Tad and Cara are at home when he asks her what's up. As she begins to fix his hair, she tells him about loving Jake but then feels bad about going on about it with him. When she's done with his hair he's happy to see it's back to normal. She says he’s hot and kisses him. She liked the kiss and he’s thrilled. She says she kisses him because she wanted to. This is where she wants to be. She likes him.

Angie asks Jake about his vacation when they're at the hospital. He’s not sure it’s a good time for a trip but she encourages him and suggests he surprise Amanda with it.

Amanda talks to JR at the Chandler mansion. She tells him Cara is a problem in her marriage and she knows she’s being lied to. He suggests she not jump to conclusions.

At Krystal’s, Jane tells her that the food is terrible. Bianca walks in and joins Erica at her table. She questions her mom about eating fries which is unusual. She asks her if she's okay. David walks in and Erica excuses herself to talk to David. Bianca warns her about David but Erica says she knows how to handle him. Marissa walks in and takes Erica’s place at Bianca’s table. Marissa says her date with JR was a lot of fun. Bianca confides that her mom almost took a drink. Marisa holds her hand but Bianca pulls it away.

JR joins Bianca when Marissa leaves and tells her about his plans. She thinks it's too elaborate. He thinks it’s amazing that she knows more than he does about his ex-wife. He’s full of regrets. She says if he hurts Marissa she’ll hurt him. Krystal goes over to Bianca and tells her that Marissa is lucky to have her.

At the bar, David tells Jane that her language is off. Erica would never use the type of language she's using. She admits Jack caught her going to take a drink and ended up in an intervention. She wanted the excitement and glamor not the mundane part of Erica’s life. She leaves as Bianca tries to speak to her.

In her fake bedroom Erica exercises, then collapses in pain. Ben comes to her rescue and picks her up. She hugs him. Sitting in bed she thanks him. She prods him to find out more information and Jane and him. She claims she really cares about him. He says he wants to help Jane because of the accident. He starts to tell her the story and says he killed her. The weather was bad and the snow tires failed him on the ice. The car veered into Jane’s car. Jane was okay but her little girl died.

At the hospital, Amanda sees Angie and asks if she knows where Jake is. She says he's in a meeting but Amanda finds out he has left the hospital. She asks someone about Cara's schedule and learns she’s off work today.

Amanda looks for Cara at the tent but can’t find her. She begins searching the place and finds Jake’s missing button under a table.

Cara runs into Jake in the hospital corridor and tells him what she told Amanda and they realize their stories conflict. Amanda is listening outside the area when Jake says she would be devastated if she knew what went down between them.

At Erica’s place, Jane tells David to get out but he won’t. He brings up her reconstructive surgery and the daughter she lost in the car accident. He’s read her chart. He calls her Jane Campbell but she says that Jane died the night her little girl did. He’s going to keep her secret and asks if it’s helped being Erica Kane. She says she was ugly her whole life until she adopted Lydia who didn’t care what she looked like. All that was ripped away. She was always a fan of Erica’s. After the accident, she couldn’t live with herself. He admits he lost two children, Leora and Babe. She cries and hugs him.

In the park, JR and Marissa share orange sodas and doughnuts. He recalls her parents did this in the past. She wants to know how he knew about that and he confesses he never stopped loving her.

Tad and Angie walk in another part of the park with Lucy when Angie tells him about Jake’s surprise. He thinks they are way too many secrets around.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Erica tries to negotiate herself out of a sticky situation.

Marissa talks to Bianca about her feelings for JR.

Amanda hatches a plan to make Jake worry about her.

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