Jake gets Amanda's test results at home. He tells his wife that they found some abnormal cells and they have to perform a biopsy. He pulled some strings to get her in today.

JR brings AJ to Tad's so he doesn’t have to watch Marissa move out. Tad knows JR has had a couple of drinks and suggests he go to a meeting. JR defiantly declares he doesn't need one. Cara overhears as JR starts picking on Tad for his fake marriage. She walks in the room and tells JR her marriage to Tad may be fake, but what Tad feels for JR is as real as it gets. She walks out and Tad wonders what Dixie would think of JR right now. JR points out she isn't there so she'll never know. JR leaves and Tad tells Cara how sensitive JR used to be as a child. He credits Dixie for that. However, JR is now more like Adam. Cara thinks JR is lucky he has Tad. Jake calls Tad to meet him at the hospital.

Tad finds a nervous Jake in the hospital hallway, as he waits for Amanda's results. Tad suggests he go sit still with his wife. The doctor finds Jake and tells him the biopsy is done. Jake heads in to see Amanda, who is scared. He hugs her.

Tad and Cara return home and Liza shows up. She tells him she works for Caleb now and hands him a package from Dixie's father, which contains Dixie's diary.

Scott finds Marissa packed and ready to leave the mansion. He wonders what JR did this time, but Marissa corrects him saying that she's in love in Bianca. Scott is surprised but notes she looks happy, which he couldn't have said when she was with JR. JR returns and tells Marissa to leave and to never come back. Once Marissa is gone, Scott says he's happy Marissa is a lesbian because that means she will never be with JR again. Alone, JR cries as he looks at a photo of Dixie. He says, "Your boy screwed up again."

Jesse runs into Liza at ConFusion. He tells her he's kind of happy she's not the D.A. anymore, but he doesn't want to be the reason she's out of a job. She knows she's made a lot of mistakes since returning to Pine Valley, but she's definitely paid. She hopes he never has to know the pain of losing a child. Liza is hopeful that if she lives her life right, she will have what Angie and Jesse have right now with Lucy.

As Maya helps Angie at home, she ignores a few calls. Angie asks if she's in trouble. Maya lies and says it's just her aunt. Her phone rings again and she answers to tell Mookie that she can't talk right now. Angie knows Maya lied to her and asks about Mookie. Maya explains that she hasn't told him about her new job, but she owes him a lot because he moved from New York to be with her. Jesse and Frankie walk in. As Frankie helps Maya with Lucy's bottle, Jesse hears her talk about the baby she gave up. Brot drops by and Jesse talks with him privately in the hallway. He tells Brot that Maya gave up a baby and that he's worried Lucy is her daughter. Brot thinks it doesn’t make sense since Maya is Hispanic and Lucy is black. Brot assures him it will be fine and walks in to see Lucy. Mookie comes to the door looking for Maya. She drags him in the hallway and he wonders why she didn’t tell him about her new job. She tells him she'll call him later and he says she better. He grabs her hard to pull her in for a hug. Back inside, Frankie and Angie change Lucy's diaper, as Jesse panics that Maya's boyfriend is black. Brot orders Jesse to stop worrying. Jesse tells Brot he wants to do a DNA test on Maya and Lucy.

In her room, Dixie grabs David's arm, as he injects her I.V. with something. After David leaves, Dixie opens her eyes and reveals that she put a crimp in her I.V. so the medication wouldn't reach her. Dixie slowly gets out of bed.

Kendall finds Griffin picking up trash at the park for his community service. They talk about David and Kendall brings up all the women he's wronged including Maria. Griffin asks about her and Kendall explains Maria and David's past. Griffin has to be somewhere and suggests they meet up later. David runs into Kendall and gets in digs her about his wedding to "Erica." Kendall accuses him of being the one to kidnap Erica. David wants some gratitude considering he saved her life more than once. He's done giving her back her life so she can make his a living hell.

At the hospital, Griffin calls Maria about David. She says, "What has that son of a bitch done now?"

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Tad tells Cara about his history of being Tad the Cad.

Frankie is worried about Asher.

Amanda rejects JR's offer of support.

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