As they walk the park holding hands, Griffin offers to tell Kendall anything she wants to know. She questions his past, but isn't satisfied with his general answers. She wants to know what his deep dark secret is. He tells her there are no skeletons in his closet. She feels that he's not being honest with her and assures him he can tell her anything. He doesn't know what she wants him to say. She says he sounds like Zach. She apologizes and then says she should go.

Griffin brings Kendall home and she apologizes for bringing up Zach. He thinks it makes sense considering he died less than a year ago and she's trying to moving on. She thanks him for being so sweet and he kisses her. Griffin leaves and Kendall finds Zach's Red Wing hat on the couch.

At Fusion, Ryan shows Greenlee the symbol of Project Orpheus. She doesn’t specifically remember it, but she's still thrown by it. Ryan leaves to talk to Griffin, as Greenlee says she's going to check out what's going on with David and "Erica."

Ryan meets up with Griffin at the hospital. He tells him about David's orphanage, but he doesn’t believe in it. He adds that Greenlee had a strong reaction to seeing the Project Orpheus symbol. He thinks David is involved in an illegal project and he needs Griffin's help. Griffin agrees to look into it. Ryan then finds Frankie and gives him a signed consent letter to release any files David kept on Greenlee. Frankie can't help him because all of Greenlee's records are wiped clean from the hospital database.

Jane shows up at David's hotel room ready to hit the sheets. She pushes him on the bed and playfully tells him he created a monster. David jumps up saying he has an appointment with the hospital board, but Jane continues to come on to him. He says he appreciates her passion, which sets her off. She feels like he's treating her like a business acquaintance. She says she wants him and she will have him. She threatens to expose him, but he turns it on her reminding her she took over Erica's life and could go to prison. Jane doesn’t care about Erica's life, she just wants him. David relents and says he loves her fire. He kisses her and carries her to the bed. After they have sex, Jane basks in the afterglow as David just calls it nice. The fire alarm goes off so David and Jane get dressed and run out the door. They see Greenlee who pulled the fire alarm in the hallway. Greenlee lashes out at "Erica" for cheating on her father. "Erica" storms back into the room as David tells Greenlee it's just sex between him and "Erica." There's no romance. Greenlee slaps him and stalks off.

Griffin goes to David's office and tells him Greenlee is starting to remember Orpheus. David knows Greenlee and Ryan are getting too close, but he can't let them interfere. Not now. If they only knew what he's done.

Jack stops by to see Opal at home. She cries over missing Erica. Jack agrees that "Erica" has been a lot different since the kidnapping. He gets a call from Greenlee and becomes upset.

JR thinks Marissa is just messing with his head at the mansion regarding her feelings for Bianca. However, Marissa tells Bianca that she's falling in love with her. When JR hears Bianca admitted her feelings to Marissa on their trip, he accuses Bianca of manipulating Marissa. Bianca tells him she never meant to hurt him, but JR retorts that if she were a man he'd break her. JR asks if Marissa's always been attracted to women. She tells him no. It's new to her, but it is happening. Marissa turns to Bianca and says she's not falling for Bianca, she's already there. She can't promise she won't mess up, but she wants to see where it goes. Bianca gets a call from Kendall and leaves for a family emergency. Marissa apologizes for hurting JR. She offers to tell AJ, but JR says he'll do it. Marissa apologizes again, but JR tells her to get the hell out. Once alone, JR takes a drink.

David returns to Jane in the hotel room. David tells her to explain their affair (if Greenlee outs them) by saying it was just an impulse and to blame it on the kidnapping. Jane gets a call from Kendall, who says there's an emergency and she needs to come over right away.

"Erica" enters Kendall's home and finds Kendall, Bianca, Opal, Jack and Greenlee who tell her this is her intervention. "Erica" insists she is clean and sober, but Kendall knows what they are dealing with is far more serious than drugs or alcohol: David Hayward.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Jesse fears Angie will realize Lucy isn't their baby.

Jane doesn't want to be Opal's gal pal anymore.

Erica confides in Ben.

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