Brot calls Jesse at home to tell him David made it through surgery and that Lucy's DNA results are in. After Jesse leaves, Mookie brings Maya over for work. Mookie engages in small talk with Angie as he cases the place. He swipes a statue, but Angie hears it and tells him it's been in her family for years. He wonders how she knew he was looking at it and she explains that her hearing is more acute now and informs him she has memorized everything in that apartment. Before he leaves, Mookie instructs Maya to answer her phone when he calls. Once he's gone, Angie tells Maya Mookie reminds her of her controlling father. Maya defends him, but Angie knows she tenses up when he's around. Angie tells her how her father convinced her to give Frankie up for adoption, which makes Maya cry. Maya insists she's fine, but Angie wants to help.

At the hospital, Jesse learns Maya is Lucy's biological mother. Jesse doesn’t think it's a coincidence that Maya got a job looking after her own kid and fears she wants the baby back. Brot tries to reassure him it'll be okay, but Jesse worries what will happen once Angie finds out their baby died. Jesse finds his son and asks him about Maya. Frankie assures his father Maya can be trusted.

Jesse returns home and learns from Angie that Maya will be their live in nanny.

Jake returns home with Amanda's test results. From the look on his face, Amanda assumes she has cancer. He confirms it and says they have to do more tests, but assures her they will beat this together. Jake moves in to hug her, but she says she will lose it if he does. She tells him if she dies, she wants him to find someone to love and to remarry. She wants Trevor to have a mother. Jake won't hear this because they will fight it. Amanda admits she's scared, but Jake reminds her she is strong and brave. Not to mention, she has a support network and love, which will get them through this. She falls into his arms in tears saying she doesn't want to die.

In the hospital break room, Kendall and Bianca question Jack about Erica as they wait for word on David. Kendall steps out as Opal shows up. She learns about Erica's evil twin story and believes it.

As David wakes up in his hospital room, Griffin says he can thank him for saving his life by telling him the truth. David tells him he's fine so there's nothing to worry about. Griffin remains outraged that David has been testing their research on human beings. He demands to know who besides Maria and Greenlee is involved. David won't tell him. He wants to reveal everything soon, but there might be a minor setback. He isn't sure if Greenlee's leg pain is real or if she's just trying to get information out of him. Griffin panics, but David says everything is under control. Griffin reminds him he will be in the hospital for a while so he needs to know if there are others. David says there are, but he can't tell him who. He won't jeopardize his research, but Griffin promises not to say a word to anyone. David doesn’t believe him now that he is involved with Kendall. David reminds him how he begged him to save Cara and now he's taking some high moral ground. After Griffin leaves, Kendall walks in and accuses him of driving her mother over the edge. She thinks he did it out to for revenge for her shooting him. He counters that he's done more for Kendall than she'll ever know. Kendall knows he's up to something and warns that they will all be watching him. She storms out and runs into Griffin. She confronts him about working with David, demanding to know what exactly he has he been doing to help him. She needs him to tell her everything, but he can't. He says he might be able to tell her down the line, but not now. She responds that it's now or never. She can't see him if he won't tell her the truth. He can't give her honesty right now so they agree they are done. Back in David's room, he instructs someone on the phone to find Dixie and to find her fast.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Mookie confronts Angie.

Cara supports Amanda.

Brot encounters Dixie again.

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