Greenlee surprises Ryan in a knight's armor costume at home. Greenlee explains that she finally believes that they are truly together. She wants to honor what they have and shows him a camera and a backdrop set up for their wedding photos. She says this represents what they are because he is everybody's hero. She accepts that and won't resent it when he leaves her to save someone else. They take some photos and then Ryan plans to save Erica today. Greenlee wants to help, but Ryan wants her to stay out of it. Greenlee goes to change for work and Ryan calls "Erica." Jack picks up and tells him "Erica" spent the night working with David at the hospital.

Erica lies in bed in her captivity. She starts throwing things around as she thinks about Jane taking over her life.

David wakes up in bed with Jane at the Yacht Club. Jane is nervous thinking she was terrible because it was her first time. David tells her she was wonderful and kisses her. After they cuddle for a bit, Jane panics that David will now use this against her. David assures her there is no agenda. He is as surprised as her by what happened. He thinks there's a connection between them. Something special. He thinks it could be the beginning of something very special. Jane worries about Jack, but David reminds her that Erica is engaged to him, not her. She ultimately thinks being with Jack is impossible because she doesn't know who Erica is behind closed doors, so Jack would notice the difference. David builds her confidence about her skills in bed and then "Erica" gets a call from Ben, who tells her Erica is losing it.

Jane arrives to see Erica in captivity. Erica tells Jane getting into bed with David Hayward is the fastest way to destroy her life. Jane wonders how she found out, thinking she's being literal. Erica explains that she is talking about her partnership with David. Erica then realizes Jane actually did sleep with David and lashes out at her for ruining her life. Erica grabs Jane and causes her to fall and pass out.

After a confrontation with David in his office, Ryan breaks into David's hotel room. He sees a pair of earrings on the nightstand and recalls seeing them on "Erica." The maid enters and Ryan pays her to tell him who David was with last night. She admits David was with "Erica," who she saw leave this morning.

Kendall stops by the Martin home to set up a play date. Cara thinks she's really there to check up on Griffin, but she hasn't heard from him. Cara wonders why Kendall didn't stop him from leaving. Kendall gets defensive and says they were just friends. Cara knows it was more than that. Kendall throws Cara's fake marriage in her face saying she has no room to give her advice on relationships. They have more tense words and Kendall leaves.

Madison walks into Fusion with a new look for her product idea. Randi is blown away by all the black leather and dark eye makeup. Madison thinks they've been limited in their products and their vision, but she's found it. When Kendall and Greenlee arrive, Randi helps Madison present her pitch. Madison's bad ass image presents her take no crap, total domination, women empowerment line idea called Fierce. A stunned Greenlee and Kendall call her concept amazing, but think they have to shape it. Madison believes it's complete, but the bosses think it's too intense for the consumers. Randi offers that there's nothing wrong with a little tweaking. Madison is offended and leaves. Greenlee and Kendall discuss the line and then Kendall brings up Griffin. She says she'll miss him, but again gets defensive about how she really feels. Greenlee leads her away to get her out of her bad place.

David shows up at ConFusion and unknowingly hits on Madison. He's taken aback when he realizes who she is. He says she looks spectacular, like a woman ready to take on the world.

Tad brings Cara to the park to try and make her feel better about missing Griffin. He hugs her as she admits it doesn’t ever get easy. Tad kisses her and then Cara suggests they go for a walk. Cara holds his hand as they take a stroll.

Tad and Cara return home, where he calls her his girl. He asks if it's okay with her. She says more than okay and kisses him.

Dixie opens her eyes in her bed.

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