In her room, Ben tells Erica she deserves to be free and that in time Jane will see it too. Erica hears a pounding again and believes there is someone else there. Ben denies it, but we see Dixie in her room pounding on a pipe. Erica asks if there are other people there. Ben tells her Jane is only obsessed with her, but Erica thinks maybe Jane isn't charge. She hears the noise again and knows it's not her imagination like Ben wants her to think.

Dixie tries to break free of her room and finds a wire to pick the lock.

Greenlee and Ryan discuss working David at ConFusion. Ryan thinks they can use Griffin to get information on Orpheus. He suggests if Griffin told anyone about the project it would have been Cara. Ryan leaves as Jack joins Greenlee at the bar. Jane listens from around the corner as Jack tells his daughter that he won't ever give up on Erica. Jack thinks now that she's involved with David, he has to fight harder for her because he'd be saving her life.

Ryan walks into Krystal's and finds Cara behind the bar. She explains that she is helping Krystal who was short handed. Tad gets Cara to talk about Griffin and David. She tells him Griffin did research for David after David helped with her leukemia treatment. As they talk, Ryan notices Cara mindlessly doodling the Orpheus logo.

In David's office, Griffin demands to know if Greenlee was his guinea pig for Project Orpheus. David tells him Greenlee was an example of his success. Griffin asks if there were other patients, like Maria Santos. David explains how he saved Maria's life. He thinks Kendall and Ryan have gotten to him and reminds Griffin they made a deal that he was all too willing to make. David recalls that he was there for Griffin during his darkest hours, which should earn him some trust. Griffin will trust him when there are no more secrets. David reminds him of all the people he has saved including Cara. Griffin wonders if Cara was part of the project. David assures him she wasn't. David tells Griffin he has the opportunity to change the world, but he has to make a decide what he wants.

Jane disguises herself in scrubs and a mask as she eavesdrops on Greenlee confronting David about "Erica." Jane hears him says she's a decent consolation prize if he can't have Greenlee. He also points out he got the hospital in the deal. Greenlee fakes another pain in her leg and walks away.

Jane returns to Erica and Ben in the room and announces Erica was right about everything. She explains how she heard about Jack's devotion to her and that she realizes David is as cold as Erica told her he was. Jane doesn't know how to make it right. Erica knows exactly what she has to do.

At the Martin house, Griffin tells Cara he was thinking about her cancer. She tells him she was just talking about it with Ryan. Griffin angrily wonders what she told him. He apologizes for snapping at her. She's knows something is up and assures him he can talk to her. He just leaves for work.

At home, Kendall shares her frustration with Bianca about the walls Griffin has been putting up. Bianca in turn happily tells her sister Marissa isn't as straight as she thought. Ryan stops by and Bianca realizes from his awkward behavior that something is going on. Kendall doesn't want her to get involved because she's now in a relationship and she doesn’t want her to start keeping secrets from Marissa. Bianca leaves and Kendall asks what Ryan found out. Ryan doesn't know yet and wants to get more answers first before he tells her anything.

Greenlee and Kendall meet at ConFusion. Greenlee informs Kendall that she is playing David for information and it's even bringing her and Ryan closer together.

Ryan finds Griffin at the hospital and shows him Cara's doodle of Project Orpheus. Griffin tells Ryan to back off, but Ryan knows David manipulated him when it came to Cara's illness. Ryan thins it's getting out of hand now and people will get hurt. Griffin thinks they are saving lives with medical science, but Ryan knows the difference between good and evil. He asks, "Do you?"

David makes a call in his office and says people need to be moved, except "her." He'll take care of her.

David shows up to Dixie's room, but it's empty.

As Cara and Kathy play in the park, Kathy sees a disoriented Dixie walking by. She says, "Mommy?"

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Erica sees what Jane looked like before her operation.

Marissa tells AJ about Bianca.

Tad says goodbye to Dixie.

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