Jake tells JR at Krystal's that Amanda deserves some downtime, so for the next couple of days, she's off limits. JR agrees and Jake leaves with Trevor to make some plans for Amanda.

After Jake arranges for Opal to watch Trevor, he dresses up like a pirate at home. Amanda walks in wondering what's going on. He shows her the pirate cove he created to remind her of their first date. He just wanted to show her how much he loves her. He kisses her and she cries. Jake goes on to tell her how committed he is to her and their family and that he wants to have another baby. They kiss again, which leads to having sex. Jake thinks she's been "swashed and buckled" and has a feeling they made a baby. Amanda gets up for some water and experiences a fleeting cramp.

Upon realizing Bianca is serious about her attraction to her in the hotel room, Marissa thanks her for telling her. Bianca is relieved to have it out there. Marissa is taken back a bit, but thinks it's great she can be so open with her. She hopes she didn’t send any mixed signals though because she's straight. Bianca knows that, she just wanted to say it out loud. Now that she has, she can move on. Marissa abruptly gets up to check on the kids. Bianca hopes she didn't make her uncomfortable. Marissa insists she didn't. The women head to the pool with the kids. Bianca offers to help Marissa with her sunblock, but Marissa just puts her cover up back on. Bianca notices she is uncomfortable now that she admitted her attraction. Marissa tries to deny it, but Bianca assumes she wants to be anywhere but there with her. Marissa reminds her she invited herself along on the trip and declares she's glad to be there. Bianca implores her to be honest with her. Marissa admits her declaration is a lot to process, but she's glad they have the kind of relationship where they can say anything. Marissa remembers that JR's birthday is tomorrow. She hates that he will be spending it alone. Bianca encourages her to go home and offers to keep AJ there with the girls.

Tad brings Cara flowers at home, despite his sneezing over them. She tells him she found a box downstairs that might have some water damage. Tad looks through the contents and finds some of JR's things from when he was little. Kathy runs in and Cara puts a flower behind her ear. Kathy loves it and says she thinks her mother would like Cara. Tad packs up the box saying it would be interesting to give it to JR for his birthday. Cara tells him to not be too long because she has a surprise for him. After Tad has left, Opal walks in with Trevor. Upon learning of Jake's surprise for Amanda, Cara says she wants them to be happy. She also wants to make Tad happy so she needs to get ready for her own surprise.

Tad brings the box to the mansion to give to JR. JR looks through his old things with a nostalgic smile. He wonders if there's a reason Tad is giving him all this now, assuming he's moving on. JR gets Tad to admit he is…with Cara. JR brings up Marissa. Tad tells him to believe in happiness and it will come his way, as long as he doesn't push too hard. JR says he's been thinking of Dixie a lot lately. He wishes she could be there. Tad says she has always been close in spirit. After Tad leaves, JR rummages through the box and then calls Marissa. He leaves a message on her phone telling her he misses her. He wishes she and AJ were there. Marissa walks in and asks, "Would you settle for one of us?" Marissa tells him she missed him and pulls him in for a kiss.

Tad returns home and finds Cara dressed to the nines. He asks what the occasion is. She responds that she wants to have a date with her husband. She calls it a real date, not a mercy date because she wants to move forward and hopes he'll be there with her.

Cara and Tad head to the Yacht Club for dinner. Tad makes a toast to their three month anniversary. Cara adds, "And many more."

Dixie has more dreams in her mysterious room. This time she remembers her fight with Adam over JR and more of her life with Tad.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Marissa thinks about Bianca.

Griffin tells Bianca and Kendall he's leaving Pine Valley.

David warns Jane not to get too close to Ryan.

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