finally said goodbye to Babe. Bianca tries to comfort him; she has felt that ache that he feels. The feelings aren't the same for Josh - his feelings are for Babe's safety. Josh thinks JR will hurt Babe!

Next on All My Children:

Kendall tells Zach she wants to have his baby; Annie makes a decision about Ryan and Emma. JR tells Babe he wants a divorce - and his son!