Janet leads the ladies in a yoga session at Oak Haven. A new patient is announced and a crazy acting Opal walks in. The women don't believe she's crazy, except for Janet who thinks it was just a matter of time before she joined them there. Yoga gets broken up and Erica privately asks what Opal is doing there. She responds that she's breaking her out. Erica embraces Opal when she expresses her belief in the look-a-like story. Annie secretly watches from the doorway. Erica tells Opal she can't stay in the Downward Facing Death Squad any longer. Opal is prepared to get her out of there. Annie reveals herself and demands they take her with them or else she will tell.

JR angrily gets out of the pool demanding to know why Tad threw him in there. Tad grabs him and forcefully tells him to get his act together because AJ needs him. JR worries AJ hates him, but Tad thinks he can turn this around. JR points out he isn't Tad. He has too much Adam in him and doesn't take rejection well. Tad says the only thing that should mater is AJ. He knows JR can fix things. JR thinks he would just screw up again. Tad thinks he has Dixie's heart and suggests he listen to it. Tad gets a call and learns Opal has been admitted to Oak Haven. After Tad leaves, JR gets cleaned up but then angrily starts throwing things in the pool.

Tad shows up at Oak Haven and waits in the hallway outside Dixie's room, as Opal is cleared for release. Dixie's eyes open wide, as Marian passes by and excitedly embraces Tad, assuming he's come for her. Tad corrects her saying he's there for Opal and he can't take her home. She kisses him and urges him to do it for old times' sake. She thanks him for rescuing her and runs off to pack. As Dixie walks towards her door, Tad is drawn closer to it from the other side until he hears the women yelling from down the hall.

As Annie tries to convince Erica and Opal in the yoga room to take her with them, Janet and Marian return. The women get into a debate about who's leaving and who should stay. Tad finds the women arguing and drags his mother away. Erica and Annie get into it and Annie falls. She accuses Erica of breaking her arm and the staff takes Erica to isolation.

On the way to Erica's room, she sees Dixie.

Cara meets Griffin in the park. He tells his sister he broke things off with Kendall because of David, but he can't tell her anything else. She wonders if he is involved in something illegal or dangerous. She doesn't want him to lose his license or the people he loves like David has. Griffin thinks he should have left town as planned so he didn't have to choose between his work and his personal life. Cara points out everyone has to make that choice sooner or later.

Marissa visits David in his hospital room. She tells her father she and Bianca are a couple now, but he's not shocked. He wishes her the best if she is happy. Marissa relays how upset Bianca is about Erica, because he drove her to stabbing him. David knows no one can manipulate Erica. He thinks she's in Oak Haven getting the help she needs. Marissa thinks David is the one who needs help and storms out. Cara drops in demanding to know what he's done to Griffin. David reminds her he's done a lot for him, as well as for her. Griffin shows up as they bicker. Cara leaves and Griffin tells David he's quitting Project Orpheus. A passionate David talks about how they can raise people from the dead. He wonders how Griffin can turn away from it and give up that power, all for a picnic with Kendall. Griffin demands to know who else David has been working on. David assumes Griffin is afraid the answer could cost him Kendall. David taunts him, the answer just might.

Tad brings Opal to Krystal's and runs into Cara, who suggests they go on a trip alone together.

Marissa meets Bianca and AJ at Krystal's. As Marissa tries to console AJ about his dad, JR shows up. JR apologizes for being a jerk and suggests they fly a kite in the park. AJ doesn’t want to. Bianca tells him AJ is tired, but JR shouts at her not to tell him how his son feels. He grabs for AJ, but AJ pushes him and says he hates him. He doesn’t want JR to be his dad anymore. JR tells his son he loves him. He grabs a bottle from behind the bar, secretly lifts Bianca's car keys and leaves.

JR drinks from the bottle of booze as he starts Bianca's car.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Ryan tells Greenlee about his trip to the west coast.

Griffin tells Kendall he's done with David.

JR's antics throw a wrench in Tad and Cara's plans.

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