Maya walks in on JR in the main room at the mansion. He orders her to close and lock the door. He takes a drink, but tells her she didn't see anything. Tad knocks on the door. JR gives Maya his booze and instructs her to make it disappear. JR walks out into the foyer to talk with Tad. Meanwhile, Mookie appears in the main room. He grabs Maya, demanding to know what she's doing with JR. Scott calls him for work and Mookie ominously tells Maya he's watching her before he leaves. JR and Tad head back into the main room, as JR tells Tad he doesn’t need him checking in on him and asks about Cara. Tad admits they care about each other, but you can't force someone to love you or force yourself to love someone. He thinks Dixie might have been it for him. JR wishes he could help but he's the last person who should be giving advice right now. JR angrily says he tried to have it all: the wife, the house, the family, but he always crashes and burns. Tad ask show many drinks he's had. JR says one…ish. He pours himself another one and informs Tad that Marissa is a lesbian.

Maya finds Frankie at the hospital to ask if his mother still needs a babysitter. She can start today.

Angie meets with David in his office. Even though it's still the early stages, David tells her things are moving along nicely with her stem cells. She tears up and thanks him. She knows he's ruined a lot of lives, but he's saved just as many. He responds that it will never be enough because the people he lost are the ones who matter most. She thinks not being able to stop his father from killing himself is why he needs to have control. David gets a call and has to leave. Angie calls Frankie once David has left and he arrives to take her home. He adds that her babysitter problem might be solved by the time they get there.

Jesse takes care of a crying Lucy at home, as Brot stops by. They talk about the night they found Lucy. Jesse says he loves her as if she were his own. Jesse sends Brot to the store as a frazzled Jesse tries to keep things under control with Lucy. Maya shows up and Jesse calls her his new BFF. Angie and Frankie walk in as Jesse hands Lucy to Maya.

At Kendall's, "Erica's" family and friends confront her about her strange behavior. When Bianca and Kendall share their concerns, "Erica" tells them to stop depending on 'mommy' to make it better. Opal can't believe how she's acting towards her daughters. "Erica" is rude to Opal and Kendall thinks her mother is sick and just trying to push them away. She opens her arms for a hug, but "Erica" just laughs. They continue to worry about her especially where David is concerned. She doesn’t expect anyone to understand her relationship with him personally or professionally. Jack demands to know what that means, as David comes to the door. "Erica" lets him in and announces, "I'm in love with him." The room is stunned by the declaration. "Erica" tells them how Greenlee caught them tucking in and buttoning up at the hotel. Stunned, Jack just says, "You and Hayward?" "Erica" admits they are sleeping together and that she loves David. She gives Jack her ring back. He thinks she's just out of control and that she needs help. Jack leaves and Opal tells "Erica' her gal pal is gone. Greenlee calls David a son of a bitch and David accuses her of being jealous. Kendall thinks David is blackmailing "Erica" into being with him, but "Erica" assures her it has nothing to do with her. David tells a skeptical Bianca and Kendall they are right, there is something he wants from "Erica." He gets on one knee and proposes.

Erica gets frustrated with her book in her room. She tells Ben she really wants to tell the truth about her life. She says she was lying in the other books, even to herself because she just told people what she wanted them to believe. She admits she never appreciated her mother. The more Mona loved her, the more she resisted. Erica talks about her father and her rape. She's always looked for love and found that in Jack. She knows Jane is going to decimate him though and there's nothing she can do about it. Erica hears a pounding on the wall. She wonders what it is, but Ben says it's nothing. She continues to question it, as Ben leaves.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Jane doesn’t know what to do with Erica.

Jesse is unsettled by Maya's closeness with Lucy.

Marissa tells her mother she's in love.

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