In their bedroom, "Erica" wants to make love, but Jack wants answers. He knows she hasn't been herself since the kidnapping. He suggests she needs help, but she counters all she needs is him. Besides, she is getting all the help she needs knowing she is helping people at the hospital. Jack tells her he doesn't see the woman he loves when he looks at her. He wants to go back to how thing were and asks her to meet him half way. She just needs some time. He loves her, but something has to give. "Erica" then leaves for the hospital.

Amanda tries to process the information about her STD from Cara at the hospital. Cara tells her it could have little to no effect or it could be serious. She adds that she could have contracted it months or even years ago and that they are doing running more tests on her.

Amanda races over to JR's house to tell him she does in fact have an STD. JR is only concerned about how it will affect his relationship with Marissa. Amanda yells at him because HPV could cause cancer, so he could be a little concerned about her. JR apologizes, but reminds her she didn't get it from him so she doesn't need to tell Jake she slept with him. Amanda gets more upset with JR and storms out.

JR heads to the hospital and meets with Cara. He makes up a story about how he could have contracted HPV and asks what he should do. Cara silently connects the dots and tells him to talk to his partners and use a condom.

As David examines Angie in his office, she asks who the first patient was that he lost. David admits it was his father, who he witnessed committing suicide. Angie is sorry that happened to him. David tells her restoring her sight means more to him than she'll ever know.

Amanda returns home to find Jake preparing a special night for them. Amanda tears up and tells him how much she loves him. She doesn't think she deserves any of it, but Jake would give her the world if he could. Amanda cries and runs out of the room.

At Fusion, Ryan tells Greenlee about Project Orpheus. He's not sure what it is, but he will find out. He tells her the myth of Orpheus who descends into Hell to rescue his wife, but loses her forever because he disobeyed the rules. Greenlee in turn tells Ryan "Erica" never went to the spa she talked about. They wonder who she is with. On his way out, Ryan passes Madison. He takes note of her new look and says she looks like a woman who knows what she wants. He hopes she gets it. Ryan leaves and Greenlee agrees to spend some time on Madison's toned down concept.

Jack and Greenlee meet at Krystal's and discuss "Erica." Greenlee tries to reassure her father that "Erica" will eventually come to her senses where David is concerned. Jack is surprised by her show of support, but Greenlee just wants what he wants.

Madison finds David at ConFusion. She tells him she took his advice and won Greenlee over. "Erica" finds them together and gets a little jealous. Madison leaves and "Erica" asks David to take her back to his room. Greenlee approaches as they make plans to meet in his room the next night.

Griffin tells Kendall at her house that all he wants is to be with her. Kendall admits she's having the same feelings. Griffin says he would never try to replace Zach, but he knows they've become more than just friends. He moves in close and he kisses her. They break away and laugh. Kendall wonders why she feels like she's in high school again. He jokes that he would lend her his varsity jacket if he had one. He explains how getting serious with someone is new for him and he doesn't know what to say next. Kendall suggests they just take things slowly. Griffin wonders if it's even possible to take things slower than they have. She laughs, but offers that they just take things slowly upon moving forward. Ryan stops by and is thrilled to see Griffin. He notices the chemistry between the two, but then brings up David. Griffin doesn't see any problem with him running the hospital with "Erica." Ryan and Kendall try to explain the David they know and Griffin admits there's a lot he doesn't know about his mentor. Ryan asks for Griffin's help and he agrees to help stop David if he is trying to hurt "Erica." Ryan leaves without noticing Griffin's Project Orpheus key card in his jacket on the floor. Griffin asks Kendall out for dinner tomorrow night. She agrees, but tells him she doesn't kiss on the first date. He kisses her again to get it out of the way. Griffin exits, as a blissful Kendall spots Zach's picture.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

JR buys a bottle of alcohol.

Amanda confesses to Jake.

Marissa kisses Bianca.

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