After Jesse and Angie argue about Maya moving in, the new nanny shows up. Jesse quizzes her and then Maya gets settled in her room. Angie wonders why Jesse is giving Maya the third degree. Jesse points the girl is moving in with them and will be looking after their child so he wants to be sure. Angie assures him she checked her out, but tells him she is trying to get out of an unhealthy relationship. Jesse is concerned about that, but Angie only sees it as them helping the girl get back on her feet. Frankie walks in and Angie asks her son to talk to Jesse. Maya emerges and Angie volunteers to head to the mansion with her so she can quit her job with JR. Once the women leave, Jesse tells Frankie he did a background check on Maya and discovered she gave up her baby. Frankie doesn't see the problem, but Jesse muses that Maya could start having second thoughts about her own baby, noting baby's have been kidnapped for less. Frankie explains that he treated Maya and learned she wanted her baby to have a good family and that the father doesn't even know. Frankie thinks Maya is just looking for a fresh start.

Tad visits JR at the mansion. He tells him what he said in his drunken stupor about seeing Dixie, but JR doesn’t remember anything. Tad also points out that he went to Krystal's looking for AJ. JR is relieved that AJ wasn't there. Tad gives JR some drawings and cards he made for Dixie as a kid. Tad points out how odd it is that both JR and Kathy 'saw' Dixie and that he just got a box of her things. JR angrily tells Tad that Dixie is dead and that she isn't trying to communicate with them. He thinks maybe Tad is the one who needs help. Tad admits he might, but reiterates that JR should go to a meeting. Tad says he's there if he needs him and walks out. Maya and Angie show up. Maya quits as Mookie walks in and learns Maya is leaving. Maya heads upstairs to grab some of her things and Mookie starts to follow her. Angie grabs his arm wanting him to give her time to do this alone. Mookie and Angie exchange heated words. Maya returns and Mookie angrily storms out.

Mookie lurks in the hallway as Angie and Maya return home.

Cara finds Amanda waiting for the doctor at the hospital. Jake joins them and Amanda thanks Cara for being so kind to her. Amanda tells her she was really jealous of Cara's past with Jake and that's why she called INS on her. Cara appreciates the sentiment says she knows she disrupted their marriage when she came to town. Jake is fascinated by the female mind and how the women are being so understanding of each other. Amanda again apologizes, but Cara is grateful because her actions led her to Tad. She lends her ear if Amanda ever needs someone to talk to about her cancer. Jake and Amanda meet with the doctor, who tells them they need to take several tests to make sure the cancer has remained localized. Once they get the results they can discuss a treatment plan. Amanda worries she might not be able to have any more children.

Cara returns home and tells Tad about Amanda. Tad is stunned and declares there's nothing he can do to help anybody. Cara knows it's hard not having the answers. He calls it bone crushing. She suggests they go to the beach. However, she brings it to him through meditation in the living room. She thinks it will relieve their stress. Tad mocks it, but is clearly tickled by her as she describes a soothing beach scene. He wonders if her description is something she would enjoy doing. She confirms that she would like to go on the beach with him alone.

Brot takes a break in the park with a box of donuts. When he steps away, Dixie emerges and feasts on the pastries. Brot finds her and offers to help. Dixie remains silent, grabs another donut and runs off. Brot follows her to no avail. He calls Jesse for help, but once Jesse gets there he remains distracted by Maya and tells Brot what's going on. Brot asks what Jesse needs him to do. Jesse says he has to go and walks away.

After Brot finds Dixie, he brings her to Oak Haven and makes sure she goes to the top of the list for psychiatric evaluation. Dixie panics as she is brought into her room.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Greenlee urges Kendall to give Griffin another chance.

AJ doesn't want to see JR.

Jack visits Erica at Oak Haven.

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