At the Fusion offices, Annie confronts Kendall. Why did Kendall keep the secret about Emma? Kendall doesn't answer, instead picking up the phone to begin party plans. Annie hangs up Kendall's phone! Kendall kept Ryan from Emma - on purpose! Kendall fights back: Annie didn't want to know about the father and Ryan donated his sperm anonymously. It wasn't her secret to tell, so she didn't say anything. Trying to turn the tables on Annie, Kendall reminds her of the killer on the loose, doesn't she care about anyone's safety? Annie ignores Kendall's question and keeps asking her why she kept things quiet. Kendall will only say that keeping quiet was her way of giving Annie peace of mind. Annie turns to leave and Kendall puts in one last shot - what's the plan for Emma? Angry, Annie leaves without saying another word.

At the penthouse, Ryan comforts a sick Emma with a "doctor" teddy bear. It's his first act as her dad! Emma tells Ryan that her tummy started hurting after a mean boy laughed at her. Ryan's advice - laugh right back at the mean boy. They practice laughing and Emma soon feels better; he takes Emma back to school.

Bianca arrives at Josh's apartment and finds out Zoe is living there. Angry, Bianca asks if Zarf/Zoe is stalking her! Josh comes out and Bianca slams the door in Zarf's face. Why did Josh do this? Why did he bring Zarf to her building? Zarf opens the door - he isn't there out of the kindness of Josh's heart. Josh wants to keep an eye on him - just in case he is the Satin Slayer! All three go inside, but Zarf quickly leaves. Josh promises to keep Zarf out of Bianca's way. Seeing her brother is preoccupied, Bianca asks Josh if he has heard from Babe. No, and not being able to protect her is driving him crazy. Kendall arrives, angry with Josh for drugging Zach and the events that followed. She blames Josh and Ryan for their current situation! Kendall doesn't see Bianca, who is shocked to learn about Emma's parentage. So this is what Josh has been using to get Kendall to help him with Babe! Angry, Josh storms from the apartment but Bianca isn't done with Kendall. How could she keep Emma's paternity a secret after what happened with Miranda? She was trying to protect Ryan, Kendall explains, but Bianca is still angry. Kendall drops a bomb on Bianca - she and Zach will use Kendall as bait to draw out the killer; will Bianca take care of Spike if something happens? Will she fight Ryan to keep Spike? In tears, Bianca tells Kendall Spike will have Ryan; she can't do this. Kendall is just as upset. She has to follow through on the plan - for Zach. He has risked his life for her and it's time she did the same for him. Seeing she can't talk Kendall out of it, Bianca agrees to care for Spike.

At the park, Maggie runs in to Zarf and accuses her of the killings. Zarf asks who she is and once she finds out, wonders how Maggie could have betrayed Bianca like she did. Her relationship with Bianca is none of Zoe's business, Maggie says. Zoe won't let the subject drop. What was she thinking? How could she hurt Bianca like that? Her words only make Maggie more angry. Zoe better stay away from Bianca! Zarf/Zoe assures Maggie she won't hurt Bianca. As a parting shot, Maggie tells Zarf "he" isn't Bianca's type - and never will be!

At the funeral home, Zach asks for time alone with Dixie's casket. He tells her he is sorry he couldn't save her and asks for forgiveness. Ryan walks in and tells Zach he is sorry. He should have trusted Zach and not drugged him. Zach tells Ryan about the party plans. No one else is going to die because of him! Ryan wants to help, what can he do? Zach tells him to come to the party. He leaves as Di arrives. Ryan catches her before she can fall. "I want my sister back!" Di tearfully says. Di gives the minister Dixie's bible, then makes a promise to her dead sister: they will find the man who killed her. The minister returns with a message for Ryan as Di leaves. Ryan opens it to find a message from the killer - Zach killed Ryan's sister and he'll kill the mother of Ryan's child, too!

At the Chandler mansion, Adam fires on Tad - it's his fault Dixie is dead! Zarf/Zoe was living in the mansion because Tad couldn't find the evidence against her fast enough. Tad and Krystle try to reason with Adam, who doesn't want to listen. If it isn't Zarf/Zoe, who is after his family? Tad tells Adam the killer is really after Zach and explains about the gardenias and ribbon and the connection to Amelia. This is a way to torture Zach. Tad leaves Adam and Krystle alone. Adam is in shock; how can he lose any more members of his family?

Upstairs in Dixie's old room, JR wants answers from Babe. What is he supposed to do about Dixie's revelation? Babe tells him to keep quiet; she begs him to keep the secret. Dixie wanted to believe what David said about Krystle's baby, she says, trying to convince JR that Dixie was wrong. JR doesn't care about her explanations and brings up Colby: his half-sister told him about Babe and Josh and she also knew there was a secret about Tad. Was she lying? If Tad isn't the father of Krystle's baby then what was the secret? Babe breaks down and tells JR that Dixie saw Tad and Krystle together. It was only one night, right after the earthquake. There was no threat to Adam. JR doesn't buy it - Krystle is 7 months pregnant; the baby has to be Tad's! He demands the truth from Babe: Is Krystle's baby Tad's? Reluctantly, Babe admits, yes! Tad walks in. He is obviously still in shock and picks up the picture of Dixie and JR, then begins scanning the room for more listening devices. He doesn't find anything and leaves JR and Babe alone. Babe thanks JR for keeping the secret; angry, JR tells her he didn't tell Tad because he doesn't know what to do. How does he choose between Tad's needs and Adam's? How can he not complete his mother's dying wish? Tad will be the baby's god-father, he'll be in the baby's life, he doesn't need to know the whole truth Babe says. Does JR want Adam and Tad to be at war? That won't help Tad get over Dixie's death. With tears in her eyes, Babe begs JR to think before he acts. She leaves JR alone in Dixie's room. With a heavy heart, JR hears Dixie ask him to tell Tad about the baby.

Zach arrives at the Chandler manse, and tells Adam, Krystle and Tad about the plan to draw out the killer. Krystle immediately rejects it; they won't put Babe at risk. Tad agrees with Zach. Babe is on the list and she'll be attacked anywhere, why not have the attack be in a controlled environment? Adam doesn't like the plan any more than Krystle does, though his reservations are for JR, not Babe. No one is putting any more of his family at risk on purpose. He shows the men the door! Outside, Tad tells Zach the plan better work - Zach doesnt want to lose what Tad just lost!

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Kenny shows up at the party; Ryan goes on the offensive. Babe disappears from the party!