Drunk in the park, JR talks to a passed out Dixie. He knows she's disappointed in him, but he tells her he misses her and that he's happy to dream of her like she's really there. Since the last time he saw her he thought he was dying, he wonders if he is now. He thinks it might be better if he was so there would be no more noise. No more nothing. He tells his mother he loves her and stumbles away.

JR heads to the Martin home to see his son, but Krystal tells him Marissa took him to a movie. She lectures him about spiraling out of control. He makes snarky remarks about her losing Tad and accuses her of being miserable. Krystal starts to call Tad, but JR grabs her arm and says he won't leave until he sees his son. She wonders if he's going to hit her. JR breaks down in tears.

Kendall walks into Krystal's to meet Griffin and finds Tad and Cara dining. She sits at a nearby table, waiting for her late date, as Cara tells Tad how great he was during his memorial of Dixie. Kendall overhears and agrees with Cara that Tad has a gift of keeping things light. She thinks she and Griffin could use some of that so they aren't so intense.

Ryan finds Griffin going through David's office. Ryan wants to know what they are dealing with. Griffin doesn't know himself. He's there to find out how far David has taken things. Griffin gets a text from Kendall and starts to leave. Ryan tells him David basically brought Greenlee back to life and asks if Orpheus has anything to do with that.

After Kendall texts Griffin from Krystal's, Cara talks with her about her brother. Kendall wonders if she's being stood up. Cara assures her Griffin doesn't do it on purpose, he just gets distracted by the hospital. Cara knows he cares about her though. Kendall says she cares about him too and leaves. Tad and Cara discuss their relationship and toast to weird winding journeys and to the road that lies ahead.

After Tad collects JR from his house, he brings his stepson to the mansion. JR tells him he saw Dixie, but she didn’t want to talk to him. Tad tells him she will always love him. It's forever.

Ryan meets Kendall at her house to give her stuff for Spike. He asks why she's there since she was supposed to meet Griffin at ConFusion. She can't believe she screwed up the location. Ryan tells Kendall Griffin is involved in David's project and he might be involved in what's going on with Erica. Kendall doesn’t believe it. Ryan starts to create doubt and Kendall grows upset that Griffin could be involved in harming her mother. Ryan urges her not to let on to Griffin that she suspects. Ryan thinks she could be their only hope of finding out the truth. Kendall wants to be left alone and after Ryan leaves, she picks up the photo of Zach. She asks, "Why did you have to die on me?"

Erica tries to convince Jack and Jesse at ConFusion that there is a woman named Jane who kidnapped her and took over her life. David continues to pretend he knows nothing of Jane. Griffin sits at the bar and watches as Jack tells Erica he thinks she could benefit from some help. Erica becomes enraged especially when David interjects and tries to get her leave peacefully. Erica won't go anywhere with him. She picks up a knife from the bar and stabs David. Jesse calls for an ambulance as Griffin races over to assist Dr. H. Jesse arrests Erica, as David insists Erica needs help, not jail. Erica cries as she wonders why Jack couldn't have just believed her.

Griffin accompanies David as he is wheeled into the E.R. Jake tends to his nemesis, but David only wants Griffin to fix him. He desperately says he can't die. Not now. Jack and Jesse meet with Jake and get updated on David's condition. They tell him Erica is in Oak Haven for an evaluation. Elsewhere, David tells Griffin if he doesn’t make it, "All of them will die."

As Erica is brought into Oak Haven, Janet sees her and thinks she came for a visit. Janet says, "We're going to have so much fun!"

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Jesse gets the DNA tests results on Maya and Lucy.

Jake gives Amanda bad news.

Kendall and Griffin reach an impasse.

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