In order to prove she's still dangerous, Liza stops by the house to plant a kiss on Tad, who is understandably confused. Liza tells him she's been fired and wonders when they became such wusses. Apparently the mayor canned her because she didn't dig up any dirt on Jesse. She recalls a time when she would have thrown anyone under the bus to get ahead. She calls both of them limp noodles and wonders when Tad the Cad became Tad the Dad. She wants him to show her that the bad boy is still in him. He says part of him is tempted, but he can't make her feel better. He doesn’t feel like he has to prove anything to her. Liza gets defensive and declares the whole town will see she's still got it in her.

A frustrated Liza heads to the park where she runs into Caleb. He offers her a job, but she turns him down.

Liza's next stop is ConFusion where Caleb continues to try and convince her to work with him. Liza agrees to work for him, not with him and tells him to wait to celebrate until he gets her fee.

As Jake brings Amanda to the hospital, she texts JR to let him know. Cara starts Amanda's paperwork while they wait for her doctor. Alone with Cara, Amanda says Jake thinks she's pregnant. Cara assumes Amanda isn't telling her everything and offers to listen. Amanda passes, so Cara suggests she talk to Jake, who returns. Cara says Amanda should take a blood test and leaves.

Later, Cara runs into Jake in the waiting area. They discuss their respective marriages and the strangeness of their situation, as Amanda joins them. Jake leads his wife away on a walk to await their test results. Tad finds an upset Cara. He hands her his handkerchief, but she finds lipstick on it. She asks if there's something he wants to tell her. Tad explains what happened with Liza. He reminds her that he too has a past that she might have to deal with it now and again. Cara is okay with that because she likes everything about him. A nurse stops in to hand Cara Amanda's test results.

Cara finds Jake and Amanda in a hospital room and tells them Amanda is not pregnant. Amanda asks Jake to pull the car around. Once alone, Amanda asks Cara if there is something else considering her symptoms and a Pap smear was taken. Cara thinks she should wait for the results and talk to her doctor. Amanda presses her, so Cara speculates that she could have contracted the sexually transmitted HPV, or worse case scenario, she has cervical cancer. Cara thinks she has a moral obligation to tell Jake, but a rattled Amanda demands that she not say anything to him.

Amanda and Jake go home where Amanda privately searches STDs online.

Tad and Cara head home as well. He notes it still hurts her to see Jake and Amanda together. She admits it, but she just wants Jake to be happy like she is with him. She tells Tad how grateful she is and kisses him. Tad asks for a divorce.

Still at Krystal's, JR wonders why Marissa is so confused when it comes to him. Marissa sees Bianca enter and announces she knows who she is and what she wants. Bianca tells them she is meeting someone, as a pretty brunette walks in apologizing for being late. Bianca introduces JR and Marissa to her date. Marissa rambles on as she asks them about their plans. A rattled Marissa walks away and JR admits to Bianca he still needs her help with Marissa. Bianca tells him to just be open with her. JR is distracted by messages from Amanda. Bianca wonders what's really going on, but JR insists he's listening. Marissa runs into Bianca's date who wonders how long she's had a thing for Bianca. Marissa says they are just friends, but the woman noticed Marissa's body language and her lack of eye contact with Bianca. Marissa insists that she is not gay and says she just wants Bianca to be happy. Marissa returns to JR and Bianca, as Bianca joins her date. Marissa admits to JR she has been giving him mixed signals, but it's not his fault because he has done everything to prove himself to her. They leave, as Bianca's date says she knows she's not the one Bianca wants to be with. She suggests Bianca take Marissa on the date.

JR and Marissa head home where JR tells Marissa he loves her but he doesn’t want to smother her. Marissa thinks he's really been listening to her. He also tells her he's had some help figuring her out.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Tad lays it on the line for Cara.

Scott advises Marissa.

Kendall sees Griffin.

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