Dixie jolts awake at home after a dream about the woman with the B bracelet. Tad enters her room to console her. She wants to talk to David about who his other patients are, but Tad doesn’t think anyone should ever talk to David again. Dixie just wants to bring David's other two patients home. Tad agrees to help her.

Liza visits David at the police department. He assumes she's there as his lawyer, but she declares she's not taking his case. David is taken aback because she's always been there for him, but she tells him she's not that person anymore. She's not giving up on him though. She'll root for him on the sidelines that he'll actually learn something. Dixie and Tad show up as Liza leaves. Dixie pointblank asks if David has Babe. He thinks they are jumping to conclusions. Besides, he doesn't owe them anything. Dixie is grateful for him saving her life and urges him to help save another one: JR. David is unfazed by hearing of JR's problems. Besides, he wouldn't save his daughter just to let JR destroy her again. Tad appeals to him on Babe and Krystal's behalf. David and Tad exchange heated words and Brot enters to tell Dixie and Tad to leave.

Tad and Dixie return home. Dixie is frustrated they didn't get any information out of David, but Tad thinks they still make a good team. He tells her she's the love of his life. She always has been and always will be. He was reminded how good they are together and wants more. Dixie kisses him and they head upstairs to the bedroom.

Maya talks with Colby at Krystal's. She doesn’t know how to leave Angie and Jesse with Lucy. Colby suggests she do it quickly. Caleb and Asher enter talking about a fishing trip they're going on. Colby sees them and Caleb leaves the kids to talk. Asher tells Colby he and Caleb are getting along, but it's weird. He says he has a meeting to get to and Colby asks what he's doing after. He's got a lot of work to do. Asher leaves, as Liza walks in. Colby asks if Maya and Lucy can move in with them. Liza agrees, but knows how hard it will be for Angie and Jesse.

Jesse finds Angie folding laundry at home. They talk about Maya and Lucy leaving before Angie gets a chance to actually see her. Jesse remains positive that she will get her sight back. He will always believe in her whether she forgives him for what he's done or not. David's name is brought up. Angie says she wants to talk to David because she wants to bring Babe back to Krystal if she's really alive. Maya returns to find Jesse and Angie sitting with Lucy. Maya tells them she and Lucy are moving out today. Despite Jesse's appeal for her to stay, Angie knows it's better if Maya makes a clean break. Angie says a tearful goodbye to Lucy as Jesse painfully watches. Maya returns to the room to collect her daughter and leaves. Angie tries to remain strong and looks for a distraction. She decides to pay David a visit. Jesse doesn't understand why she needs to do this. She just needs to make something good come out of everything that's happened. She cries as she says how badly it hurts. Jesse consoles her, as Frankie drives up to take Angie to the jail.

Angie visits David, who wonders if she's seen any light yet. She hasn't, but hopes he's about to.

Maya returns to Krystal's with Lucy. Liza invites her to stay with her and Colby. Maya is grateful, but promises it will just be temporary. Asher returns, as Maya leaves and Liza sits with Caleb, who was flirting with her earlier. Colby tells Asher she doesn’t want to give up on what they were starting. Asher doesn’t either. He really missed her. He reveals that he's going back to school and is taking the same classes that she is, which isn't necessarily a coincidence. Across the room, Caleb and Liza make plans to go on a date.

Jesse visits Ellie's grave and tells her they had to give Lucy up today. He says it was just as hard losing Lucy as it was losing her. He cries as Liza walks by and sees him.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Tad advises Jesse not to give up on Angie.

Cara gives David surprising news.

JR considers leaving Pine Valley.

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