As Maya holds Lucy at the Hubbards, she gets freaked out and hands the baby back to Jesse. Frankie follows her to the hallway where she admits she felt like she did when she held her own baby. Frankie says they should talk about it elsewhere and they leave to pick up carry out for everybody. Jesse stops Frankie and privately asks him about Maya. Frankie vouches for her, but Jesse wants him to make sure she can handle watching Lucy. Jesse returns to Angie, who tells him there has been some progress with her treatment. There's nothing definite yet, but she won't back out as Jesse suggests. She tells a disdainful Jesse she's seen the human side to David in all of this. She thinks there is more to David than she realized, but Jesse thinks he is playing her.

Frankie and Maya head to Krystal's and talk about the baby she gave up. Frankie isn't sure babysitting is a good idea anymore. Maya needs a new job and insists being around a baby will help her get over giving up her own. She promises to take good care of Lucy.

Brot returns to the Hubbards with diapers, as Frankie and Maya show up with food. Maya holds Lucy again and Angie notes she is a natural with babies. Jesse is distracted by Maya's ease with Lucy, as Maya recalls giving up her baby.

In front of a disbelieving Kendal and Bianca, "Erica" happily accepts David's marriage proposal. "Erica" wants to set a date, but David suggests they wait until her family is onboard. Kendall declares that will never happen and wonders what David really wants. "Erica" doesn't want to have to choose between "her" daughters and David, but she will if forced to. David suggests they go celebrate in private and they exit. After Bianca has left, Griffin stops by with flowers for Kendall. She tells him about "Erica" and David. Griffin can't understand it and promises to see what he can find out. Kendall doesn't want him fighting another battle with David, but he wants to help protect her mother. She thanks him with a kiss. Once alone outside, Griffin calls David and leaves a message demanding the truth from him.

David brings an excited Jane to his hotel room. She goes on and on about what she wants for her wedding but David tells her it can't be too over the top. They need to keep it simple in order for people to buy it. He gets a call and tells the person he is on the way.

Ben explains the banging on the wall in Erica's room by saying it was just pipes. He steers the conversation back to Erica's book and asks about her mother. Erica wishes she told Mona all the things she wanted to before she died. Ben urges her not to hold on to the guilt. Erica suggests he do the same pointing out he's helping Jane steal her life. Ben gets defensive about why he's helping Jane and orders Erica to stop talking. Erica begs him to give her back her life. Ben enters the room and admits what he and Jane have done is wrong. She pleads with him to let her go. Ben agrees. Jane talks over the P.A. system calling Ben a traitor. Ben implores Jane to stop this, but Jane says she can't because she's going to have the perfect life when she marries David. Erica warns her David is manipulating her. Jane doesn't think so, but Erica predicts David will use her and then dump her. Ben urges Jane not to go back to David because he loves her too. He doesn’t want to lose her if she gets caught and goes to prison. He wants her to realize she'll never be Erica Kane. He encourages her to listen to Erica's recorded thoughts about her book.

David walks into Dixie's room and crouches down beside her.

Marissa walks into Krystal's and tells her mother she's in love. It's not JR, but someone she didn’t expect. Krystal asks if it's Bianca. She says she just had a feeling based on how they are with each other. Krystal knows this is big and new, but Marissa states Bianca is what she has been looking for. She says she's the same person, she's just in love with a woman. Krystal thinks her daughter seems at peace in a way she never was with JR. Marissa wonders how she will explain it to everyone because they won't all be as accepting as Krystal is. Krystal doesn't think she should give a damn what other people think. Krystal just wants her to be happy and sees that she is. Krystal heads to the kitchen to check on her cornbread as Bianca enters. Bianca tells Marissa about "Erica" and David's engagement. Krystal approaches and tells Bianca how happy she is they are together.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Maria makes an appearance.

Tad receives Dixie's diary.

Jesse wants to do a DNA test.

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